All theories on who's the traitor



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Apr 11, 2015
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Post your theories below about who you think it the traitor and why, and I will edit this post to include them.
Theories that I've thought of:

  • There is no traitor, it was all just a set-up by the Master of Masters.
  • The Master of Masters is the traitor, because he set them all up (this one is sort of just another way to interpret the first theory).
  • They're all the traitor, because they all turned against each other at some point (just another way to interpret the first theory).
  • Luxu is the traitor, because the Lost Page talks about an inevitable betrayal by "the one who bears the sigil" and Luxu is the only one with an "x" in his name (presumably. The Master of Masters' name might be "X Super", so he could be a candidate for the traitor as well.)
  • Saix/Isa is the traitor. Who ever said the Book of Prophecies was talking about an inevitable betrayal in the age of fairy tales? Maybe it was talking about a betrayal in the future (present-day)? All of the Seekers of Darkness "bear the sigil", but the person I can most likely see betraying Xehanort is Saix/Isa.
  • Aced is the traitor. "The one who bears the sigil" could be a bear pun, because Aced has a bear mask. This one seems silly, but the Master of Masters is very silly sometimes, so who knows.
  • The Player is the traitor, because we are told by the Master of Masters that if there's a Nightmare Chirithy, it belongs to the traitor. The only person we know to have a Nightmare Chirithy is the Player. (It could've just been a part of the Master of Masters manipulating them and setting them up though of course).


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Jan 28, 2017
One thing I noticed was the mention that the traitor bares the sigil. I immediately thought of Xemnas's quote in Dream Drop Distance to Sora before their battle - "As your flesh bares the sigil, so your name shall be known as that of a recusant." Obviously, the sigil being referred to is the Recusant Sigil, and it can be assumed that it is what the Lost Page is referring to as well. Given that Sora somehow comes to bare this sigil, and Sora and Gula share the same pose in their artwork as well as have similar body types, I'm wondering if Gula is the traitor, but it is not a betrayal on purpose. Rather, he either bares the sigil without realizing, or will soon come to bare the sigil. One thing we don't know is what happens to the Foretellers after the Keyblade War. I wonder if Gula is either thrown into the Dark Realm, and after giving into the darkness and losing his memories, is rescued generations later by Xehanort and named Ventus. See where I'm getting at? Although Gula and Ventus don't share the same voice actor, but they do sound somewhat similar. It's also possible that Gula is simply later reincarnated as Sora.