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Fanfiction ► After Me {Happy Birthday C_U}

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Mar 19, 2005
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Act IV: It was bad for me; was it bad for you?


It was eleven thirty-nine in the morning. And Gerard was currently in the middle of the most dangerous and important mission of his high school career.

He was trying to pass notes in the middle of Spiran History class.

You question the significance of this operation? Fool. Just imagine that you’ve been forced to sit in a cold, hard chair, in a room that reeks of pure evil. The love of your life is sitting two rows ahead and three seats to the right. You’re surrounded on all sides by allies and opponents. And a note that could make or break your very existence could very well get crushed under foot, or worse, taken by the enemy leader.

Welcome to high school, britches.

And he wasn’t alone in this mission. Oh no. Several others were trying to accomplish the same thing. Discreetly, of course.

Very carefully, Gerard tore a sheet of paper in half. On one of those halves, he wrote "I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS" and placed it on the end of his desk. The other
piece was the all-important note to Rikku.

He quietly scribbled on it, making sure the teacher’s back was turned. Then, he proceeded to fold it up, drop in on the floor, and slide it over to Rikku’s foot.

The blonde thief was, at the moment, rather preoccupied with ignoring the teacher. She was leaning her head in her left hand, swirled eyes turned toward the nearby window, which looked over the city. Down the hill, a new and extravagant building was apparently being built, and the construction scene seem to engross Rikku. Anything other than hearing about supposedly-important battles in the Calm Lands two centuries before.

But, she still noticed the swish of paper against the floor and the faint pressure on her heel as the note hit its target. Ecstatic about something that would break the tedium, she reached down and picked it up, reading the note in her lap. It said:

Pssst! Rikku!

The Al Bhed quickly covered her mouth with one delicate hand as she giggled. Grabbing her pen, she scrawled back,

Psst what? =D

and repeated the process of slipping it back to Gerard.

When he picked it up again, poising his pen to write, he suddenly realized that he didn’t know what to say back. He hadn’t planned that far ahead. He stared at the back of her golden head, admiring anew the way the sunlight enhanced her natural glow.

While he was pondering this, Silver, seated just behind him, was also writing a note. When he was done, he poked Gerard in the back with his pen, slipping him the folded scrap of paper and motioning for him to pass it on.

Instead though, said black-haired boy opened up the note. He looked uneasily back at his argent-haired friend, trying to figure out how to deal with the situation at hand. He knew he had been working on perfecting his "coolio hair-flippy move" for a while now, but he didn’t think ... guys noticed.

So, underneath Silver’s message of "I lurv you!" he wrote:

I’m sorry but it can’t work between us. Really, it’d not you. It’s me.

And passed it back.

Silver slapped his palm to his forehead when he opened the note up. Amme, sitting next to him, turned to the side and spewed. When she turned back, she cuffed Gerd on the back of the head and hissed,

"You’re supposed to pass it on, mun!

Across the room, Kyuuri was also writing a note on top of a notebook covered with pictures of Wilson. Because Wilson ish so ky00te. She crumpled the paper up and tossed it Gerard’s head. It hit the side of his face and fell into his lap. He opened it up.

Rent > You

He wrote back:

I didn’t say anything. Oh period Oh.

The reply:


RENT > you.

Pass this to Amme.

Amme wrote:


Meanwhile, one row in front of Gerard, Myra was attempting to turn her note back to Silver into one of those paper footballs, using her "mad ninja skillz". In the end though, it came out looking less straight than Sora. This is one of life’s many ways of saying, "J00 phail."

The note-passing between the other RENT-heads though was still going strong.

This class is not Kat-tastic. It requires more cheese.

Sorry, Kat, I think we left that back in language arts class.


While this was taking place, Gerard had finally figured out what to say to Rikku. He wrote down his message and lobbed it in her direction.

...however, it landed on the teacher’s desk instead, as he was writing something down.

Raising his thick grey eyebrows, he smoothed the note out and read aloud:

"Excuse me, but can I have a map? Because I’m getting lost in your eyes.

At that, everyone felt their stomachs go into a non-cowbell-wielding protest.


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Jun 23, 2005
That was the most freakin' awesome chapter I have seen in the LONGEST while.


