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Spoilers ► Actions of Lauriam & Elrena in future games



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Jan 4, 2010
A plot like that is pretty unrealistic. Wielders of the key are relatively rare in the worlds, if they sit idly by and do nothing, the worlds could be in grave danger. I could understand a plot like that work if they were only recently given the power (like maybe Sora in KH1 deciding not to go on a journey and accepting his fate in Traverse Town), but that's not them. I could also see a plot like that working if they're old and retired and there'd be plenty of younger people to take their place. That's not the case either. I don't think that'd be an interesting story to write or to play through, because there'd be nothing to "play".

KH3 Re:Mind left off with plenty of plot threads that were all closed off in like, two sentences in MoM. Namine was supposedly searching Roxas and Xion's memories for clues to Sora (which is pointless given we've seen their entire lives play out on screen, there's no way they'd have hints to where Sora is). Either way, that was closed when Kairi found the clues. Also the thread of TAV searching the dark realm for clues, also seemingly closed.

The only plot threads given to us for phase 2 for now are Kairi training with TAV and Riku, yet again, on a solo adventure. Oh, and I guess subject X however that works out.

We know this foreteller stuff is gonna explode out into the worlds at some point. Maybe they can be holding the drama at bay until Sora makes his heroic return. Roxas is technically the closest person to Sora metaphysically, maybe he'll take a leading role in Sora and Riku's absence. I dunno.

But as it stands right now, Nomura didn't really leave any crumbs for them. It might take a game or two for them to do anything.

Either way, I doubt they'll get the same backseating treatment characters like Kairi and Namine typically get.


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Nov 28, 2005
KH:VR ends with Sora & Riku returning to their realm only to discover that a whole bunch of characters Nomura's bored with their friends died in a reignited Keyblade War while they were gone. The End.

Alexxio M.

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Mar 5, 2021
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first they have to say hi to ven the visit would probably be the catalyst for him getting his memories back
then explain some things to the other gaurdians so we have Axel roxas or xion be the one to open the door and do the correction of names thing. They apologize to naminé and if Axel and Isa have found Skuld at this point have an emotional re:union 😉 between these dandelions and have them resolve to look for or at least try to bring back Ephemer.
also I can imagine a conversation between Kairi and Skuld where they relate to each other through their shared experiences with apprentice Xehanort

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Mar 5, 2021
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As for searching for subject x
I had an idea for a possible game surrounding that and posted it on a game ideas thread along side my predictions for the other phase two projects here’s a revamped version of the post

  1. Awakening from Rebirth- the Kairi, Aqua and Mickey gamewith some extras with ven
  2. Gardens of the past- days 2
  3. Kingdom hearts Disney+ - re cap/ retelling of all games before Melody of memory or an anthology covering the character files and some of the blanks from remind (ahem wayfinder trio in the realm of darkness) I would be ok with both but i am aware that the anthology idea may not be fit for newcomers as I feel the character files might need some prior knowledge since most that I’ve read take place after KH3.
  4. Verum Rex- DDD2
  5. Re unite- basically fragmentary passage with a lot more substance and weight
  6. KH4- finish sora rescue/ first face off with foretellers and perhaps more hint about the master of masters

In universe timeline

Awakening from rebirth at the same time as Verum Rex beginning and middle

Days 2

End of verum Rex

Re unite


Game stories and features

Awakening from rebirth

3 different stories in a similar vain to the routes in bbs

One story will be focused on Kairi and aquas adventures and Kairi’s mark of mastery

One will be focused on Mickey and his research in scala ad caelum with him not only finding out more on the foretellers and master of masters but also meeting Marluxia and Larxene searching for answers on Skuld and bringing back strelitzia and the final one will unlock once you beat either of the previous stories this one will be focused on Ventus and will revolve around getting his memories back and reconciling with Vanitas’ role in his life as well as keeping the darkness away from hurting anyone else.

The secret reports will be from Ansem the wises perspective on Kairi’s path and brain/ Eraqus on mickeys route however most of the Eraqus based secret reports that will be given throughout the Mickey route will be given as rewards for reaching milestones and objectives and brains reports will be scattered around the world like the other secret reports.

Both Mickey and Kairi will meet xigbar at some point possibly being the final boss of the Mickey route as Mickey has learned too much but after narrowly escaping with Marluxia and larxene mickey will return to the mysterious tower and tell Aqua and Kairi everything they’ve learned connecting the dots between subject x and Skuld prompting them to call the sea salt gang transitioning into the days sequel.

After beating either route a final epilogue senario will show Kairi venturing to the final world and using the power of waking to go to Quadratum. Along with the Ventus story unlocking

Days 2/ gardens of the past

One story where you can switch the character who you play as on the fly kinda like ffxv but also similar to the drop mechanic from ddd

Axel and Isa take center stage with roxas and xion being party members and Naminé being their Jiminy cricket.

Some segments with Skuld evading Xigbar and past scientist Radiant Garden gang

Secret reports are mostly from Axel, Isa, luxu and Skuld

Just a big old road trip to find Skuld and learn more about lost masters

VerumRex/DDD 2

A Riku and Kairi game centered around them finding one another and sora and more info on Yozora and the nameless star

Insert Tewey here

Maybe Sora themed tutorial segment

Master of masters might appear secret boss?

Secret reports will focus on the yozora and nameless star backstory as well as some writings from the Master and or luxu

Sora will be slowly driven insane maybe succumbing to darkness or the karma present in the world

Re Unite

Days gang meets up with Marluxia, Elrena, Mickey, Donald, Goofy and the wayfinder trio

They all head to quadratum and meet up with riku, Kairi and possibly yozora continuing to try and find sora

Foretellers will follow them and stand in their way

Yozora will be reunited with nameless star

Secret reports will be from luxu, sora, dandelions and master of masters.


Sora will finally be rescued and returns to sanity

Luxu and maybe the master will be the final boss

Nameless star will return to her body and same for yozora

Tewey arc will be finished and the inversion in the kh universe will be thwarted?

The ending would be in the Shibuya the Tewey gang from ddd comes from with the secret ending showing the possibility for ephemers return and hint on what the masters plan is.

Secret reports from luxu.