A Master's Reprieve



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Nov 2, 2011
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"Do you really think you cared about them, Aqua?" the woman in the large, golden rimmed mirror questioned the blue haired Keyblade wielder.

"I-I tried...who are you?" Aqua said preparing her stance with her late master's keyblade.

The woman chuckled, "Isn't it obvious?" The women then stepped out of the mirror and approached Aqua. Some distortions happened from the appearance of a figure wearing a fox mask with white robes to a gray-haired Aqua copy. The copy then split in two.

"No," Aqua screamed as she was grabbed by her sleeveless blouse by the duo.

The two copies looked at each other with menacing smiles and pulled out two sinister-looking keyblades. "You didn't save us! We fell because of your mistake, master!" The shorter of the two copies said.

The taller copy held onto Aqua's black blouse while the shorter copy pointed the sinister Keyblade, which Aqua came to realize was Voidgear inches from her chest. "You failed us! Some friend and keyblade master you are!"

A sharp pain struck and Aqua went into pitch blackness.


"UGH," Aqua shrieked as she awoke suddenly from that frightful nightmare.

"You were dreaming about them again, weren't you?" a raspy voice called from Aqua's side.

Aqua turned to see a hooded black figure sitting on a boulder. The blue haired Keyblade master sighed and relaxed, knowing that it was her acquaintance, Ansem the Wise. "Yeah," she replied as she pulled out her blue good luck charm.

"You shouldn't be too hard on yourself, Aqua," Ansem said.

"Yeah, I know, I just wish I could have done more," Aqua replied sadly, a tear dropping from her eye onto the charm.

"You did what you could," Ansem interjected.

"Yeah," Aqua shrugged. "I just wish I knew how to get out of here." Aqua stood up and summoned her dead master's keyblade.

"Sora knows the answer," Ansem replied as he stood up and placed a shoulder on her shoulder.

Aqua nodded and approached the mass of black inky sea that sat before them. She placed the keyblade into the sea and watched as Master's Keeper washed away along with the current.


Jan 16, 2012
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A short little thing that could've easily happened. I like this.
Of course the nerd in me wants to point out that Sora finding the Master's Keeper on Destiny Islands shores is non-canon (XD) but I do think this ending with her sending it is a very nice way of ending it.


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Sep 25, 2010
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This was really good, cause I liked how it turned out to be a dream. I certainly don't want that to be Aqua's end! And it feels quite fitting with her late master's keyblade being sent into shore for Sora to find. You nailed the characters really well. And Ansem the Wise being supportive of Aqua is probably my favorite part, because it'd be heartbreaking if she were all alone after dreaming something so awful. Would also love for this to happen in the series as well. C:


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Jul 28, 2008
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This was truly interesting to read. I like that she woke and at least was not alone. It would be interesting if they began discussing the past together while she waits for Sora. Either way, I like the way this was written.