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Fanfiction ► A Twilit Road

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Mar 16, 2005
Okay, this is a really long post but I've gotten a lot of people saying they like this story so I hope you guys do too.:p

I’m so tired of decisions! Why should I have to make them all, I mean, wasn’t it Sora’s job to save the world? I can’t think like that, Sora’s my friend. . .even though I tired to kill him. Ha, that’s really sad now that you think about it. I had all the powers of darkness at my fingertips and I still couldn’t do the spiky-haired dork in. Then again, I wasn’t really the one fighting him, it was that asshole Ansem. Well, at least we were out of that damn castle. Those damn cards were really getting on my nerves. And those people! Who gave them the right to go into my memories! Oh yeah, that’s right, I don’t have any memories, since my heart threw them all away for darkness. Well, at least I wasn’t alone, I had Mickey with me. I was so happy when he appeared in front of me in that damn castle. If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t be able to think these thoughts because I would’ve become a puppet for that metro sexual Ansem. "I used to think that darkness was nothing but evil, but I don’t think that since I’ve met you," hm, that’s what Mickey said before we set off. "You walk in neither the light nor dark, but in the twilight," the words of the bondage-fetish DiZ. What the hell is that supposed to mean! Oh well, if I think about it to hard I’ll probably get a headache and that’s torture if your partner is a mouse that sounds like he’s in a constant state of hormone change.

Speaking of the mouse, Mickey began to hum some song that I’ve never heard before, smiling and skipping as he did so. He reminded me of Selphie yet a bit more pleasant to be around. She wasn’t exactly one of my favorite people since she had caught me practicing with my wooden sword, pretending the palm tree was a monster trying to get Kairi. She thought I was crazy and had to make everyone else think so as well. Luckily Sora came to my rescue and started to pretend he was the monster and chased her off. That was one thing I missed about him, if one of use were in trouble, the other would get the other out. But I don’t think that will happen anymore. . .I don’t think he’ll even talk to me again. He is the so called ‘warrior of light’. But what was I? I didn’t belong anywhere, good or bad. Sometimes I wonder if it would’ve been better just to submit to Ansem and have Mickey destroy me. At least then I’d know where I stand. Nah, Mickey would’ve found a way to save me. "I’ll find a way to save you Riku, you won’t go down that road again." Remembering this made me smile. I still had him if no one else forgave me, didn’t I?

Well, as anyone who is lost in thought, you know how you get. You’re really not paying attention where you’re going or what’s in front of you, right? Well, I wasn’t and I guess Mickey thought now would be a good time to get right in front of me and re-tie his shoe. Bad idea, because I never saw him and my foot got caught in his backside and tumbled over, causing my chin to come in contact with the ground. You’d think that a dirt path would be a little soft, right. Wrong! That damn thing hurt! But I’d rather not bore you with details of the road I chose. A few select words should do it: green grass as far as you could see with a small yellow dirt road down the middle. Boring as hell, and beginning to get on my nerves.

Mickey got up, or should I say crawled out from under me, and came up to my side. His humongous eyeballs looked at me with so much worry in them I thought I might’ve stabbed myself with my Soul Eater. "Your chin!" He shouted, "It’s busted! Ew, it’s bleeding too!"

"Of course it’s bleeding! What did you think would happen, cotton candy would ooze out of my face?" That sounded a little mean, but I was in a bad mood and didn’t feel like a conversation while my chin was turning into a red waterfall.

Mickey knew this, he was getting good at reading my moods since he was practically my shadow. "You’re gonna need stitches, and get it cleaned or else it’ll get infected." He tore off a piece of the black robe we took before leaving the castle and began to clean my wound. I would’ve thanked him for it but I wasn’t exactly in a ‘jump for joy’ mood.

"I thought you would’ve been a little more surefooted than that Riku."

Great, someone saw me fall, and it wasn’t just any someone, it had to be DiZ. This guy gave me a chill every time I saw him. He reminded me to much of, well, him, but then he didn’t smell evil. He didn’t smell good either, not meaning he stank, just that he didn’t smell of the light. But he did say he ‘walked in the twilight’ as I do. Maybe that’s what it means, a combination of light and dark. Anyway, I turned to the bondage freak and snapped, "What are you? My stalker?"

