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Advice for a beginner of FF8



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Aug 1, 2017
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Hey guys,
I recently bought FF8 Remastered on Switch and plan to play it. I already started playing FF8 once, but didn't come far (beginning of Disc 2) even though the story hooked me - there was so much that I felt I was kinda doing wrong or missing or whatever, e.g. I never found the weapon magazines to upgrade my weapon or nearly missed Bestia, didn't know which enemies to rob spells from, ultimately needing over one hour to fight some Bestia ... all in all, I wasn't exactly failing but I felt that I didn't really get the game.
So, for those of you who played the game, I beg for your advice / tips / whatever useful info you have to share. I am certainly not a JRPG noob, I honestly can't say why the game didn't click for me, but for my second try I plan to be better prepared and I appreciate everything. For example, since the enemies' levels scale with your own, should I even fight? Or just rob spells? How much fighting should I do? Should I play with a guide? (I'd rather not to, but I don't want to miss magazines again.) Honestly, I don't want a hardcore experience, I just want to see the story unfold. Thanks in advance.


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Oct 21, 2011
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I would definitely consult a FAQ as they are going to be much more thorough, but when I first played this in middle school nothing clicked until I started junctioning. Drawing heaps of spells for magic ammo does nothing as beneficial as junctioning them to your party. For example, equipping an elemental spell that a boss uses to your elemental/mag defense is going to significantly nullify its damage. Note that using spells, which is a good thing and unavoidable, diminishes the stats they are equipped to. Just replenish as needed.

GFs also need to be junctioned not only to summon them, but to develop an affinity with and impart beneficial abilities to the user as they grow and learn new abilities.

I had just come off FFVII and assumed every FF had a materia system. My gameplay changed dramatically once I understood a few basics of VIII's mechanics. I don't even think that my weapons much mattered (something I'd still like to be on top of upgrading my next playthrough, for funsies) as the stat boost from junctioning spells and then more powerful spells (you can only hold an inventory of 30 different spells) boosted me significantly through to the end.