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Feb 16, 2005
New York City
1 Year has passed since the events of the XIII order after the fall of evil and the nobody.
Sora the keyblade master returns home to his beloved kairi along with his best friend Riku and they find some unexpected old friends....

Chapter 1

Sora is siting on the beach looking at his island little does he know kairi is spying on him.
Sora:It sure is good to be home hmm maybe i should tell kairi how much i really love her.
kairi is hiding behind a tree listening..
Sora:but wat if i make a fool out of myself and she rejects me.
kairi squints over to hear but falls and hits her head with a rock.
Kairi: oww!
Sora: kairi?
Kairi: hi sora
Sora: are you ok?
Kairi: NO! i hit my head really hard
Sora starts rubbing her head
Kairi : thanks sora that feels great
She then gives him a kiss on the cheek sora starts blushing
Sora: uh
Kairi: sora? your face is as red as my hair
Sora: umm uh
Kairi: Watever. She thinks to her self (what a weirdo)
Sora: So kairi how long were you behind that tree?
Kairi: I heard the whole thing.
At that moment Sora freezes completely.
Kairi:Sora you dont know how happy I am to hear this I love you too!
Sora: You do?
Kairi: Yes! I was too shy to say it before but now that you came back to me I am not
ashamed of saying it.
Sora:Thats good to hear. sora giggles like a little girl.
Kairi: whats with that laugh???
Sora: oh its nothing.
Kairi: Hey have you heard mickey is leaving the islands.
Sora: WHAT!!!!
Kairi: Yea you better go find him before its too late.
Sora runs off in search of Mickey when he trips over a tiny rock.
Sora: oww
He looks at Kairi hoping she didnt see that and continues running.
Mickey:Well I guess its time to leave better go to tell the others
Sora: Wait!!!
Mickey: Hey Sora I was just about to look for you.
Sora: are you guys really leaving.
Donald:Yea am getting home sick.
Goofy:I err forgot how home looks.
Donald slaps goofy
Goofy: heyy!
Mickey: hey sora go gather everyone so we can say goodbye.
Sora: okay
After sora gathers everybody they all say goodbye to mickey, donald and goofy a few tears were shed but nothing too serious.
2 Hours later....
Kairi: hey riku are you sure you have not taken steroids.
Riku:what! (hides the pills in his back pocket) I honestly have no idea what your talking about.
Kairi: Sure watever you say.
She looks at him with those big blue eyes.
Riku starts to blush.
Kairi:what is it with you guys today and those red faces.
Riku:eek:h nothing.
Sora: hey what are you guys doing over here alone.
Riku:Kairi just wanted to tell me how much better than you I look hehe
Sora: Hey whats that supposed to mean Kairi!
Kairi: He's lieing to you
Riku: am just repeating what you said.
Riku starts snickering
Sora grows red with anger and starts Marching away
Kairi runs after him.
Kairi: Soooooraa Wait!
Riku:HA HA HA This is too much!
He starts roling on the sand.

Later in Sora's bed room.
Sora:How could kairi do this to me.(starts beating up his teddy bear)
Sora:I thought she liked me a whole lot more.
Kairi comes in sora's house
Sora: kairi what are you doing here I thought you would be with your lover Riku
Kairi: No sora you got it all wrong he was lieing to you.
Kairi: please believe me I cant live with you being mad at me.
Kairi begins to give up hope but then she thinks of an idea a unusual idea but It would probably work.
Kairi:Soraaa (she calls him in a seducing kind of way)
Sora: Huh
She then starts to unbutton her dress and moves closer to sora
Sora:I think I will like this! (sora lets out a big grin like the cool aid man)
Kairi: am sure you will

Meanwhile in Riku's house...
Riku is taking steroids and lifting the 400 lbs weights!!
Riku: O yea baby
There's a knock on the door
Riku:Its open!
Just as the door opens
Riku notice the sound when someone cocks a shotgun.
to his amazement Hercules is standing in the door pointing the gun straight at him.

Thats the end of the first chapter/prologue people please tell me what you think about it :confused:
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Oct 30, 2004
home sweet home
kairi's a slut . . .lolololol j/k
but riku on steriods (sp?) lmao thats too damn funny
but that part when Hercules came in wit a shotgun . . .that was really random and im thinkin wtf????
anywayz its funny
post another chapter!


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Feb 16, 2005
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kire12 said:
ok this is kinda spam, but where do i go if i wanna write a fan fic that has noting to do wit kh?

umm i think you should just post it on fanfic home cuz there was some other guy posting about harry potter


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Feb 16, 2005
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Chapter 2

Hercules:dont move
Riku:!? umm What are you doing over here my very good friend
Riku starts to pee in his pants.
Hercules:You know exactly why I am here I heard you have not been selling my stuff
Where's my money.
Riku:um uh I
Hercules: is that all you can say 3 words
Riku:umm Sora stole the money from me (of course he's lieing)
Hercules:Not even if you write a book of excuses will I believe you
Hercules: and on top of that you steal my steroids now I must get rid of you
so then noone will know my secret ha ha ha ha
At this point hercules is shooting at riku but he has pretty bad aim....
Kairi: dont stop Sora keep going!
Sora: but it hurts ahh!!
Kairi: you wimp I bet Riku could do it better than you can
Sora:WHAT!! your still talking about Riku!!
Kairi:shh wats that sound
Sora:who cares about the sound come back to bed
Kairi:it sounds like gun fire!
Kairi puts her clothes on as fast as a firemen and storms out the door.
Sora:darn and it was my first time too.
Herc is still trying to shoot riku (Its a SHOTGUN how in the world are you missing)
Riku dodges the bullets with ease because of his younger days when he was a TRACK STAR
Riku:what are you trying to hit.
Hercules:stupid gun the black market ripped me off (pulls out his crappy sword) ha!
Riku takes out his soul eater
Riku:bring it on!
The two start dueling Riku slashes at herc and cuts some of his hair off
hercules: no! my hair is ruined I will never get a wife this way I'll get you riku
Herc then stabs at Riku and he misses then riku drop kicks him in the face Herc falls
flat on his butt.Hercules is very angry now he starts to do that spining attack with the
little sword he spins so fast that he actually cut riku in the chest
Riku: oww
Btw what the heck is taking kairi and sora so long to get there they only live across
from each others houses?!?!?
Hercules then starts spining uncontrolably and breaks expensive stuff in Riku's house
Riku:no thats my mother's favorite painting.
Riku:Thats my father's 800,000,000,Munny Pirate Ship
Riku:thats my favorite Trophy
Hercules stops spining and by the time he completely stoped he was soo dizzy that he fell to the ground.
Riku:finally oh no my parents are gonna kill me
Kairi:Riku whats going on here
Riku:its about time you came
Kairi:sorry i was a bit "TIED UP"
Sora:whats all the commotion in here
Riku:Hercules tried killing me
Kairi:why would he do that did you do something to make him mad
Riku:I I I have no idea what your talking about
Riku:fine dont believe me
Kairi:soo anyways why is he on the floor did you hit hin on the head or something
Riku:No I beat him up badly and he was at the mercy of my coolness
Kairi: (weirdo)
kairi looks at riku in a "I know your lieing" kind of way
Sora:so umm kairi can we go now
kairi:yea sure
Sora:well you better dump his body in the ocean before he wakes up
Riku:I will make sure to do that now get out of my house I got some cleaning to do
After sora and kairi leave riku picks up hercs body and goes outside before he throws him to the ocean riku searches herc's pocket
and takes his wallet

Riku is a wise guy Lol:D I was wondering if the chapters are either too long or too short someoone tell me please
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