This caused Mickey to giggle but he stopped when DiZ shot him a cold look. Well, eye, since his entire face, instead of his left eye and mouth, was covered in some sort of red bandage tape. He moved his orange eye from the king to my shape leaned over on the ground, holding the piece of cloth up to my chin. "I’m not your stalker, I am your observer," he said. This guy’s a freak! And I’m supposed to do what he says. Wait, what he says, he’s not giving me orders!

I shot up, which wasn’t a good idea. I guess I had lost more blood than I thought because I began to see a world of fuzz and felt woozy. I gathered my composure though and spat out, "So I’m a science experiment?"

"You were to Vexen," he shot back.

That left me speechless. I was and experiment and hated Vexen for it. He made an exact copy of me, yeah, created it but I was the one who had to kill him. "What are you thinking?"

He looked up at me with this pathetic smile, do I really look that helpless at times, and gasped, "I’m a fake, everything about me is fake. So where does my heart go now? Will I just. . .disappear?" I didn’t have an answer for him, or me, or whatever he was. I just said that it will probably go where mine goes. . .and he just looked at me and laughed before he took his final breath.

"Riku?" That squeaky voice brought me out of my state of mind. I looked down to find Mickey staring up at me. "Are you alright pal?"

I smiled, I didn’t want him to worry. After all, he did save my life, sorta. "I-I’m fine, don’t worry." I looked back up to continue arguing with DiZ just to find the guy had disappeared. What is it with people and leaving in a flash before you’re finished talking with them? Well, I guess I did that to Sora a lot when I was, well, lets just say ‘lost’.

"Where’d he go?" Mickey asked. He began to move his head in every direction that it could possibly go. I laughed at him a little, and you would to if you saw a giant rat moving a head the size of a beach ball with ears three times bigger than that. He stopped and moved around, trying not to trip, which was quite a task for him at the moment. Half-way, well, there really wasn’t a "half-way" if you’ve been traveling on a road that goes on forever, Mickey turned to face me and ran back. Out of breath he gasped, "I-I wish I c-could remember where I’ve seen him before."

"Maybe he’s just one of those people?" I said, shrugging. He did seem familiar, but I’d rather not think of who he reminds me of. He was gone, right? Or at least in submission since he’s still in the darkness of my heart.

Mickey put is finger to his lip and raised an eye-brow. I’ve learned that this is his "thinking face", and not to disturb him while in it or he’d freak. He made this horrible screeching noise which caused me to jump, "I KNOW WHERE I’VE SEEN HIM!"

"That’s great! Just don’t scream like that again!" God! What was he, a freaking five-year-old?

His face changed to a weird, nervous smile, "Ah, you wouldn’t be interested. . ."

"You’d be surprised," This was getting old. He was trying to hide something from me, I could tell.

He backed away, waving his hands around like he could fan away my suspicions. He let out a laugh and said, "N-no," he stuttered, "r-really, It’s no one you’d know any. . .hey!"

By this time I had walked, or more like rushed, up to him and grabbed him by his saucer shaped ears, "Mickey. . ." I said in a threatening tone.

He began to struggle in my grip and was becoming harder to hold onto when he cried, "Alright. Alright! . .I’ll tell you," he paused, "BUT YOU WON’T LIKE IT!" I had to let go of him to cover my ears, and you would to if you heard a sound like an eraser board being scratched was screaming in your ear.

He stood back and took in a deep breath.

"Well?!" I was becoming impatient, crossing my arms and tapping my foot like someone’s mom does when their child did something wrong, and that was lame.

He looked at me like he was on death row. Damn it! He had to give me that look. If Kairi were here she’d probably go on about "you leave him alone!" or "aw, he’s so cute!" and then make a face at me and punch my arm. It didn’t hurt but it made me feel bad because I’d made her mad. I sighed and looked at my partner, "Fine, you don’t have to tell me." Damn, I hate it when I give in. Is that why I lost to Sora, because I felt guilty fighting my friend?



