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All I can think of after playing GTA5...

Feb 22, 2008
As many of you may have experienced by now, in Grand Theft Auto 5 you have the capability to switch between the three main playable characters fairly seamlessly with the simple touch of a button. As the characters are switching, for a moment the screen is tinted with the relevant colour pertaining to each character, either green orange or blue.

After playing this and seeing those familiar colours I couldn't help but think about what Birth By Sleep HD would be like with this character switching system implemented instead of the current model. While I imagine the HD remake of BBS will be exactly the same as the PSP version, I think that if it was handled correctly having the ability to switch between characters in particular fights, if not the entire game could be quite fun.

If it were to happen just in a few fights I imagine you'd be able to play as whatever the last version of the character you played as. For example, you have played as Ven for a bit with your custom command deck and are near the end of the story. You now start playing a new game as Terra and reach the Radiant Garden 'team-up' fight. During the battle you are now able to switch to Ven and make use of the custom commands and Keyblade that you were using the last time you played as him (with the level scaled back to not be too overpowered), able to deal damage and provide healing to Terra and Aqua. Perhaps this could also happen in the battle at the end of the Keyblade Graveyard. Imagine playing the three main fights simultaneously, keeping an eye on everyones HP and having to switch between characters to deal the finishing blow and keep each character alive.

Just my two cents, again I have no doubt that this will never happen, but maybe some inspired modders could have a crack at doing this on the PSP.

What are your thoughts on potential (but hugely unlikely) changes to BBSFM? Anything you'd like to see done differently this time around? Can't wait for a release date announcement :)


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Oct 21, 2013
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Meh, I think this would be unnecessary and there are plenty of other things they could be working on/improving. This also would be a negative addition to the game because the game was made so you focus on one specific main character in their respective storyline. Switching between the characters in those team battles would kind of ruin it, at least for me.