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Fanfiction ► A New Journey

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Maverick E.S

Apr 8, 2007
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thanks guys. im gonna see if i can type up the second chapter tonight.

maverick that characters really cool! hopefully before this story ends i can get a pic of Jess up.

tank ya lol it took me awhile to get him drawn right tho....can't wait for chapter 4 and the org. 13 appearances and stuff
Mar 29, 2007
where all surrounding chaos stands still
okay everyone. since im halfway done with my report (WOO!) i've decided to write chapter 4 and continue after my report is finished. hope you like it!

Chapter 4: Nightmares and Visitors

Jess woke up with a cold sweat; her body was shaking and her eyes were wide open. It was dark in the room and she couldn’t see if anyone was there. Her heart was pounding and her breath was heavy.

Jess’s nightmare scared her half to death. Everything that happened reoccurred in her mind.

She was running through a thick forest, running from someone. Tripping on the roots that came out of the ground, she hurried along the unmarked road, not looking where she was going. Jess tripped on a rock and fell flat on her face. She looked up to the shadow of a man looking down at her. All she heard was a woman’s hysterical laughter as the man’s shadow raised a gun at her heart.

Jess then recognized the laugh: Maleficent.

It’s been almost a week since the incident; Jess has made a full recovery thanks to Merlin. There wasn’t even a scar left from the bullet that lunged into her body. She heard footsteps coming towards her out of the darkness, and she pulled the blanket over her head and closed her eyes, hoping that no one would notice her.

Jess heard a noise and looked up to see Sora holding the blanket with worried eyes. She breathed a sigh of relief as Sora sat down on the bed.

“I heard you scream. Are you okay?”

“I screamed?” She didn’t realize that she was screaming; her heart was pounding too loud.

“Yeah, it lasted for a minute or so. You…you don’t look so good,” Sora said.

“I’m fine. Just a nightmare.”

Sora looked confused. Jess reassured him that everything was okay.

“Well, Donald and Goofy are already at the Bailey to see Leon. We should catch up.”

Jess hopped out of bed and went with Sora. When they got there, Leon showed that they had some problems in Hollow Bastion.

“We’ll take care of it,” Sora said. Leon smiled and looked at Jess, who was unaware that she still looked a little pale.

“So, Leon. Have you heard of Organization XIII? Yen Sid mentioned them when we were at his castle. He says we should be careful around them,” Sora said.

“Now, why would you need to be careful?” a voice asked.

They all looked around to see that no one was there. But something caught the corner of Sora’s eye that made him run out to the balcony. Jess and the others followed.

There were six mysterious-looking people standing on a ledge across from the balcony. They wore black robes with hoods hiding their faces. Sora knew who they were right away: The Organization.

Sora’s Keyblade was in his hand, ready to attack. Jess, Donald, and Goofy also summoned their weapons.

“You can put those away. We’re not here to fight, yet,” one of the men said.

“What do you want?” Donald yelled.

All the men did was laugh, and one by one they disappeared. Donald ran down the stairs to go after them, but one of the hooded people appeared.

“What now?” Sora demanded.

“Didn’t anyone teach you manners?” asked the man. This one was different from the voice Sora heard on the ledge.

Sora raised his Keyblade towards the man. Jess prepared to attack as well as Donald stood in front of the man and Goofy hid behind his shield.

“Be good now,” said the man, and disappeared.

Sora rolled his eyes. Jess looked at him, then back to where the man was just standing. So many confusing thoughts ran through her head.

Sora turned to Leon. “Well, anyways, we got to be going. Other worlds need our help. If you hear anything at all, let us know.”

Leon nodded. “Will do.” He then turned to Jess and walked up to her. He put his hand on her forehead. “You’re warm.”

“Oh…really? I don’t feel sick,” Jess lied.

Leon just looked at her. “How many years have I known you? I’d think I’d know when something’s wrong. Tell me.”

“I just had a nightmare, that’s all. No biggie.”

