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Riku's Dawn

I love role-playing,but this is too much!AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Jan 7, 2006
in my head
hahah i love that sora couldnt even finish!! it hurts it hurts!!! hahahaha im peein my pants!!!
not really but u know wat im talkin bout....i do not wet myself!!!


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Feb 16, 2005
New York City
Chapter 3
The next day Wakka and tidus are playing blitzball on the beach..
Wakka:take this!
wakka beams the ball at tidus hoping he will catch it.
tidus: ongh
wakka: are you ok?
wakka hit tidus so hard in his privates that the ball popped.
Wakka: oh no this is not gonna end well
Meanwhile in sora's house...
Sora:where the hell did kairi go? she was just here last night.
Sora's mom: sora come eat your breakfast
Sora: i'll be there in a second. (looks at wallet) where in the world
is my money!? and why is there blood on my shirt? is that..HAIR!
After sora cleans himself from certain "business" lastnight
he goes downstairs to eat when there is a knock on the door
a loud one too.
Sora:Who is it?
Selphie: its me open up!
Sora: whats the rush u look like you ran a mile
selphie: (panting) tidus is in trouble hurry!
Sora: WHat! what happened to him
Selphie: I dont know just come quickly!
Wakka: Tidus mon stop making that sound ya
Tidus:UUUGHH!! it hurts like crazy!
Wakka: o crap! ya
Tidus is getting pale little by little
Selphie: Tidus!!
Tidus: sel...phie
Sora: Whats up with your face
Wakka:He hit his genitals ya
Selphie: are you ok??
Sora: he does not look ok to me i'll go get my dad
Tidus: I cant feel my legs or arms owww!!
Selphie: wakka do something he's DIEING!!!!!
Wakka: am no doctor ya but i'll try
As soon as wakka turns tidus from facing the ground tidus coughs up
SOME GREEN THING and it falls on wakka's shirt
Wakka:AHHHHHH!!!!! what is this mon its disgusting ya
Selphie: USELESS!
Sora's dad: Sooo lemme get this straight he hit himself on the balls and blames wakka?
Sora:Noooo! wakka hit him with his blitzball
Sora's dad: lets go take a look at him then.
When Sora and his dad go outside...
Sora's Dad: HOLY CRAP! he looks like He's gonna die!
Selphie: DONT SAY THAT!!
After sora's dad examines tidus he takes him to the hospital at
DESTINY I.S. HOSPITAL were he is rushed into the emergency room.
The whole gang shows up a little while later.
The nurse then tells the everyone that they can't see tidus until
after the doctor is done with him then everybody starts moaning and weeping.
People get very worried at this point and some go out for a walk or
maybe just some fresh air while others stay inside.Mostly everyone is sad
or quite except for selphie who is screaming and yelling at wakka for
being so stupid and not aim for the crouch next time.
Riku: its been 2 hours since he was put in that room and still has not come out.
Sora: do you think he died?
Riku: maybe
Desk attendant: Miss please lower your voice.
Kairi: you see what you did selphie your gonna get us in trouble
stay quite.
Selphie:ggrrr(makes angry noise)
Wakka: is there a dog in here ya
Selphie: wakka...................shutup.
The doctor finally comes out of the room...
Doctor: Everyone I have good news and bad news
Everyone: (Gasps)
Doctor: the good news is that the boy is gonna live!
Selphie: YAY!!
Doctor: the bad news is that he cant have children he only has one testicle.
Riku: does this mean that tidus and selphie are not getting married?
Selphie jumps on Riku and punches the crap out of him. Most everyone laughs
Sora: so can we see him now
Doctor: yea sure come right in but only five minutes ok
Selphie: yea whatever just let me in
In the emergency room....
Tidus is sound asleep everyone seems to notice that, except for selphie
probably too much drama for her today..
Riku: looks at doctor with a sly look) are you sure he's not dead
Doctor: (ignores him)
doctor: ok guys its time to leave
Sora: that was not even 5 mintues!
Doctor: sorry guys times up
Selphie dosent see to hear the doctor..
Selphie: tidus u better get better soon or else i'll break your arm!
Doctor: miss you need to leave
The doctor forces selphie out the HARD WAY...
Tidus'Mom: how long will he stay in the hospital
Doctor: If am not mistaken he should stay for at least 4 months
Tidus'Dad: Come on honey lets go home
Later on after everyone returns home everybody is back in their own house except for the trio...
Riku: So umm why were you two away half the time in the hospital huh
Kairi: (starts sweating and mumbling) we were uhh... exploring the place
Sora: yea wat she said.
Riku: Yea are you sure your not lieing??(ask with suspicion)
Kairi:Umm me and sora need to go home now right sora
Sora: yea umm wat she said
As the two storm of to Sora's house for some good night sleep Riku notices
that kairi drops a piece of paper because of her running towards sora's house...
Riku: whats this?
When he unfolds the paper it says Congratulation you just won 1 million dollars O wait
wrong paper. WHEN HE UNFOLDS THE REAL PAPER IT SAYS..............................
............Miss Kairi we are happy to inform you that your pregnant.:eek:

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Riku's Dawn

:d Muhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Oct 30, 2004
home sweet home
tsk tsk tsk . . .kairi u slut lol
thats what happens when u have unprotected sex!!!
sora . . .u dumbass . . .don't u know how to use a condom!


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Feb 16, 2005
New York City
Sorry i havent been updating.

