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Fanfiction ► Afterthoughts [A Series of Works & Poems]

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Hello =] Like the title states, this little creation of a thread is going to be dedicated to the various poems & workings that I've done throughout this past year. I wasn't sure if it'd be wise to place this here, but a mod-friend of mine suggested that'd it'd be best.

Anyway, here's one of my favorites, made in April of this year. Possible dedication to an experience that I had at the dawn of 07' (or a breakup).

Sorry if it comes off a wee' bit emo. x.x Hope you enjoy!

Little Wing

That night I slept so soundlessly
Waiting so patiently for your words of trust to give me away
We met at the carousel that one night in time
Staring through the other’s eyes
A whisper of magic

I promised you a future
On a day that only sacrifice held
You gave me sight
And I treasured your heartless insides
So meaningful and dry

You called yourself a dreamer
Plagued only by your touch turning slowly to ash
I will never forget
On that one day when I fell to the floor
Desperate to hold onto that one fragment of you
Fading so freely into the sunlight

On this day, you repress me
Recalling me as your most precious disease
I see myself as your childhood
Never thought of fondly, but needed if you wish to stand
You’ve done everything on your own
Gave yourself your own intelligence
Yet avoided to present the ability to forgive-

It was you who made yourself bleed
I rested comfortably in the wings of change
Waiting for you to propose or fly away
Ah, you took off like a falcon didn’t you?
Sailed like a lovely angel in my mind
We parted ways, but you repressed that one lesson I taught you

I gave you my vulnerability
Wrapped carefully in a box during Christmas time
I recalled that you suffered for my absence
I took hold of you and surrounded you like a vine
You chose to forget-
Out of all of those days where you stood so confidently over me
That it wasn’t you who held the ability to heal & to change

I thought that you would at least come to me with forgiveness
But now you’ve chosen to stand
On your own
In a place where I sleep soundlessly-
And you wake so shamefully as a man

///The next set will come shortly. Again, I pray that this is in the right section. Critique, comments, opinions, etc would be much appreciated.

Thank you <3


Thanks, Richy! Yes, I tend to use imagery to mask & refine certain subjects in whatever I write when creativity strikes >+D

Here's le' next addition. Made in early May. This one surrounds my ambitions and my views & hopes for the world as of now.

I call it -


We’re all here with eachother, aren’t we?
Whether hopelessly stranded or abandoned
(Your friend’s bones are easily attached to your emotions)
We’ve advanced so far with the toys of our ambition
Yet our hearts will remain at an ageless stage
Our actions are wise, yet primitive

I’ll drink to my youth
Expecting the world along these miles to not yet know my name
These walls contain my body
But struggle to comprehend my mind
(Do you notice uncertainty strike you?)
I’ll focus my days to abstracting our world
Harmonizing its individuality
Parting its familiarity that you see

Forgive my crude humor
It’s nothing but a fascination
How the practiced-becomes the appalled
And expected children don’t come to be
My curiosity feeds
On every moment that life brings

I’ll observe its foundation
Presenting absolute peace the following day
(No longer alien and ridiculed;
The Earth you stand on is a beautiful masterpiece)
Adore it well
Treat is as you may

The nature of humanity lies only in what it’s said it should be
Lock your arms with me
(Focus only on my eyes)
Notice the similar features and similarities?
Feel free to call upon your own race to come
(Take me as your brother-or deny me?)
Again, you must ask yourself-
We’re all here with eachother aren’t we?


Batter up! Next one, I name Virus. I'd think I wrote this one to foreshadow a chain of unfortunate events sometime in late spring.



Rolling around in indignity
(My precious moments stolen)
Accepted fate and bent it over
(No time to protect what’ll be committed)
Decent lullabies rehearsing my salvation
(This anthem was originally yours and mine)
Never can predict what the nurse will stick in you
Whether a blessing or a foreshadowed virus

A kiss for you, my angel
One so common and divine
Run with the hare tomorrow morning
See if you fall and notice what the future will bring
I’ve dedicated myself to indecency
From the moment I realized my mind wasn’t my mother’s womb
I’ll telephone that one boy in the morning

