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Fanfiction ► After Me {Happy Birthday C_U}

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Mar 19, 2005
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Well, last Monday, Cloud_Unchained turned fifteen. I consider this a great achievment, since I thought Thelonepickle would kill him before then. But, seeing as how he's still alive, I offered to write him a fic, customized.

Those of you who know C_U will realize that this is obviously a Rikku-based AU romance fic. That means RikkuxOC, A.K.A., RikkuxC_U. And that this will be set in Spira.

So let's get on with it. =D


In Luca, one all-boy boarding school is about to get turned upside-down when students from Bevelle's all-girl boarding school are thrown into the mix as a social experiment. Sparks light, fur flies, and a group of teens find that they fit easily in the jigsaw puzzle of twisted pieces that they've made for themselves.


Prepare for random laughter, insane cameos, and yes, romance.


The part of Super-Prep Yuna being played by Yuna

The part of Prepped and Cloned Asuka being played by Asuka

The part of Hopeful Romantic Rikku being played by Rikku

The part of Cynical Reality Check Kyuuri being played by Thelonepickle

The part of Airship Piloteer Kat being played by Katattack

The part of Versatile Mediator Amme being played by GuardianOfHearts {Yeah. Me}

The part of Sugarless Sugar High Myra being played by kaze_krazy

~After Me~

Before me, there was disquiet
In the vastness of your soul.
Before me, emotions raged in your heart
With nothing to lull them.
After me, there was peace
And revelation.
After me, there was silence,
In which I heard everything that no one else could.

Before me, there was placidity
In the emptiness of your heart.
Before me, calm waters of your soul
Never stirred without winds to
Raise them.
After me, there was life,
Because I taught you how to live it.


Act I: Of Fools and Jesters

"Girls? Girls! Listen up, all of you! I have announcements to make! Girls!"

This unsuccessful attempt to call a bus full of excited high school girls to order came from the harassed-looking middle aged woman who stood behind the driver’s seat, vainly trying to raise her slightly hoarse voice loud enough to be heard. Actually, that was rather uncharitable. Her voice, though roughened from previous shouting, was quite loud enough for each of the fifteen year-old girls to hear her, despite their noise. It was really the fact that no one wanted to hear her that mattered, and therein lay her challenge.

As if to prove this point, one scornful voice rose up from a seemingly empty seat near the back.

This announcement received a bout of laughter from most of the shouter’s fellow students, and an angry flush from the teacher in question.

Miss Wexington, who was in fact not just an ordinary teacher but the headmistress of Bevelle’s only all-female boarding school, stalked down the charabanc’s aisle, stumbling over various limbs as she made her way to the seemingly empty but apparently loud seat near the back.

By the time she got to the seat, which was not empty at all, the brown-haired instructor was decidedly more disheveled than before. She glowered imperiously down at the cynical teen who glared nonchalantly back up at her. She was so short that it was impossible to see her from the front.

"Kyuuri," Miss Wexington said in a weary, resigned tone of voice, "how many times am I going to have to reprimand you?"

"Well, I dunno teachy. But seeing as how this could take a while, would you like a break? I got a granola here somewhere...." Kyuuri crossed her arms and looked up at the headmistress with innocently condescending hazel-green eyes. Miss Wexington bristled, the angry lines forming on her face matching the streaks of prematurely grey hair.

"Whoa, teachy, you shouldn’t strain yourself so much. Old people need rest, you know?"


"Don’t mind her, Miss Wexington," another student drawled lazily behind her. The headmistress turned to face the auburn-haired girl who was sprawled unceremoniously in the adjacent seat, looking upon the scene without any surprise in her dark grey eyes. They had gone through this before.

"Amme, I don’t even want to commence an explanation on the sheer audacity of interrupting a superior–"

"But Headmistress," the girl continued demurely, ignoring her "superior’s" last statement, "we’ve been traveling all day, and tensions are a little strained. It’s just so hard being cooped up for so long...." and here she let an angelically pitiful mask cover her face smoothly enough to put any actress to shame.