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Mar 16, 2005
Okay, this is the second ch. in Twilit Road, I hope you guys are liking this....:p

What will you make me choose now?
Do you take the road to the light . . . or the dark?

Neither, I'm taking the middle road.

You mean the twilit road to dusk?

No . . . to dawn . . .

What a stupid idea. Why do I have to be so stubborn? Oh well, the other two couldn't have been anymore exciting, seeing since there's only road and grass. . . I'M GONNA GO CRAZY!

"You okay pal?"

"Huh?" Mickey's voice startled me. I didn't really notice him that much unless one of his giant black ears obstructed my view.

"I asked, are you okay? Your doing it again! You know, thinking to hard will give you a monsterous headache." Mickey looked up at me with a smiling face. I guess I wasn't talking as much as usual but when you've been walking along the same dirt road in the same scenery for four days straight you kinda run out of subjects to talk about.

"Yeah," I coughed, "I'm fine, just . . . thinking."

"Let me see your chin." He demanded. I lowered my face so he could examine the small cut under my lip. It had gotten amazingly smaller in a very short time. I guess having the powers of darkness isn't so bad if you can heal faster than superman. I guess my progress with my wound pleased him enough to where I could raise and start walking again, him hoping along the way, down the same road and the same path. Did I mention how similar everything looked? I did, oh, it must have slipped my mind.

I was almost starting to miss Castle Oblivion, at least every room was different! It was a fight getting me to leave too, and I'll tell you why. Is it just me or is it an extremely stupid idea to leave the guy that's got so many enemies he made Malificent seem like the most popular woman who ever lived. Letting a girl whom I know alone to protect that said hero along with his two friends in a castle that was just occupied by a bunch of crazy, gothic psychoes. Plus, and this is funny too, having that crazy ass Ansem able to come out in that room . . . or do I have to be there for that to work? Ah, this is making my head hurt along with getting me in a bad mood so I'm gonna change the subject. I guess she'll be okay, she is a witch after all.

I had to stop to catch my breath. We'd been walking since dawn . . . well, at least I think it was dawn. It's hard to tell when all the different worlds have different solar systems. But hey! Lifes pretty good if you're going down a road that only has one direction. Before I knew it, Mickey had ran up beside me again. I guessed he's still worried about the whole "Ansem inside my heart" thing. How come the bad guys never actually die? I guess it's because I'm not the hero of the story, oh, I made myself sad.

"Riku, are you sure you don't wanna call it a day?" Mickey was under me. It was funny if you thought about it; the sight of this small ball of fuzz doing circles around a small army of Heartless. I used to underestimate him myself but a few bumps on the head taught me that leason a long time ago.

Well, the next thing I knew I was on the being pulled down to the ground by the tiny, fuzzy powerhouse until I was eye level with him and sitting on my butt. He put his gigantic gloved hand over my forehead and frowned, "Riku!"

I struggled out of his reach and tried to get up again, only to find my butt being rammed again into the dirt to where I was once again in a position that I was staring up at him. "What was that for?!" I screamed at him, agravation flowing through my words like blood inside a vein.

"Riku, will you sit still! I think you've got a fever!" Appearently he was more obsurbant than I thought. I tried to get up again but he pulled me down quicker by my robe, causing my knees to buckle. Maybe he was right, I could usually pull away when I wanted to from Mickey but now my head was spinning and his face was becoming blurry. "Riku?" His voice was getting harder to hear. Great, just what I need right now. I skewented my eyes in an attempt to see him better. His face was scrunched up making a face like a frown mixed with a five year old's about to cry. It was kinda funny but I knew if I laughed it would just make him mad. "I'm tired of watching you wear yourself out! You're making me tired just watching you!" He screamed, which was a painful thing to witness due to his squeaky, mousy voice . . if mice had voices, that is.

"Well, you don't have to worry abou . . . Hey!" Before I could finish my sentence Mickey had pushed me down to the ground, causing me to lay on my back, "WILL YOU GET OFF OF ME?!" He covered my mouth and made that 'shh' noise that you make when you want someone to shut up. "What. . . ?"