Leon didn’t look convinced. “You’re sure?”

Jess hesitated before answering. “Positive”.

“Fine. Just remember you have friends with you. They’re there for you, as you do the same,” Leon said.

Jess nodded her head, then turned to Sora. “So, where to next?”

Sora shrugged. “Wherever we’re needed.”

“Then let’s go!” Donald said. Goofy laughed as he and Donald went to the gummi ship.

“See ya, Leon!” Sora said.

Leon waved as Sora and Jess ran after the others.


Standing on a rooftop watching Sora and the others board their ship, a man in black robes studied Sora. He was curious to see what has become of him; he hasn’t seen him in so long…

As Sora’s ship left Hollow Bastion, the man stood up and disappeared into a black hole.

What’s coming up in Chapter 5: Sora and company arrive in China and is acquainted by Mulan, or Ping. They join the Imperial Army and help protect the Emperor. But when a member of the Organization is threatening the Emperor, it’s up to Sora and the gang to help Mulan become a hero amongst China.


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Nov 17, 2006
awsome, i injoying every one you do and i am allway looking forward to the next ^^


Mar 27, 2007
That was a great chapter like the others that you have already done keep it up!
Mar 29, 2007
where all surrounding chaos stands still
okay everyone. looong chapter. but i hope you like it <3

Chapter 5: The Land of the Dragons

Sora and the gang arrive in a new world called China. They end up in a bamboo forest not too far from the Imperial City. Upon their arrival, Goofy spots a creepy looking shadow on a giant rock, and standing next to it was a person.

Donald leaped ahead to shock this creature with Thunder, but all he shocked was a small creature, who jumped into the person’s arms.

Sora rolled his eyes and stepped out towards the person. “Sorry about that. He didn’t mean to scare—Mushu?”

The small creature looked up at Sora and his friend. “Sora! When did you guys get here?”

“Not too long ago. Who’s this?” Sora asked, pointing to the person.

“I’m Mula—I, I mean, Ping. My name is Ping,” the strange boy said.

Jess eyed Ping curiously, then gave a sly smile.

“So, Ping. What are you doing here?” Donald asked.

“Joining the Imperial Army. Well, I’m being drafted,” Ping answered.

“Why would you be drafted? I thought only men were forced into the army,” Jess answered.

“Hold up a second. Jess, you’re telling me that Ping is…a girl?” Sora asked.

“What’s wrong with being a girl?! And, yes, Ping is a girl. Sorry, but I could kinda tell. These three, on the other hand, didn’t notice. You’ll be safe as long as there’s no other women down at camp,” Jess said.

“There isn’t going to be any women. They can’t join the army at all. That’s why Ping, I mean Mulan, is dressed like a man,” Mushu explained. “Which means, if you guys want to join…” They all looked at Jess.

“Uh-oh. How am I gonna get in? Do we even have anything so I can disguise myself?” Jess asked.

“I have an extra pair of clothes you could use, I guess. They’re back in the ship,” Sora said.

Jess sighed as she walked back to the ship to change. When she was finished, she looked in the mirror to see that the sweatshirt was huge on here, and Sora’s shorts were almost capris; they ended just above her knees. But she was pleased with the fact that the clothes could make her pass as a boy. Then she realized her hair! It was too long to be a boy’s length. Jess realized that Sora used a hat once and went looking for it. She pulled most of her hair up into the hat, leaving parts of her hair in her face. Perfect.

When Jess came out of the ship, Sora, Donald, and Goofy all started laughing histerically at Jess and how much she looked like a boy. She just glared at them and started walking towards the camp while they continued to laugh.

At the camp grounds, the group met Captain Shang, who gave them orders to head out towards top of the Summit to prepare for their next mission. About a half an hour later, they were all at the top of the Summit.

“So far, you two are doing a good job hiding your real identities,” Goofy said.

“Let’s just keep it that way,” Mulan laughed.