-gives millions of bonus points-


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
Wow, note conversations. o.o They were beautimous, Amme. Twas amazingly hilarious. And look! You updated! That didn't hurt, did it? :D

Platonic luff for teh Amme. <33333



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Dec 24, 2004
That... WAS GREAT.

Thanks for the pickup line. I have a dance soon, so I gotta be prepared. :)

UPDATE MOAR. And thank you. ^-^


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Aug 3, 2005
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xD Nice update.

*Chuckles at the notes* Poor Gerald and his luck. ;-;

One thing about notes I noticed somewhat in the past (In my class) is that no one's a friend....

Anyway, I hope Rikku will figure out it was for her... And at the same time I hope not or else she'll get embarresed....

Nani? You can make football oragamis(Sp?)? Neh?


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D



On a sidenote, you can fold a piece of paper into a small triangle. Paper football. The one you play with at restaurants while waiting for your food.


<-- not flaming. :/


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Aug 3, 2005
People's Fragile Dreams, Relinquished from Anixiet
Eek! ><

Gomen nasai! For some reason... I always thought it was an L... Shows my idioticness... And ignorance. >.>;;;;

... Probably because I always pronounced it so....

Lol, thanks for correcting me by the way! =^_^=

xD Thank you again for explaining about the paper football... Reminds me of a different ones at school...

Twas a very big thing in Grade 6 while you watched where paper flew everywhere... >.>;;;

... Specially for demonstration in T.U.S.C... Tusk....

I feel sorry for the person if they ever do such a thing in math... And Social Studies...

... And the bird oragami

Good to know I'm not hated. =^_^=

... Dx *Smacks self for rambling*
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Jun 23, 2005
Hi, baby! -gets dragged away from scene by Noe- Whoa!

>.> -runs back to thread- I ISH OF TEH UPDATEZ NOW, KAI?!?!?!



Act (Mucho Roman Numerals): Room to Breathe

Survival4Life (Pickle) says: Dude man, field trip tomorrow = teh suxx0rz.

Blonde Angels Make Me Grin (Ger) says: It won't be so bad. o.o;

Will Work For Meds {Amme} says: Yeah, right. It's gonna suck.

Heartlessly Yours [Ketso] says: Well, it won't be so bad. Everyone's gonna be there, at least.

Survival4Life (Pickle) says: Yeah, EVERYONE. Meaning: Yuna and Asuka included.

Will Work For Meds {Amme} says: Just don't think about it. o.o;

Krazy For Bishies/Bishies For Krazy says: ZOMG, HI!

Blonde Angels Make Me Grin (Ger) says: o.o Cause you haven't been chatting with us for the past ten minutes...?

Krazy For Bishies/Bishies For Krazy says: Shaddup, Gerd. >.>;

Survival4Life (Pickle) says: Dude, you missed an apostrophe. SHAME.

Will Work For Meds {Amme} says: Dude, Silver's on. Invite much? I tried, it didn't work.

Krazy For Bishies/Bishies For Krazy says: ZOMG, SILBER! <333

Survival4Life (Pickle) says: Yeah, I hate that guy, too. -.-

Krazy For Bishies/Bishies For Krazy says: D:

Survival4Life (Pickle) says: Dude, sarcasm. o.o

Argent Agent of Love has entered the Machina Instant Messenger Chat Room.

Argent Agent of Love says: Hey, guys. ;3 Myra.

Heartlessly Yours [Ketso] says: Oh. Hey, guys, I gotta go.

Krazy For Bishies/Bishies For Krazy says: Aww! D:

Survival4Life (Pickle) says: Dude, no wai! We don't have homework.

Will Work For Meds {Amme} says: D:

Heartlessly Yours [Ketso] says: Nah, dudes, it's alright. I got some researching to do for my Remedial Machina class...

Heartlessly Yours [Ketso] has left the Machina Instant Messenger Chat Room.

Krazy For Bishies/Bishies For Krazy says: Bye...

Argent Agent of Love says: Hey, Myra, you wanna eat lunch tomorrow?

Argent Agent of Love says: ...Myra?

