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All I Ever Wanted



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Dec 15, 2009
"I don't care what the risks are. I just want Roxas back. If that means turning Sora into Heartless, so be it." pleaded a red headed man kneeling on his knees.

"All right, but you have to bring him here. I already have something planned for him." smirked the green-skinned, horned witch known as Maleficent.

The man unbent his knees and stood up. He smiled, "I just know the way." The red-headed summoned a portal made up of dark energy. He headed through the Dark Corridor to Destiny Islands. There stood a young girl with strawberry-blonde hair and a strapless pink dress on standing by the waving shores.

"Maybe, waitings not good enough." said the girl as she stayed watching the setting sun in the distance of the endless turquoise ocean.

"My thoughts exactly! If you have a dream, don't wait. Act. One of life's little rules! Got it memorized?" said a man as he teleported in front of the girl.

She asked, "Who are you?"

The man answered, "Axel. I happen to be an acquaintance of Sora's. Why don't we go see him?" He held out his hand to the strawberry-blonde teen.

She stepped back nervous. "...Sora?" asked the girl.

"Woof...Woof...Woof!" came a dog running towards the girl. She bent down ignoring Axel. Suddenly, a gang of white creatures with smashed in faces with a cross-like symbol jumped around the girl and the dog. The dog growled at the creatures. A dark portal appeared out of nowhere and a whistle came forth from the swirling entrance of darkness.

"We've got something in common Kairi. We both miss someone. I feel like we friends already." said Axel sarcastically.

Kairi rolled her eyes at the man. She turned to run into the portal as the dog ran through it. She turned to Axel with an angry look on her face. "We're not friends!" yelled Kairi as she was about to enter the Dark Corridor.

As she was about to enter the Dark Corridor vanished leaving Kairi alone with Axel. Axel smirked, "...Going to plans." He walked towards the girl in the middle of the Dusks and grabbed the girl. He summoned another Dark Corridor and the red-head dragged the struggling teen into the portal. It closed as both entered.

In a castle in the middle of an endless deserted place, full of empty and ruined houses. "Where are you taking me?!" screamed Kairi as Axel dragged her into the entrance of Hollow Bastion. The red-head didn't answer.

After a twenty-five minutes, the red-head smirked at the girl, "We're finally here. Hollow Bastion. Maleficent is waiting for us." He dragged the girl through the bridge and into the ruined castle.

"Who's Malificent?!" asked Kairi as the two were finally inside the parlor and headed towards the chapel. Again, Axel didn't answer the girl's question. They finally reached the chapel, where Axel shouted, "Maleficent, I brought her!"

A loud portal of green flames stretched out from the cobblestone floor. The witch stood there staring at the two figures smiling, "Good job, you are a lot better than my other henchmen, Pete."


A teenage boy with spiky, fluffy brown hair stood in the middle of large empty lot in Twilight Town. He held his Keyblade (Kingdom Key) staring at a cloak figure. The figure pulled down his hood, flipping his long blue hair to the side, and said, "Axel, we'll stop at nothing to turn you into a Heartless."

"Thanks for the warning, MISTER!" shouted the boy.

The man walked backwards into the portal never giving up a slight glance at the boy. For some reason, Sora ran after the man through the portal as it closed. Donald and Goofy didn't have time to stop him from chasing Saix.

They both sighed as the Dark Corridor vanished into thin air, "Sora..."

"That wasn't very wise, Keyblade Master." said a loud voice in the middle between an empty world full of floating crosses.

"What? Show yourself, Nobody!" shouted Sora.

Dusks slithered pass Sora going through another opening. Sora followed after the creatures. He heard the familiar voice respond, "Perhaps, it doesn't pay to be too loyal to one's heart. I'll be sure to remember that." chuckled the voice.

The bright light shined upon Sora's fragile blue eyes. He found himself in a the bleak area of the chapel of Hollow Bastion. Maleficent stood there smirking at Sora as he wielded his Keyblade at her, "What happened? Where is he? Maleficent, get out of my way!"

Maleficent replied with sarcasm,"Who ever do you mean?"

Sora screamed, "Spill it!"

A figure appeared behind Maleficent. He clutched the young girl in his hands with her own mouth and hands tied and gagged. "You only have one option. Surrender your heart or the girl gets it." said Maleficent.

"Never!" shouted Sora clutching his Keyblade even tighter.

The figure (Axel) clutched Kairi even tighter. He intended to make Kairi suffer to get Sora to surrender. Sora's face turned red with anger. He lifted his head in defeat. "You'll pay for hurting Kairi!" screamed Sora as he ran towards Axel and Maleficent.

The Keyblade disappeared from Sora's hands as he struck Kairi's ropes. The girl ran outside entrance of the chapel. Sora was nearly to the exit until several Shadow, Soldier, and Wyvern Heartless tackled him to the floor clutching at his chest. "Let go!" screamed Sora before the Heartless were able to release his heart from his chest. Axel and Maleficent walked over to the pile of Heartless. They all got off to show that the boy was fading into darkness.

Axel smirked as he summoned his Chakrams and stabbed Maleficent in the chest. "What is the meaning of this?!" shouted the witch.

Axel replied before vanishing, "I don't owe you any favors. I only used you."

There laying in the middle of Twilight Town laid a spiky, blonde teenage boy in a black coat. Axel appeared near the boy smiling, "Roxas..., I gotcha back. Now, we have to find somewhere to hide."
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