"Shh! Someone's out there."

He let me raise enough to where I could see behind myself. The few trees taht were in the field were blowing in the wind. The air was blowing at the back of us, so I couldn't pick up anyone's scent. "How do you know someone is there?" I asked in a hush, fast voice.

"Yeah," he paused, "I'm positive because I wouldn't have brought it up unless I knew."

"And why is that?"

"Because you would've called me paranoid or crazy or something."

"Oh yeah." Then I knew he wasn't making it up. I heard a strange whistling noise and no, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the wind so don't even try that excuse. It sounded almost like a voice . . . .

"LOOK OUT!" But I didn't, instead I felt a bone-shattering pain in the back of my head and then the world became darker and fuzzy. I saw Mickey draw his keyblade . . . "Sora . . . ?"

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Jan 11, 2005
*gasp* that was sooo good! i love it! plz write more soon! i LOVE how you describe everything, especially how you put the perspective from inside Riku's thoughts and stuff. thats so kewlio!!!! YEY! more, more, mooooore! *how i love Riku fanfics!!! ROK ON!* XD


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Mar 16, 2005
Lucky No. 13

My head felt like a ton of lead, and because of this that was the wittest remark I could come up with. Where was I? It was so dark, I couldn't really see anything.

"I wish he'd open his eyes."

That would explain it. When I finally did open them there were two giant black and white eyes staring back at me, "Aah!"

"Riku! Riku! Calm down, it's me, Mickey!" Of course it was, but he didn't have to be so close to my face that he looked like one of those cyclopse things! Frustrated, I sat up from whatever I was laying on and shook my head. Bad move because everytime I shook it little spikes of pain would travel from the top of my head down and travel down my spinal cord, causing my vision to blurr. I was about to fall over when Mickey lunged his arms and caught me before my head collided with whatever the floor was made of.

"Wow, nice catch!"

Who the hell was that? Mickey gave a nervous giggle but stopped when I shot him a cold look that almost rivaled DiZ's, and that scared me. Anyway, after staring down the king of all rodents, I turned to see who gave him the compliment. It was another member of the Orginization (now that you think about it, that's a really gay name). Anyway, this had to be a kid because he was at least one foot shorter than me. He had his bangs hanging down in his face so I couldn't really tell what his face looked like, what's with these guys and covering their faces? How do they see? He had his arms crossed and the only part of his face you could see, his mouth, was cracked into a smug grin, kind of like . . . no, that was stupid, he's still at that castle, taking a nap. Namine would've told me if he'd waken up, wouldn't she?

"Well, are you just going to stare at me or are you going to ask me who I am?"

I, being the smartass I am, turned my head and said, "Let me guess, you must be the guy that takes the Grim Reaper's place when he's on vacation?"

His little smirk vanished and he grimmaced, but soon found that annoying smile again. I never noticed how much it got on my nerves, I wonder if I'd ever lashed out at Sora for it? He looked at me and said, "Come now, we're both adults, go on and ask me my name, introductions are my favorite part of this job."

"When did I become an 'adult'?"

Mickey laughed at me and so did the other. The king decided to join in the conversation, "Riku, this guy saved us. Well, sorta. Actually, he thought he'd saved me. You see, he's the one that . . ."

"Wacked you in the back of the head." DiZ had done his little whodeney trick and appeared right behind the jerk that was responsible for my headsplitting headache.

"Since when do you say 'wacked'?" I asked, getting to my feet, which was a hard process that I failed several times in attempting. Sora and Wakka would've had a field day with that little act. I was trying to get my balance when Mickey hit me in the leg (the only part he could reach at the moment) and whispered, "Stop being a smarty-briches!"

"Well, now that you two are together, I can give you new orders." DiZ looked from side to side then frowned when he looked at me, "Riku, you're supposed to have you head, if not your face, covered."

I flipped my hair with one of my hands, "But I just love to feel the breeze."

DiZ smiled like he knew a dirty secret that everyone else knew except me, "Fine, but don't say you were not warned." Then he put on his 'business face' as Mickey would call it and began to give us our new orders. "You three are to work together from now on, is that understood?"