Krazy For Bishies/Bishies For Krazy says: Oh, yeah, sorry, I was thinking. Sure, luff. <333

Survival4life (Pickle) has ended the Machina Instant Messenger Chat Room with the following message: "Ha, ha, foocrackers. Curfew time, so stuff one. >3"


Kyuuri, Amme, and Kat groaned when they reached the gigantic Bus Machina before them.

"Couch seats," Kyuuri growled, scowling. She folded her arms.

"Not like the regular busses," Amme sourly added, rolling her eyes.

"Everyone'll be pairing up," Kat sighed, annoyed. The three of them exchanged a look of exasperation before stepping onto the bus. Sure enough, couples had sprouted up everywhere, all holding hands, or making out, or sharing a seat on the bus.

The thing with this Machina was that there were no rows of seats; there was an enlongated couch that stretched along all the walls, as if the whole thing was one gigantic noodle-seat. That meant that they couldn't really restrict who sat near whom.

"Seize a seat," Kyuuri grumbled under her breath before dashing into the right corner in the back of the bus. Amme and Kat grabbed couch next to her - Amme to her right, and Kat next to the auburn-headed girl. Kat usually didn't sit by Kyuuri. It was a danger zone there. Very few people could handle the raging child.

"Fat chance," Kyuuri hissed as a boy attempted to sit to her left. He sputtered.

"I would've sat, like, a foot over! My friends are right there!" The boy tried to explain.

"Well, since you're desperate..." Kyuuri pretended to consider the option. Then, her eyes turned stone cold. "No."

Amme elbowed Kyuuri. Kyuuri pretended to slap the other girl. "Who's on the bus?"

Kat nervously looked up from her magazine. "Lessee. We got Hollow and Allecto 'chatting' to our right... Yeah, he just flipped us off, nice, man, nice. And... There's Rath, staring at Amme, and we got Gerard drooling over Rikku, who's drooling over him - less noticeable..."

"Holy frick," Kyuuri practically yelled. "Look at that!" Pointing her right index finger at a sight to the upper left of the bus, Amme and Kat followed her surprisingly large hand's direction until they saw Myra and Silver sitting very close to each other, just in time to see Silver lean in to kiss the brown-haired girl on the cheek. It would've been very sweet.

If it hadn't been revolting.

Amme grabbed the twins' knees for balance. "I think I'm gonna spew."

Kat absent-mindedly handed her a bucket, which appeared purely to contain Amme's hurried breakfast.

"When the heck did THAT happen?" Kyuuri asked in disbelief.

"RIFT!" Amme cried out before returning to the bucket. They paid little attention. A second later, Amme had regained her composure and left the bucket near Yuna's foot, so that when the girl stood up, she might have a surprise waiting for her.

"Hey, guys," a blonde figure said, sitting to the left of Kyuuri. Surprisingly - and to the dismay of Rath, who'd been the one to try to sit there earlier - she let him stay there. Kyuuri looked over Ketso, concerned.

He was looking slightly less bouncy today - actually, he didn't really look happy. He stared off into space a lot, and his hair didn't have its usual perky look to it. He seemed a little grey. Or blue.

"You alright?" Kyuuri asked suspiciously. She knew - like most people - that Ketso had a very, very big crush on Myra. It had seemed - for a while - that Myra returned the golden-headed boy's feelings, but - judging by the way she and Silver were hugging now - it wasn't true. Ketso shook himself out of a daydream, turning his dull gaze on Kyuuri.

"Oh, I'm fine," he chirped. He smiled, closing his eyes, but it didn't really fool anyone on the bus. His gaze turned to the flash of argent hair near the front of the 'bus.' "Just fine..."

For awhile, he stared off into space, hands clasped over his lap. Amme and the twins couldn't help noticing the letter in his gloved palms, the one labled "Myra." He shivered a little before swallowing and murmering, "I'm happy for them."

"You wanna lay down?" Amme asked, patting him on the shoulder. Kyuuri glared when Amme's arm reached behind her, on impluse. Ketso nodded. The next few feet were empty near him, so he curled up on the couch-seat and closed his eyes. The letter slipped to the floor, forgotten.


"Boys! Boys and girls, I mean," Added Vice Principal Naughtgoeh. "Please, single file, not two lines, and drop hands now."

"That should be illegal," Kyuuri said, nodding at the people in front of her. Amme glanced over. "That pairing up thing they do."