Shang walked towards them, and their conversation ceased at that moment. “There were reports from the village that they saw Shan-Yu walking around the area. Men, watch yourselves,” he said.

But just then an arrow struck Shang’s shoulder, taking his breathe away. Sora looked up to the top of the mountain to see a large, shady figure standing there with a bunch of heartless!

“Shan-Yu!” Mulan cried. Thinking fast, Mulan grabbed a cannon and aimed it for the top of the mountain. Mushu lit the cannon on fire, but realizing at the last moment that it wasn’t aimed at Shan-Yu, jumped onto the cannon and got blasted with it. All of a sudden, all the snow from the top came down, causing an avalanche heading right towards them!

Sora grabbed Jess’s arm and they all ran to the side to avoid the avalanche. Mulan followed, but noticed that Shang was still in the way of the snow! She ran back to retrieve Shang and bring him to safety. Mulan was able to save Shang just before the oncoming snow came at them. Breathing heavily, Shang looked up at the man who he knew to be Ping.

“You saved me. Thank you,” he said. “I owe you my life.”

“No. All that matters is that my captain is safe,” Mulan said, smiling.

Sora and Jess started to get up off the ground, when Jess’s hat came off, revealing her long, brown hair. She freaked out, rushing to get the hat back on; but it was too late. Shang was watching the entire time.
“A woman! I cannot believe this. You all lied to me! To China! Have you no shame?” Shang yelled. He walked towards Jess when Mulan jumped in front of him with her arms blocking him.

“Ping! What are you doing? Do you not see that this imposture has broken the law of China?”

“Yes. And—I have as well,” Mulan said, slowly taking her helmet off to reveal her hair as well. Shang was shocked even more. Two women in his troops?

“I would assume, Ping if that’s your name, that you know the consequences more than this one over here,” Shang said, pointing at Jess.

“Yes, sir,” Mulan said with her voice shaking.

Sora continued to stare at Mulan. He was scared for her; he was scared for Jess.

“The punishment for a woman joining the army…is death,” Shang said sternly.

Sora and Jess looked at each other in shock. Donald gasped and Goofy shrieked.

“Leave now! My debt is repaid,” Shang ordered. And he was gone.

Mulan turned to the others. “I am so sorry, everyone. Especially you, Jess. I should have told you what could have happened. Please, forgive me.”

“Of course I will, Mulan. It isn’t your fault. You did this for your family, for your world. I would have done the same,” Jess said.

“Thank you,” Mulan said, whipping the tears away from her eyes. “It’s nice to have such wonderful friends like you guys.”

Suddenly, a noise interrupted their conversation. Shan-Yu popped out of the snow on the cliff below them, and started to run towards the Imperial City.

“We have to warn Shang!” Goofy exclaimed. “Let’s go!”

They ran as fast as they could to get to the Imperial City, slashing heartless along the way. Not long after, Shang appeared a few yards away from them. Mulan tried calling out to him, but he simply ignored her.

“Please, stop! Shan-Yu is alive and heading this way!” she yelled.

“That is enough! Your lies are not welcome here. Return to your home, now!” Shang said.

Then Shan-Yu appeared out of no where in front of them. He was yards away from the front doors of the Emperor’s home. Shang turned to Mulan, then back to the man. He then started running after them, with Sora and company following.

They reached the front steps, but it was too late. Shan-Yu had the Emperor at his mercy. But Sora was holding his Keyblade, ready to attack. Mushu jumped off of Mulan’s shoulder and started to distract Shan-Yu while Shang got the Emperor safely away from harm. Sora and Mulan headed in for the attack, slashing their weapons at Shan-Yu. Jess joined a second later, dodging Shan-Yu’s eagle by flipping into the air. The fight lasted a while, but soon enough Sora and Mulan defeated Shan-Yu together. The darkness in Shan-Yu’s heart caused him to fade away, permanently ceasing him to exist. The kingdom was saved.