"What! Are you crazy? This kid just about knocked my head off!"

"Well, maybe if you weren't so afraid of the dark you would've know I was there."

"What did you say?" I said through clenched teeth. Mickey grabbed my leg and pulled me down to the ground in an attempt to prevent the beating that I was about to give this cocky, cloaked wearing freak.

"Guys, if . . we're . . going . . to work . . together . . RIKU WILL YOU STOP IT!"

Him shouting at me surprised me; he's never really shouted at me before. Sure, if I teased him but this sounded like he was really mad at me, not just playing around. I stopped moving and he released my leg. DiZ turned around and disappeared, much to my dismay, I wanted to take out my frustration on him a bit more, if not with my fist then with my mouth . . . and I mean with words, got it?

"He's pretty good at that, isn't he?" I'd forgotten that kid was still here. I looked up to find him playing with some long metal object. Then I remembered what it was.

"How did you get that?!" I jumped up and pined him against something, a wall or a tree, I couldn't really tell. The instant movement of my body caused my head to fill with dizziness and disorentment, but I didn't care! This guy was holding the Keyblade Kairi had given Sora, that Oath-thingy. Sora thought up some pretty lame names for those things.

"What do you mean, 'how did you get that?' It's mine!" He renched out of my grip and pushed me back. Bad move for him 'cause now I was really mad and didn't care if I couldn't see him. Reguardless, he was going to get hurt.

I tackled the punk down to the ground, rolled him over and drew my Soul Eater, leveling it to his throat. He swallowed, making that gulping noise, what was he, a cartoo . . . nevermind, Mickey would get mad if I said it out loud. Anyway, (I say that a lot) speaking of him, Mickey ran over to me and pushed me off with his Keyblade and help the other up. "Riku! What's wrong with you?"

"That's Sora's! How did that punk get it?"

"I was given it, by some girl with red hair!"


"ENOUGH!" Mickey shouted, causing the whole world to go quiet and making him blush. I guess he wasn't used to raising his voice, "Enough, come on you guys, we're supposed to work together, DiZ sai . . . "

"Who gives a damn what DiZ said! I'm only here so I can, so I can . . . " For the first time I'd realized I had no idea why I was still going on. Why was I doing this? It didn't matter what I did, Sora was the hero, right? I'd just get in the way or make things worse.

"So you can what, try to throw the worlds into darkness again?" The asshole turned his head up and stared into the sky. He'd gotten really quiet but when he next spoke his voice sounded broken, like he was about to cry, " Because of you and you freakin' master Ansem I lost everyone, my mom, dad, everybody!"

I looked down; he was right. It was my fault that so many things were happening, all because I wanted to get off that sandy prison known as my home, and now that's all I wanted to return to. I sighed, "What's your name?"


"You heard me," then I said again, "what's your name?"

"No. 13."

"You ass . . ."

Mickey's head popped up, "That's good enough! I wanna be number . . . ah . . . 12!" Then he looked at me, "Please stop the potty mouth."

I sighed again, "Fine, but I'm not going to be a number."

13 laughed, "Oh, but you already are. You're 0, remember?"

I gritted my teeth but let it go. I did destroy this kid's home after all.

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Mar 16, 2005
Ch. 4: The Doped Up Fruit

"Yeah, it was pretty cool . . . ." The endless sound of 13's voice kept talking and talking. This kid wouldn't shut up! I don't even think he needed to breathe, just to have someone there to permenintly talk there ears off! Of course, none of this bothered Mickey one bit, in fact, the little runt enjoyed it! I guess I wasn't that great of company as this pint-sized king thought. They were the perfect match actually, since they both seemed to never shut up! They were laughing uncontrollably at something and Mickey tripped over his own shoe laces. I turned around to catch the ball of fuzzy before he hit the ground. "You guys are pretty good at catching each other," 13 was bent over, examining Mickey.

I swang my hand around and almost came in contact with my target but he dodged it by a hair, "Yeah, well, whatever." Is that really the best I could come up with? Well, I was on the brink of insanity thanks to the male version of Selphie, no wait, this guy was even more annoying her! That's how bad it was!