I had to do some studying for MULTIPLE SUBJECTS anyway i should post a new chapter soon.


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Feb 16, 2005
New York City
Well here it is.

Chapter 4

Roxas is walking in the dark rainy streets of new york city when all of a sudden he finds himslef surronded by strange
white creatures that stand like a "gay-guy trying to dance" then he lets out a loud screech.
Roxas: AHHHHH its George bush!!!!!.......no wait wrong guy its a NOBODY!
Roxas quickly pulls out his oblivion keyblade (since sora took the oathkeeper back) and slashes like crazy
at the nobody.After like 32 attempts to kill the thing he finally gets it.
Roxas: (panting) Wha...what.was that.
Then out of nowhere a man in a black coat appears..
????: senior MAX te encontre tu vas a pagar con sangre abusador!!!
Roxas looks at the hooded man strangely..
Roxas: umm i didnt exactly catch that can you repeat it one more time.
????: umm o sorry about that wrong person
Roxas: who are you?
????: do you really want to know....
????: are you ready for this because I AM SPIDER MAN.
ROxas:whaaaat! ARE YOU SERIOUS!
????: no am just fooling with you.
ROxas Then who the hell are you!
The unknown man talks with a more serious tone then he did earlier..
????: the truth sometimes can be a hidious thing.
Roxas: i just want to know your damn name!
????: there is danger in such knowledge, you understand so little.
Roxas then looks at the man with a vague look.
ROxas then shifts emotions he feels half curious and half afraid but he had no idea of what.
????: When they come to you roxas you must be prepared,because if not then there will be dire consquences.
Roxas then turns his head like he knows what hes talking about and when roxas turns to face the hooded man
all that is seen is a purple/black portal kind of thing and its swirling.
Roxas then thinks..
ROxas: hmm maybe this thing can lead me to another world! but i will probably never see my family again(frowns)
Then he thinks for a moment and remebers the things he hated the most homework,school,studying,rats,H.I.V.and aids,
(well i think you know what i mean)
.....and then without a single mere thought to spare he jumps into the portal....DUN DUN DUN
Back on destiny islands...
Kairi is siting on th paopu tree looking into the vast unkown when all of a sudden..........................
.... (We as in not kairi) see Riku sneaking up on her...
Riku: snickering)
Kairi: whats that sound, o well it must be the wind..
RIku is so facinated by kairi's longer red hair and sighs
Riku: ah sora is so damn lucky he's gonna be the father of HER baby
btw Riku is hiding behind a BIG rock.
In a few moments sora comes walking by to say hi to his beauty.....
Sora:hey kairi..he says with a smile on his face.
Kairi: Hi!
She jumps off the tree and kisses him in the lips very tenderly and all the gushy stuff.
Sora:What you up to today.
Kairi: oh nothing just wondering something.
Sora:whats that,, he ask in a puzzled way..
Kairi: Well you see... Since sora never went to skool he does not know anything and kairi explained to him
how babies are born.
Kairi: yea thats it,I hope your not mad
Sora: are you kidding, I am the luckiest guy in the world
Kairi: Thanks sora.
Sora: Kairi...
Sora: I love you
Kairi: i love you too.
Just then kairi leans over to kiss sora when all of a sudden........................

Roxas appears from a portal over the sky and falls on top of sora and kairi..
Sora:huh what?
Roxas: oh boy,where in the world am I?
Sora: Who are you?
SOra does not remeber roxas because after kingdomhearts 2 tetsuya and me decided to give everyone amnesia.
Roxas: am roxas and you are
Sora: sora.
Roxas (looks at kairi completely ignoring sora) heyyy! who's that sexy mama
Sora:hey watch it buddy,thats my wife
Roxas: oh (damn)
Kairi finally wakes up after being knocked unconcious by roxas when he fell on her head...
Kairi:uhh so..ra
Sora: yea, are you ok kairi
Kairi: sora whats going on?
Sora: I dont know this weird guy named roxas fell from the sky..
Roxas: am not weird...( he replied in a serious tone)
Kairi:sure..(what a weirdo)
Sora:so how did you get here in the first place huh roxas?
Roxas: Its a looooong story.
Kairi: I still wish to hear it.
Sora: yea man spill it.
Roxas: ok then, so I was walking playing psp when all of a sudden a white creature came out.........................
2 hours 30 mins and 23 seconds later.....
Roxas: so thats how it happened
Sora: hmm who the hell is george bush?
Kairi: and who is spider man?
Roxas: well um... there friends of mine.
Sora: cool, you wanna meet our friends
Kairi: yea they are strange but cool at times.
Roxas: sure why not...

And as sora kairi and roxas walked back to where everyone else was at..Somebody was still hiding behind a
BIG rock...
Riku:what a facinating story....
Meanwhile in a undiscovered place 2 cloaked unknowns speak in private.
???? 1: Did you tell him?
???? 2: Yea he also took the portal to were sora and his friends were.
???? 1: You better do your part Max because if you dont....
..must I remind you of the consequences.
???? 2 removes his hood( I'll say the face look later)
Max: no sir you dont have to.
???? 1: Good now leave me I have business to attend to.
Max: yesir!

OOOOOO mysteries Lol I'll say the next chapter will be good.
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Oct 30, 2004
home sweet home
kire12 said:
heh riku's behind a BIG rock... and roxas fall out o de sky hahaha, nice man, i also like taht sora has no lcue how a baby is made...dumbass

lol tru tru . . .sora and riku are such dumbasses lol
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