The Emperor approached Mulan. “Fa Mulan, I have heard so much of you. You ran away from home to replace your father in the army, disguised yourself as a man, and put my kingdom in danger. For that…I thank you,” he said.

Mulan stared at him in shock. “Your…welcome, your grace,” she stuttered. From behind the Emperor, she could see Shang smiling at her.

“Mulan…” he muttered to himself.

Mulan then turned to Sora. “Thank you everyone. I couldn’t have done this without you guys.”

“It’s no problem,” Sora said. Jess smiled at Mulan, who gave her a big hug and a thanks as well.

“Hey, hey, hey! What about me? Don’t I get any thanks? I’m your guardian, Mulan! I’m the one that prepared you for this!” Mushu yelled.

“Of course, Mushu. You deserve the biggest thanks of all,” Mulan said.

Mulan and Shang went with Sora and the gang back to the ship to say good-bye. They told them that they were welcome to come back at any time. With that, the four friends boarded their gummi ship and were headed off to a new world.

What’s coming up in Chapter 6: Sora and co. arrive at Disney Castle to find that the Cornerstone of Light has suddenly disappeared. With that, they must travel back to the past to retrieve it. But how far back are they willing to go?
Mar 29, 2007
where all surrounding chaos stands still
i'm planning to do random worlds from KHII with my own ideas put into it. i'll reveal what im doing for my next chapter: Disney Castle. you know when Merlin appears w/ that door that leads to the past? im making that room into a corridor filled with a bunch of rooms where Sora and co. have to choose what time in the past they want to travel to.

Maverick E.S

Apr 8, 2007
In the rain
Job well done so far keep it up



The Dual Wielding Heartless....Niklos
Mar 29, 2007
where all surrounding chaos stands still
i know. double posting. but i gotta get this chapter up. here it is! (sorry it took so long)

Chapter 6: Visiting the Past

Sora and the gang arrived at a tall, white castle with beautiful gardens surrounding it. Donald and Goofy jumped out of the gummi ship before it even landed, and started to run to the front doors. Jess and Sora just looked at each other and laughed.

“Guess they’re excited to be finally home,” Jess said.

“I don’t blame them. It’s been so long since any of us have been home,” Sora said.

“Hey, at least you have a home. Traverse Town is just where I grew up. My home world is gone,” Jess said sadly.

Sora walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. “I promise you, you’ll be home soon. In your real home, with your family.”

Jess just laughed. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Sora.”

“I’m serious! I’ll get you home.”

Jess rolled her eyes and smiled. She ran ahead to catch up with Donald and Goofy. Sora ran after her into the large castle.

Sora found Jess, Donald, and Goofy in the library looking around at the different books. Pictures hung of the ancestors of the King and a broomstick was cleaning the floors. After a minute, the Queen walked in to greet them.

“I need you to come with me. Something has happened in the Hall of the Cornerstone. The room is covered in dark thorns!” the Queen said.

“Thorns?” Donald asked.

“Where’d they come from, Your Majesty?” Goofy asked.

“That’s just it! I don’t know. I walked down there this morning, and they just suddenly appeared,” the Queen said. “Please, follow me.”

They all followed the Queen down a long corridor to a purple door. The door opened and they traveled another long pathway to the King’s throne. The throne magically moved to the side and revealed a small staircase into another room. When Sora arrived in the small room, he spotted a sphere with a ball of white light inside it. But when he looked around, thorns covered the entire room.

“Who would do this?” Goofy asked.

“The Organization?!” Donald yelled.

“I doubt it. They aren’t—’’ Jess started. She whirled around and looked around the room with cautious eyes.

“What is it?” Sora asked.

“I thought I saw someone in black robes.”

“So it is the Organization!” Donald said.

“No, these robes were different; they looked really familiar…” Jess said. Just then a fit of laughter filled the room. Jess’s eyes widened. She knew that laugh…she’s heard it somewhere before…

“Maleficent!” Goofy screamed.

