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A Whisper in the Winter



New member
Jun 8, 2005
Where are you now?...I can't see your face anymore
A whisper in the winters' breeze touches my ear...
But...is it truly there at all?
Or, is it just the voices in my dreams again?
Wanting to slip into reality?
My mind can’t seem to focus anymore…

Why aren’t you here?
Sitting there by my side?
You said you always would be…
But, you left me anyway…

I miss you…

These empty days stretch onward,
And The end's not in site,
How i wish it was...

As skies bow down,
Surrendering to night,
The earth drops that more colder,

In that lonely misty place,
I curl up in the grass,
And sink inside myself,
To where my dreams await me,
With those sweet happy memories,
Of a time so long ago,

The winds whisper softly to me,
Singing the ache away,
I drift into the white abyss,
Leaving all i know behind,
Is it just the voices in my dreams again?
That i hear whispering to me?
Or….is it you?

I missed you…

And I reaaaaally hope that makes no one want to kill themselfs o_o
lol anywho, this poem came to me today, because well, I have a pal over seas who's stopped speaking on msn, and i feel really sad cause i know they're there and they don't answer anymore T.T and well yeah the feeling of losing someone like a family member or friend is based off that emotion, apart from the fact the person i know isn't dead o_O