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Little 'Ol Me
Oct 4, 2005
OMG!!!! Sora doesn't know where babies come from XD
What a retard! THat was funny!!!
I love this!


Little 'Ol Me
Oct 4, 2005
Not WOWZERS again!!!!
HAven't you gotten that out of your system goldy?

Anyway, we're both new fans I guess


New member
Feb 16, 2005
New York City
yo guys sorry about the chapter delays I've had a busy week
but ill have a chapter for you either yoday or tomorrow no more delays.

btw who is that person that makes the cool sigs?
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Feb 16, 2005
New York City
Chapter 5
Sora and kairi are taking roxas to the gang.On their way they converse.
Sora: So roxas where did u come from?
Roxas: New york
Kairi: where's that?
Roxas: its in america
Sora: Where's america
ROxas:sighs...ok so where are we?
Kairi: this is destiny islands
Sora: you know that island in the middle of the ocean...
Roxas: what are you guys like hawaiians or something?
Sora: whats a hawaiian
ROxas: nevermind.
Just then as they are talking. Someone can be heard from a distance.
Riku: heyyy!!
Roxas: who's that?
Sora: oh thats one of our friends.
Riku completely ignores sora and roxas and goes straight to kairi...
RIku: Hey kairi you look as beautiful as ever
Kairi begins to blush for she had this weird crush on Riku but she tried to
shake it off considering she and sora are going to be parents.
Kairi: uh um...
Riku:helloooo earth to kairi
Kairi: ye.. yea am here what
Riku: oh nothing just checking on you.
Sora: hey Riku meet our new friend Roxas.
Roxas: hello
Riku: hmm... you look familiar have we met?
Roxas: no I dont think so but yea you do seem familiar too.
Riku: where you..... in a movie?
Roxas: no.
Riku: how about a news channel?
Roxas: no.
Riku: a commercial
Roxas: shutup!!
Riku: fine! (fag)
Roxas: ok! (whore)
Kairi: I guess you guys are getting along fine
Riku: yea sure watever.

Meanwhile back on the hospital..
Tidus is in his bed sleeping when he wakes up to a strange sound..
(boom shika bow wow)
Tidus: uhh what was that
(boom shika bow wow)
TIdus: who's there!
Tidus is getting very nervous and starts to panic when to his great surprise he stares
at a man in a black hood.Now this hooded man looked alittle bit different then the last two
he looks less muscular and smaller then the previous hooded people.
Tidus: who are you?!
Hooded man: nobody now die!!
Tidus: AHHHHH!!!!! nurse hel...
But before he could finish his sentence he was stabbed on the stomach to death
Hooded man: hmph phase one complete.
????:Good heheheh good
When the nurse comes in the room she finds blood all over the walls, the floor, the ceiling
the toilet ( idont know how that got there) and all over the bed.
Nurse: (gasp)
Hooded man: You saw nothing here today!
Just then the hooded guy points his finger towards the nurse and she transforms into a FROG!
she then hops away.
????:leave no witnesses
Hooded man: all taken care off.
Back to the islands its getting dark and the sun is going down sora went home to
fix a bed for roxas.both of them left only kairi and riku remained...
Kairi: umm I think I should get going now
Riku: Nonsense stay with me for a little while pleaseee
Riku then made sad faces.
Kairi: ok i'll stay but only for a little while.
Riku: Thanks kairi
kairi: your welcome. she said in a cheerful way.
Riku: You know I really never had a chance to speak with you ever since we came back.
Kairi: Yea well am sorry I've been too busy with sora.\
Riku: With sora I see.
Kairi: whats wrong you look sad
Riku: Are you going to get married with sora.
Kairi: what! umm we are too young for that.
Riku: I know but are later on.
Kairi: maybe... it depends.
Riku's voice tone gets more serious now.
Riku: What is there to worry about
Kairi: hmm well alot of things
Riku: I dont understand why you guys should worry considering you have a baby together.
Kairi: WHAAT!!how..how do you know that?!
Riku: because of this.
Riku hands kairi the note thats says she's is pregnant..
Kairi: WHere did you get this!!
Riku: it fell out of your pocket the other day.
Kairi: uhh i dont know what to say..
Riku: dont worry about it I wont tell anyone.
Kairi then gives Riku a kiss on the cheek
Kairi: thank you.
Kairi slowly starts backing away..But Riku knowing that this might be his only chance, he
grabs her and pulls her towards him kairi starts struggling confused,nervous.and shocked..
Kairi: wha.. Riku let go of me!
But Riku ignores her and and keeps on going he pushes her down onto the sand and
look deeply into her eyes.Kairi does the same also she then gets even more nervous
then before and scared.
Kairi: Riku..
Riku: why are you so afraid just relax nobody will know.
Kairi: what! no stop... please Riku dont do it!
Riku starts undressing himself and does the same to kairi..pretty soon kairi
decides to give up and lets Riku do whatever he wants.He moves his body closer
and closer toward hers.............


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Oct 30, 2004
home sweet home
wtf??? how the hell is riku gonna make out wit kairi when she pregnant?? and kairi is such a f**kin dumbass, how u gonna let riku have his way wit u? ur pregnent and u have sora . . .think about it!
anywayz thats messed up that tidus got killed. . whats up wit that?
good chapter though! ;-)
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