Introduce him to his lust’s love bites and scars
Everyone saw them the moment it happened
Expected to see me begging where he left me
Father, I’ve failed to find you in this pesticide
I’m such a fool for thinking his childishness would affect me
Laugh with me as he chases her reflection around the bend
Running so excitedly

God, here is your new definition of ignorance
Give me bliss and I swear only my intentions will reign
Forget everything your angels have told you
Here on Earth, there is no king and queen
Only voice and mind
My image is no perfection

I smile down on its cracks and negativity
I’m no cookie-carved hologram
I radiate these days with confidence and light
Construct me with your criticism
I’ll let you know that I’m nothing but a saint
Rolling around in glee from Pandora’s prison


Hmm, you know these poems usually just come to me whenever I leave my Microsoft Word sitting open, lol. My inspiration comes from everything around me, what I'm invovled in (whether good or bad ;), etc.

And I do actually write poetry quite often. It's like..therapeautic for me n.n

Thank you for your comments, Avera, acecin, Rai! xD

Beau is MUCHO' appreciative <3

More to come shortly. I'm on a roll baby >+D


Aha, here we go again. This one was originally dedicated to a recent lover of mine.

He remembers this one well, and I hope the rest of you do too n.n

La Fillete

One day-
I will promise you a world where stars will light in the underground
Where blossoms will take root in the sky
It will only take a glance for my heart to grow wings
(Taken in your own heart’s embrace)
And for fear to cease to exist-
If only for a moment

Let me show you what I have thought of you
What only sight can comprehend
An image of us dancing on summer rain clouds
A place where you can only move forward once you touch my hand
Is it heaven?
No, a place that isn’t so sad

Each cloud free of drifting into the past
May we sing to a lover’s charade?
I wish for a day where we can see this day’s end
Our souls lying parallel to the beat of yours to mine
Now I understand what life’s invisible angels have brought from me to you
A springtime shown only in your eyes
I love you

Silent Avera

Night Pirate Graphic Lemonade Maker
Apr 22, 2006
Somewhere only we know~
Awww! So sweet! For some reason, this reminds me of Sleeping Beauty...- I dunno, but I got like a gold color in my head when I read this one ^-^


-Feels golden-

Thank you so much! My signature in my poetry is my expansive use of imagery. And yes, next to my free verse poems, I have some that rhyme as well. I personally find myself TERRIBLE at rhyming, so you won't find many of them ;)

Lol, again thank you <3333

Now, next addition. This one was for a lover that I had in December/Mid January of this year (person that I was talking to in 'Little Wing' before the drama began).

Title was inspired from a lyric in an A.F.I song (Love Like Winter). This one I call -

No Por Siempre

Hidden in my dreams
We finally collide
Embodiment of my love
Whisper of your own fragility
Yet you’ve still found a welcoming into my soul
You are a gift of mind

You are my gift
In presence of pride
You console that I hide behind my own words of content
Find the innocence in what I’ve shown
Submit to your curiosity

My love burns one with the flame dormant in the heart
Of the being who sleeps beyond the balance
Reborn as a cherished existence of this world
Hold me close
No por siempre


Sorry for the small abscence, loves! Thank you once again for your comments, and even friendly PM's! You all keep me going <3

Here's my next installment. Made in February of this year. The message was tilted towards an unfortunate excluding that I experienced around that time. This poem is one of my personal favorites

I proudly name this child -

Birth of an Independence

Freedom does not commit itself to a chain
Freedom does not stand by as its patriots become deceased
Freedom does not stare into the face of absolute betrayal-
& expect a welcome with open arms

Freedom does not wait for a signal to release into the outreaches of the sky
Freedom does not collaborate with an uncertainty that works on its side
Freedom is not the joy I feel as I commit my heart to a chain
Freedom is not the hatred I feel as the world uses me as an excuse for its own hostility

Freedom does not succumb to the desires of an indecisive king
Freedom is not the poison that corrupts when one’s voice is finally realized
Freedom is not the power that I am given when my peace of mind-
Is not found within the mind that I give to myself

Freedom is not the abandon of my destiny from the counsel
Of my own imagination

///Also, if any of you experience something so ground breaking and unexpected where you DON'T know how to channel the energy, all you need to do is transfer it into something that you like. Lol, just don't end up like me in creating a dart-board xD.
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