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Oct 11, 2014
"I'll always be there to bring you back!"

Name: Gartrabould

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Gartrabould uses a custom bowie knife that is specialized in directing magic. The blade is slightly longer than a normal bowie knife, and is curved upward a little like a scimitar. There is also a handguard with spikes for encounters in which the blade would not be practical. There are engravings along the blade in an unknown language and glow whenever magic is being prepared. This allows enemies to anticipate when Gartrabould is charging up a powerful spell.

Gartrabould is a talented mage that has knowledge of many spells. He specializes in sword magic and inflicting status effects. He is weak in ranged magic, as many of his spells lose too much power with distance; therefore, he coats his blade with different elements. Gartrabould then can swiftly attack while still dealing damage, since he lacks brute strength. Due to his lack of ranged damage, Garrtrabould likes to poison his enemies since these effects do not rely on power. He also still uses thundara to at least paralyze the enemy. He is also versed with minor healing magic, such as esuna to undo any status accidents he might inflict on an ally, and cure to fix minor wounds. If he is focused, he might be able to cast stop or zero-gravity magic, although that is rare.

Height: 5'11''
weight: 150 lbs

Gartrabould has slightly curly brown hair about 2-3 inches long. He also has a short beard he likes to keep trimmed that goes around his mouth and connects to his sideburns. The beard mostly covers a scar he has on his chin. His most predominant feature is his blue eyes, which is the first thing most people notice about him. For a mage, he dresses rather casually. Gartrabould usually wears running shoes and good-fitting jeans so that it is not too hard to be agile. Depending on the weather, he might wear a plainly colored t-shirt, a casual button-up (with sleeves rolled up usually), or his favorite pea-coat, which is wooly and grey.

Gartrabould admires his father and takes after his friendly attitude. He likes learning new things and feels that he is wasting his time if he spends too much time relaxing. This keeps him in a constant state of slight anxiety, always feeling a little tense. He hides it well, because he likes to keep up the appearance of being calm and always in control. Even though he is friendly, he is still shy and does not like to approach people unless it is necessary. Any sort of confrontation will greatly stress him out. If he can get into a team, he is very eager to do everything he can for the rest of the group. He likes to believe he is pure good, but his shyness prevents him from helping people in need sometimes. If lives are at stake, he will put that all aside and be completely focused. Once completely focused, Gartrabould shows true leadership.

Gartrabould grew up on an icy world named crystak, a world that specializes in magic. He grew up in a relatively normal family that loved pizza for some reason. Gartrabould attended a school that focused on the study of magic and its uses. Gartrabould did mediocre on the practical parts of the lessons, but he knew all of the material pretty well. He was in the top ten percent at the school. To compensate for his practical skills, Gartrabould did personal studies on types of magic he could excell in, such as blade magic. This was not allowed in school, so he practiced in his own time using sticks he found. Many times he would accidentally burn a stick by encoating it in fire. Studies in status magic were allowed with heavy supervision, since they were difficult to pull off. Gartrabould was one of few who eventually learned to use stop magic, but he only did so a handful of times in his life.

Before graduating, a program was accepting students to do research at various facilities in the world. Gartrabould signed up and was chosen with a few others. The students were to be given combat training, as heartless were sighted around these facilities. Each was to pick a weapon of choice. Knowing he was relatively weak compared to most of the others, he had a bowie knife custom made to his needs.

Life doing research was usually calm. He lived on the facility with a few roommates for many months. Gartrabould learned little ways of speeding up his magic cast times by researching how magic was invoked. He tested these tactics out on some shadows that would occasionally lurk onto the facility. Over time, he would take walks out further in his free time and practice on other types of heartless.

One night an alarm sounded. There were more heartless at the facility than ever before. Many of the guards were defeated since they were never expecting such an attack. The hoards seemed endless, with one giant, spider-looking heartless approaching the facility walls. Gartrabould grabbed his gear and started to make his way downstairs trying to escape. The spider heartless broke the wall right below him and looked in his direction. Gartrabould felt he could fight this only since no other heartless were around. He tried to poison the spider to no avail, and realized he needed to get up close and personal. The spider heartless tried to jab Gartrabould with one of its legs, but Gartrabould dodged to the side and encoated his knife with electricity. He gashed the leg off and it turned into a shadowy dust. The heartless let out a roar, and retaliated with another leg. This time, it barely scraped him in the face, leaving a scar across his chin. Adrenaline rushed through Gartrabould, and attempted to cast stop. It worked, but it only would last for a few seconds. He leaped and stabbed the heartless in the head then encoated his knife in ice, freezing the spider from the inside-out.

The ice cracked, and the heartless burst into a smoke, releasing a heart into the sky. A shadowy figure was watching him the whole time and began to leave through a dark portal. Gartrabould was still inflicted with adrenaline, so he went and grabbed the man to see what he was up to. The shadowy figure slapped his wrist away and knocked Gartrabould to the floor with a dark force. He once again returned to leave, but Gartrabould ran after him into the portal. He was taken to Traverse Town with no sign of the mysterious figure to be seen.
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