"I guess," Amme shrugged. "They can do what they want."

"At the expense of others?" Kyuuri asked icily, gesturing to Ketso, who looked slightly unravelled and disheveled.

Amme laughed, elbowing Kyuuri in the ribs. "Hypocrite!"

"Yeah, I know. You know, I know, can we move past that?" Kyuuri tried to keep a straight, somber face, but she too started laughing.

"You don't think it'd be nice?" Rikku asked the two girls, "To have a boyfriend?"

Kyuuri waved the thought away, saying, "I don't have time for that. Never really thought about it. Is it that important?"

"Who's gonna hold you when you need it?" Rikku asked, surprised at herself. What did she know about this situation? Nothing. Except that she was in lo-

"-Amme," Kyuuri said, turning to her friend and falling to one knee. The redhead pretended to look shocked as Kyuuri's eyes blazed into hers, asking with the utmost seriousness, "Would you fetch me a burger?"

"OH, MY GOSH!" Amme yelled in happy, mock surprise. "I NEVER thought this would happen to ME! You've made me the happiest person in the world, Kyuuri!"

The Museum's Ticket-Booth Worker stared at the two, a blank expression on his face. Kyuuri rapped the glass of the window.

"Hey mister," she glared, hugging Kat - to her twin's dismay. "She's my sister."

The three errupted in laughter, handing the Booth Mastah their tickets and scrambling through the twisting silvery mechanism to get through to the museum.

It was an amazing place, they realized. Perfectly sculpted, cream-coloured statues of Aeons and warriors adorned the warm, gigantic halls. The rich mahogany of the walls gleamed, and it seemed to be polished so that Vice Principal Naughtgoeh's bald head sent glares shooting across the halls, lighting up crystal chandeliers everywhere.

However, the students weren't paying attention to that. They were paying attention to the food court. Taking off in a sprint, they leapt over to the nearest health-food place they could get to, immediately placing their RENT-Based order.

"So that's five mizo soup, four seaweed salad, three soy burger dinner, two tofu dog platter, and one pasta with meatless balls?" the tired-looking waiter asked. Gerard, Amme, Myra, Silver, Noelle, Kyuuri, and Kat were sent into fits of laughter.

Silver thought over meatless balls. "Ew!" He gasped.

"Tastes the same," Kat frowned, rolling her eyes and reaching for her wallet.

"If you close your eyes," Krazy offered, arms draped over the long table.

"Is that it here?" The waiter asked, appearing very annoyed.

"WINE AND BEER!" The teens yelled, much to the dismay of their classmates and chaperones. The waiter looked incredibly confused.

"We don't serve minors here," he stuttered, grasping his tray loosely.

"Back off," Kyuuri sneered. "Go get our food."

The waiter left and Kyuuri and Myra sang a few lines of an old, old song before laughing with the others in their conversations. Soon enough, Rikku, Ketso, Hollow, Allecto, and Kanynt showed up, taking seats at the huge table. They laughed with the others and shared food with each other, once the waiter returned.

"No," Amme said suddenly. Everyone looked up from their food. "Just... No."

A shocked trio of preps stared at them. The femininity emitting from Sora was making Silver choke. Myra clung to him at the sight of the scary boy/girl.

"Why can't we sit here?" Asuka protested. Yuna folded her arms.

"Because we hate you," Kyuuri blurted out, annoyed. Rikku and Gerard shrank in their seats.

"Rikku, are you gonna let them treat us like this?" Yuna asked, bewildered. Rikku gaped, not sure what to do. Suddenly, a foot lashed out and snapped into her knee. She gasped in sudden pain.

"Kyuuri, what the he-" Gerard asked, infuriated.

"Oh, darn. She's bleeding. Gerard, go take care of it," Kyuuri commanded.

"What's wrong with you?" Gerard asked, dismayed and in a rage.

"Take care of it," Kyuuri urged fiercely. Gerard stared blankly into her eyes before realizing what she'd just done for him.

"Oh! Right. Rikku, let's go," he said, grabbing her elbow gently and whisking her away before she could stutter, "I'm fine."

Kyuuri and Silver leaned back in their chairs and stretched to give each other a high five. Amme gave Kyuuri a pat on the back before Ketso started telling a horrendously funny joke about a butterfly and a cobra.