But it wasn’t the real Maleficent. This Maleficent was translucent, almost like a ghost. She kept staring at Jess, who wielded her sword, ready to attack.

“Don’t even try it. You’ll waste the time you have left to live trying to defeat me,” Maleficent laughed.

“How are you back?” Goofy asked.

“That’s none of your business. All that matters is that I’m back and stronger than ever!”

Jess started to run towards Maleficent, but Sora ran ahead of her and stopped her before she could get any closer. Jess ran into his arms, struggling to get past, but Sora was stronger than her, and he pushed her back until she calmed down. Maleficent laughed the whole time, then disappeared.

“What will we do?” the Queen asked.

A puff of blue smoke filled the air just then and Merlin emerged in front of them. “I heard the trouble and came as soon as I could. I know exactly what to do.”

Merlin waved his wand and summoned a silver door in the middle of the floor. “All you have to do, Sora, is go back into the past and stop Maleficent from getting to the Castle grounds. Simple, yes?”

“Sounds it,” Sora said.

“But beware. Being in the past may cause you to think to change what happens in the future. You must resist this desire at all costs! Understand?” Merlin asked.

The four of them nodded, and Donald walked over to open the door. The gang walked inside to see a room full of a bunch of doors similar to the one they just walked through. Which one to choose?

Goofy randomly chose one door and opened it to reveal a world completely black and white. “This isn’t it…”

Donald then walked to the door next to him and opened it, showing a world where buildings were starting to form. It was no longer black and white. “Is it just me, but does this place look similar to yours?” Donald asked, pointing to Goofy’s door.

“Ya know Donald, I think you’re right!” Goofy said.

Sora then walked down a few doors down from them, and opened it to where a white castle was being built. He stood there, puzzled.

“Ohh, I get it!” Jess said. “It’s the history of this world. Where it all began to where it is today. They’re different time zones of this world.”

“That’s so cool!” Sora said. He then walked down to the closest door to where the entrance was on the other side of the room. He slowly opened the door and saw a woman in black robes standing in a white room. Sora then noticed the sphere with light inside it. This had to be Maleficent putting the curse on the castle!

“Guys, come here! And be quiet!” Sora warned. They all watched from the doorway as Maleficent recited a curse on the castle.

“We have to do something now!” Jess said. She then summoned her sword again.

Sora ran into the door with his Keyblade. “Stop right there, Maleficent!”

Maleficent turned around, angered that she was being interrupted cursing the castle. “You think you can stop me?”

“We don’t think, we know!” Goofy yelled.

Jess all of a sudden jumped ahead of them and started attacking Maleficent with no mercy. Maleficent took out her staff and used fire on Jess, who shrieked with pain. “Weak, just like your father,” Maleficent said, pointing her staff at Jess.

Jess couldn’t hold her rage any longer. She avoided Maleficent’s attack and countered with a slash across Maleficent’s stomach, breathing heavily in pain.

Sora started slashing Maleficent with his Keyblade as well, and soon enough Maleficent was on her knees. In her final attempt to take them down, she sent a stream of green fire into the air, causing dozens of fireworks to surround the place. When the fireworks and smoke cleared, Maleficent was gone.

“Come back, you murderer!” Jess yelled. But no one responded.

“Calm down, Jess. It’s over,” Sora said.

Donald and Goofy started for the door and Sora and Jess followed. They then returned to the present to find that all the thorns were gone, showing the white room they just visited in the past. The Queen and Merlin were standing near the Cornerstone of Light, happy that everything was okay.

Sora and company started to head out to the gummi ship when the Queen called after them. She handed Sora a small letter rolled up. “Please, if you ever find him, can you give this to the King?”

“Of course,” Sora said. They all waved good-bye to the Queen and launched off into the sky.

What’s coming up in Chapter 7: Sora and company land in a dark, damp world of Port Royal to be surrounded by a bunch of pirates! But these pirates aren’t your typical, treasure-stealing pirates…
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