"Riku? HEY! ARE YOU IN THERE?" Mickey yelled into my ear. I dropped him out of my hands and onto the cobble-stone walkway we were, wait, cobble-stone?

"Where on a . . ."

"Wow, he's finally realized we're in a different place your majest. . oh, sorry, Mickey," 13 began to laugh and I helped Mickey back up, my ears still ringing. So that's what they were laughing at, me. Oh well, I didn't care, there was no more green field or dirt road but tall buildings and walkways, and yes, people! We somehow had walked into this city without me even giving it a second look. There were those buggy-store things that you see in movies of a castle courtyard or something like that. There were carts with these strange looking melon things that smelled like an old boot, and what was worse, 13 went right up to the guy with the cart and bought one.

He walked towards me and I turned my back to him, "There is no way I'm gonna . . ."

"You haven't eaten in days, come on! I know this place, they taste better than they smell." He smiled at me, eyes still covered so I couldn't tell if it was a trick or if he was actually being nice.

"So how come you didn't offer it to Mickey first?"

"I'd already eaten something when we came in!" He squeaked.

Damn, now I couldn't tell if he too was in on 13's little prank. I mean, I have a right not to trust the punk, he wouldn't even give me his damned name! But . . . I was kinda hungry, and I couldn't see anything else that looked anything remotely like food, so I grabbed the shoe smelling fruit and examined it.

It had a green, yellowish skin, kinda like a grass stain color with little red stripes running down it vertically and blue poke-a-dots. The smell was even worse when you held it in your hands, making my eyes water. This really sucked, and of course it's just my luck that I notice we're in a town before I could see if they had any apples or something.

I took a deep breath and put the thing to my mouth. When I bit into it this cold juice ran down my mouth and into my throat. It tasted like a peach and a lemon put together, if you think that tastes good or not. Well, if you hadn't eaten for about six days you'd think it tasted pretty damn good too! I looked up, I hated when people watched me eat. I don't know why but even at Destiny Island I wouldn't eat unless someone else was too. I could remember this picnic Kairi had wanted to put together but I had to stay after school for a while (and you don't have to know why, alright) and got there late. Everyone else had already eaten and were sitting next to a fire by the shore line when she and Sora noticed me. I was starving and my parents wouldn't be home since it was 'their' night and I wouldn't have any dinner. Anyway, they ran up to me and Sora was holding a hotdog he'd made for me, shoving it into my hand. "Go on," he said, "eat up! I know you're hungry!" Kairi giggled at the dumbfound look I gave Sora as I switched my view from him to the hotdog. I was hesitating and I guess Kairi knew why because she'd ran off to the other's and grabbed a small chocolate cake and said, "Let's dig in!" with the biggest smile she'd ever given me.

"Pretty good, isn't it?"

13's voice snapped me out of my memories. He was smiling and Mickey was staring at me with the most anxious look I'd ever seen anyone make. And for the first time since we'd met, I actually laughed. I laughed at their faces. I laughed because I was happy they were with me. I laughed because . . . because I wasn't alone.

"Is he feeling okay?" 13 said, looking down at Mickey.

"WHAT DID YOU GIVE HIM?" He answered, freaking out at my burst of laughter.

And that only made it worse, I couldn't stop. My eyes were watering and I felt like I was going to piss myself, and that was awful. I didn't notice, but I'd dropped the fruit I was eating. Mickey jumped on it and shoved it in 13's face, going on about how 'awful he was for poising me' and 'what is this thing anyway?'. Then 13 started to laugh, followed by Mickey, who had thrown the thing as far as his tiny arms could.

We'd heard something breaking, like a window, and then the angry shouts of a man and started to run. I smirked down at Mickey and said, "Gee, that wasn't very nice. Do they always break windows with doped up fruit in your Kingdom?"

"Really Your Highness, you must show some self control!" 13 teased. Mickey was blushing as he ran, looking back at the poor guy who's window he'd just broken.

"SORRY! I'LL PAY YOU BACK, SOME HOW!" He shouted to the man as we rounded a corner.

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