A Nice Thought

Oct 20, 2009
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After watching the seeds of hope cutscene for the first time I didn't think much of it. Ava was leaving the Realm of Light in the hands of the Keyblade wielders in the event something bad happened. And since we know the Keyblade War does happen, and the worlds are the way they are in the other games, it's safe to say seeds of hope fulfilled their purpose (either by protecting the worlds, or keeping the children whose light was used to build them safe, probably a little of both if I had to say). But after playing Unchained X[chi] for a little while, and watching the scene where Skuld mentioned Ephemera and no one wanting to be in a party with her. And that got me thinking about the game itself, since she mentioned a feature that was in it, and the seeds of hope. So here me out,

What if we're the seeds of hope?

And I don't mean just the people who have played the versions of X[chi], I mean all of us fans. Because, in a way, aren't we the ones who built the world of Kingdom Hearts and protected it? Without us supporting the series Square would've let it die like so many other franchises. I could be completely wrong, and the scene is just there to explain how the worlds survive, but I think the player being there with Ava adds a little credibility to this idea. But I do like this idea, and think it would be a nice little nod to all the fans who have supported Kingdom Hearts over the years.