"She’s right," piped up their neighbor, who was excitedly bouncing up in down in a rhythm that accompanied the jostling of the wheeled machina. She was a petite blonde with a charming smile and swirled emerald eyes that could only come from an Al Bhed. Sunny golden locks streamed haphazardly down her face from the quick bun they were kept in, ticking her tanned cheeks. That, and her previous attributes, gave her a generally bright appearance.

"We’re just teenagers, you know? Raging hormones and all that. Ew, no, not in that way!" she added hurriedly, seeing the look in her instructor’s face. "I mean you just can’t expect much from a bunch of fifteen year-olds who are ready to die of boredom on this meanie bus." she grinned hopefully, trying to avoid punishment from the strict woman who was obviously so frustrated by her charges.

Miss Wexington looked from one girl to the next from over the spectacles sitting dangerously low on her thin nose, her look of fury shifting into one of consideration. Albeit a very pissed-off consideration.

"Fine," she snapped. "I’ll let it go. You’ll all have to wait until we get off this Yevon-cursed machina to hear what I have to say, and if you’re embarrassed in front of the boys, then it’ll be your problem to deal with." with an irritable humph, she stalked her way back up front, where she sank down into the only empty seat. Her departure was greeted with several loud "HA!"s and indolent grins.

"Senile old bat," Kyuuri grumbled, digging into her bag and bringing out a pickle to snack on.

Her peers had long ago stopped questioning her ways.

"You’re welcome," Amme said, leaning back in her seat and staring at the blue ceiling.

"Hey, I could have handled the withered-out fiend myself!"

"Sure. But I did get her away faster by interrupting. Frankly, I can’t stand her smell for that long."

"Hah! Whatever."

Rikku, the blonde two seats ahead, ceased her bouncing to look out the window, at the city streets rapidly passing them by. Luca was busy as ever, even in the pre-game blitzball tournament season. But what attracted her eye was the great building a little farther off than the others. If pictures counted for anything, then that was the formerly all-boys boarding school which they would be co-eding { A/N: NOW A WORD! <.< }. This was the first time Rikku would ever be going to a school that had both male and female students, so this was naturally exciting. Most of the other girls thought so as well, which was why they didn’t question the obscure motives to which the headmistress of their school and the headmaster of the boy’s school were operating under. Who’d want to jinx it like that?

She was nervous too. The last co-ed thing she had done was making sand castles in Bikanel when she was seven years old. How would she know how to act?

Well, at least she would have Yuna with her, who was familiar. Even if Yuna was a little....



Rikku turned around to face her cousin, who’s bi-colored eyes were fixed on bliztball dome off in the distance.

"Have you seen that! So pretty! I hope we get some days off soon, I can’t wait to walk around town! Just look at that marketplace, I bet they sell stuff from all over here! Do you think we get free time during the weekdays, that’d be awesome wouldn’t it!"

As usual, Yuna’s chipper sentences lacked any question marks. Rikku was used to this. Her half Al Bhed cousin was a typical prep, excitable over anything Rikku was likely to find boring, always dressing immaculately, and with a tendency to become distracted easily.

Sometimes it could get a little-

"I know, we’ll have to check out all the jewelry shops, I heard Luca has the best!"


The owner of the latter high-pitched voice belonged to Asuka, Yuna’s best friend and apparent clone. She had even cut her caramel tresses shorter so it was the same length as Yuna’s shoulder-touching hair.

Rikku silently begged the Fayth to spare her from having to share a dorm room with either of them.

Suddenly, the entire machina lurched to a sudden stop, throwing most of the girls into the seats in front of them. Looking back, the Al Bhed saw that Amme had slipped down to the floor entirely from where she had been laying down, and several others were rubbing their injured heads.

"WHY couldn’t we get an’ AIRSHIP?" one voice complained loudly.

"We’re just a bunch of stupid teens. No one lends and airship to a school," Amme grumbled, sitting back down. The brown-haired girl who had spoken up looked out the window, an absent expression in her now-glazed eyes.

