Advice about the final item you get with mission crowns (spoilers)



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Sep 6, 2014
I completed this game 100% two times already, but i noticed that no one is interested in the final item you get after getting those 358 crowns: The "Master's Circle".

Well, you must be thinking, "This item isn't so good" or "It's powerful, but the abilities it gives makes it bad".
But if you think that "It's bad, but it could be used for some self-imposed challenges", then you are right.

One difference between this KH and others is that you have the "Combo Master" ability turned on all the time, and you can't turn it off! The only way to "semi-turn it off" is to add the "Risky Play" ability, that Master's Circle contains.

For those that doesn't know, in KH2 and many others, every time you miss an basic attack, you can't continue your combo, making you vulnerable to the enemies' attacks. The Combo Master ability makes you continue your combo even if you miss an attack, making you far more powerful.

So, why we would turn that ability off? To avoid button mashing, making the game far more technical and action-based.

I know there are some Gear Panels combined with Ability Signs that gives the Risky Play ability, but if you want to use any other Gear Panel or don't use one at all, then Master's Circle is a good option.

If you really hate button mashing or you want a different way to play, then consider this advice.