"Mission accomplished," Kyuuri thought smugly. Now Gerd owed her one.


"I'm fine, seriously," Rikku said warmly. Gerard looked up from the gauze, thermometers, hardcasts, splints, and crutches he was holding with.

"No way," the sable-headed boy argued, turning back to the huge pile. "No, she's kicked me before. It hurts. I can handle this."

"Maybe I'm just tougher than you are," Rikku suggested. Gerard glared at her playfully. She shrugged innocently. Somewhere, Amme and Kyuuri's minds vommited.

All over the kidneys.

"There," Gerard said, having just finished wrapping Rikku's knee. "You're okay now!"

Rikku was suddenly full of bold energy. She was so jittery before, but now that she was with Gerard, alone, she felt ready to go. She faked a sigh and said, "I dunno. Maybe you should carry me."

That sent him flushing the deepest shade of red she'd ever seen. He stuttered and gaped, not knowing what to say, and Rikku giggled, satisfied.

"I'm kidding," she said. She grabbed his arm, pulling him up. Examining her knee, she bobbed on her heels, wondering what they should do.

"C'mon," Gerd said suddenly. He grabbed her hand, not realizing what he'd just done. They ran out of the museum, stamps on their hands so that they could get back in. It was nice outside, but neither teen was thinking about the weather.

"Let's just take a walk," Gerard explained. "And we'll never have to go back."

"Good reasoning," Rikku said, laughing. He smiled his stupidly cute smile.

But they did. They walked and walked, for half an hour, until they stopped dead in their tracks. Or - Rikku did. Gerard kept twirling in circles until he realized she wasn't spinning with him. So he danced back to her.

"Whatcha watching?" He asked. She pointed. Black-Hair-Boy stared.

"Nice," he agreed, hands in pockets.

They were staring at a temple. It wasn't massive, but it wasn't tiny. Towers spiraled into the sky, not too high, but to Rikku, they seemed to lead to the Heavens. She stared up at them, wondering why they'd stopped her breath. Dark stones with silver hues framed stained-glass windows - windows that seemed to stretch for miles, depicting colourful blurs of scenes that made no sense to her, though some leapt out and seemed to scream her name. Beautiful dark stone inlaid in the door frame matched the window frames and contrasted nicely to the jade tiles of the outer walls. Inside the open, huge doors, Rikku could see beautiful red carpets with gold trimmings and breath-taking shrines of marble. The roof's sapphire tiles were lined with silver, and overall, it was a beautiful place. Complete and perfect.

"It'll look great when it's done," Gerard decided. Rikku blinked.

"What?" She asked, suddenly seeing that the colour was gone.

Within seconds, that beautiful temple turned into a wooden frame, barely upright, very few walls erect. Wagons hauled materials similar to the ones Rikku had just seen covering the temple.

"It's under construction," Gerard explained, wondering if Rikku felt alright. Rikku stared at the temple, blinking again.

The beautiful image of the castle-like structure before her faded into a distant memory, and though she tried hard to bring it back, it strode away from her. She wanted to go in, but she wasn't sure why.

"Oh," she stuttered. "Yeah."

Gerard fiddled with her incredibly long scarf. "We better get back," he decided. "They'll be mad."

Rikku's adrenaline had worn off some time ago. She nodded at him. "Yeah."


"Can't BELIEVE you missed the Chocobo exhibit!" Kat said for the sixteenth time. Rikku tried to listen, but she was so preoccupied by Gerard. Was his hair that dark naturally, or did he dye it? His eyes, too... She conjured up an image of him in her mind before realizing that Kyuuri was waving a hand in front of her face.

"Helloo?" Kyuuri asked. "I said, 'How long you grounded for?'! Speak!"

"Oh," Rikku sighed, staring at the ceiling. "Just a week. They think we got lost."

"Sucky," Kyuuri said. "You'll miss the ice cream tomorrow at lunch. Grounded means you lose priveliges."

"I think I can deal," Rikku smiled. Gerard pwned Ice Cream.




Hooray! Hooray!
Dec 24, 2004
You gave me more courage than I normally would have when with a girl, XD. Good chap though. You went a bit risque when you put in RENT scenes, but I think they were well executed.


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