"Someday, I’ll have an airship..." she hugged a booklet to herself, several pages depicting airship blueprints slipping out.

"Do you think there’ll be any hot guys there?"

"Oh, Myra...."

"Girls! Stand up and gather your bags, and get into a single file line!" Miss Wexington was back up and as tart as ever, the machina’s doors opening behind her. "I don’t want there to be any fooling about as we exit. We are guests here, do I make myself clear?" she glared sharply around at everyone, glaring harder at the half-hearted mutters of assent. "Ah, and here comes the Headmaster now...."

Slinging her backpack over her shoulder, Rikku craned her neck to see over the many decidedly taller students, thinking about how their stay here was apt to be a wilder ride than the one they had just experienced....
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Jun 23, 2005
You wish, my little Kataract. I call number one fan. *steals it forever*





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Dec 24, 2004
Sterling_Silver said:
Oh dude, you have to updart this. I know for a fact that me and Gerd will be in this one! =O

Amme's a girl.


Thanks for the ficcie Amme.


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Dec 24, 2004
*bounces up and down*

Finished yet? Finished yet? Finished yet? Finished yet? Finished yet? Finished yet?
Finished yet? Finished yet? Finished yet? Finished yet? Finished yet? Finished yet?

No rush though. Just asking.



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Mar 19, 2005
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Drop-off chap! More tomorrow!


Hopeless Romantic Gerard played by: Cloud_Unchained

Perverted Wishful Thinker Silver played by: Sterling_Silver

Act II: Eye of the Beholder

"...and concluding thus, students and faculty all welcome you into our humbled halls...."

The way the headmaster of Luca’s all-boy boarding school spoke, you would think he was ushering a stately parade of Maesters into their school. But no. What he was really doing was rambling dramatically on to a group of half-asleep teenage girls and their pushy headmistress, pretending like he wasn’t a complete and total idiot.

At least, that was what the silver-haired boy in the back of the group told his black-haired companion, and it went unsaid that he wasn’t far from the truth.

Gerard silently agreed with this fact. Headmaster Clarus had been talking nonstop for nearly twenty minutes now, a feat that did little to surprise the students who knew what to expect from him but nevertheless managed to bore everyone to tears.

"There’s got to be a way to make him shut up. Something. Anything. I can’t take this!"

"I don’t think I’ve been thrown into such anguish since my music machina broke," Gerard agreed solemnly, cringing as Headmaster Clarus’ voice faded and finally stopped. The boy next to him, Silver, gave a moan of relief.

"Stand aside, students, and let our honored guests pass," the instructor said pompously, waving one arm down the expansive walkway, motioning for the gaggle of boys to step back. They complied, some later than others due to the fact that they had been unaware that he had even stopped talking, seeing as how they had been trying their best to ignore his words.

"Finally, some females in this place," Silver grumbled.

With a regal smile, Headmistress Wexington led her female students past their host’s charges. Both parties were scrutinizing each other as best as they could from afar.

Stepping off to the side so that he could get a better view, Gerard was momentarily blinded by a flash of gold.

Blinking, he managed to regain his composure-

-and just as abruptly lost it again.

The gold came from the bright head of a girl near the back of the group. Sunlight slanting down from the clear blue sky glinted off of her flaxen tresses and set it ablaze with a holy flame, but he suspected it would have glowed even without the light of the sun to enhance it. It was like sunshine itself, but more alive with each light-hearted step she took. As the wind picked up, a fiery scarf around her neck got tangled up in the breeze, and she turned to catch the long end and ravel it back up. Even from afar, the jeweled depths of her emerald eyes amidst her delicate face were like arrows to his heart. Time seemed to stop as they momentarily locked gazes.

And then the girl turned around and continued walking, a small, pixie-like figure behind the other much less interesting masses.

"Gerard? Whoa, dude, you gotta remember to breathe."

The grip of a hand on his shoulder reminded the black-haired boy to do just that, but his mouth remained agape.

"Dude ... don’t start spacing on me now. What happened?"

"I think I just saw a seraph."
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