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Fanfiction ► A World of Dreams. *Kh Fanfic.*

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Apr 14, 2006
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A different take on the Kingdom Hearts. What if... All of Kingdom Hearts was just a dream?

The rain outside did not let me sleep, as it just kept mercilessly hitting the roof of the building as if trying to get through to me. I was lying on my still made up bed with my eyes completely closed, seeing nothing but the darkness, which somehow turned into a barrier between my sleep and me. It would not let me fall into my dreams, where I had hoped to receive some rest from the puzzling and mysterious events that had happened on our Island. But I could not achieve a dream state, not on this night, so I was trying to rest as much as possible while lying there, and only Destiny knew that I would need more than just a simple rest… We were going to take our raft tomorrow and take off into the ocean in hopes of finding another world. I know there are other different worlds out there… and I want to know for sure. A loud and madly angered thunder broken through my small layer of sleepiness and forced me to open my eyes. The room was completely black, drowning helplessly in the darkness that the night delivered, darkness which I unwillingly, but somehow pleasantly welcomed, despite the fact that it was a completely strange and exotically unknown feeling to me. In the darkness, I somehow felt safe and the weight of the responsibilities that I had during my pleasant time at Destiny Islands somehow vanished off my shoulders and soul. The thunder clapped its breathtakingly powerful hands to light up my lonely room, mercilessly vanishing the comforting darkness for a sudden moment. I quickly sat up and squinted as sharp pain from the light filled my eyes, which were already used to the beauty of the night and the overtaking darkness it brought. Suddenly I realized, that I was not alone.”

“The darkness… it is quite a powerful element of existence, wouldn’t you agree?” – a figure was standing by Riku’s door, completely invisible due to the blackness of the night and the blackness of his long zipped up coat, which covered all of his body. Riku jumped off the bed and not being able to find anything better to use in self-defense, grabbed a wooden chair, which stood by his desk, “Who are you?”

The figure came into Riku’s view as his pupils slowly adapted back to the darkness after the sudden and bright light. Riku tried to see the face of the unwanted intruder, but the figure had a long hood that covered all of his face. The figure remained completely motionless, like an ancient statue carved out of black stone, but its influential presence was felt by Riku’s keen senses. Without seeming to be moving at all, the figure let out his voice that shattered the long kept silence, which accompanied the darkness so well.

“The question is not who am I… but who will you become?” The voice was very deep, manly and full of hypnotizing charisma. It flowed slowly and smoothly, like a great river, without almost any emotions but still being able to glue Riku’s attention to itself. The figure slowly took a step back, towards the locked door, while not taking his precise gaze off of the confused teenager.

“The Keyblade welcomes you as its Master… but so does the Darkness itself… Lose yourself in the darkness, let it completely overtake all of your senses and perceptions, and witness its utterly merciless glory… that is only an insignificant step away from you. Who will you become… Riku?”

Riku was listening to every word, and saving it all in his mind like a tape recorder, while not being completely sure that all of this could somehow be real. Another loud clap of thunder, and a shining bright light hit the faithful stage, freezing it and making it shine for the shortest instant, while the two actors of the theater of darkness were standing face to face with each other, one’s face showed confusion and intrigue, while the other could not show any emotions due to his black coat. When the thunder went away, even quicker than it unwelcomingly barged into Riku’s room, Riku was standing alone inside his faithful room with his hands grasping the wooden chair and raising it high up, still in the same position as he was when the figure so suddenly appeared inside his room, to set off Riku’s progressive mind. Riku was not completely sure that what he just saw wasn’t just a vivid dream, Riku had the figure’s last, disappearing whisper echoing loudly inside his ears and paralyzing his jumbled-up mind, as the only proof that any of these dreamful and delusional events had happened. “Time does not wait… Who will you become… Riku… Riku… Ri…ku…”

“I was completely frozen, for another unmoving minute, not quite understanding the man’s cryptic words that I knew would be stuck inside my head forever, like an ugly scar. Even if this was only a crazy dream, or an out of place figment of my strangely overactive imagination, the lasting impression that was left upon me was very powerful. While I still did not completely believe what I had witnessed and heard, I had no time to analyze everything completely. Another booming thunder followed up by an intensively bright lighting that jumped inside my gloomy room from the window behind me, creating a long shadow that stretched in front of me all the way to the door. I only caught the glimpse of the long shadow, but something in it made it seem hostile, unfamiliar and… alive. I watched the floor carefully, not taking my eyes off the spot where my shadow had just been, and something inside me told me to keep the chair in my hands, and I was highly glad that I had listened.”

The young boy jumped at the living shadow, knocking it with the chair. The shadow dissolved into the floor and the chair cracked, breaking off and shattering into pieces, just like Riku’s hopes of escaping the darkness. He felt it dug away at his leg, sucking him into it.

”Ugh, No!” – he fell down onto the floor and felt a strangely scary ooze run up his body, covering and trapping him in it. He couldn’t breathe, the couldn’t feel anything except pure fear of the relentless darkness.

”No… Help…” – he managed to gulp out, the sound coming off as a couple of darkness bubble coming out of his mouth and bursting, like the strength he had inside, vanishing away.

”Hold on… To the Light…” – a sudden golden key appeared in front of Riku, shining and beaming away with hope for survival, for an actual escape. He reached, pulling his left hand out of the goo with lots of effort, but the darkness seemed to be not giving up and sucking Riku completely in. He had one chance to reach out and grab the Keyblade. He pulled and tugged with the darkness as much as he possibly could, hoping to get closer to the Keyblade, but could gain no more room, as his feet were already gone in the terrible ooze.

”Reach for the Light…” – a voice whispered in his ear. One shot, that’s all he had… In one jerking motion, Riku managed to stretch himself out as much as he possibly could, freeing him, but only slightly. With all the combined effort, he saw his hand only brush against the key, as a tentacle of black ooze covered his eyes. His left hand was empty, grasping nothing but air, which his lungs longed for so much right now. He fell from all fours, giving up, giving himself up to the darkness that consumed him completely.

”Riku… Rise and shine!” – a beautiful female voice came into Riku’s thwarted attention.
”Huh?! What happened?!” – he jumped off his bed, wearing nothing but his underwear, he was in sweat and breathing away hard. His heart was pumping out gallons of blood at once.

”It’s time for school. You were only dreaming…”

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