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A Good Platform To Post My -Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far- Movie Series



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Mar 28, 2011
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Well for whomever cares, I ended up finishing my movie! I mixed in some of Re:Mind's cutscenes with the original game (Demyx meeting Riku, Aqua and Ventus' talk with Vanitas with Terranort, and Kairi and Axel's talk with Xemnas), only because I couldn't see why the DLC would change those encounters. I also took out the footage of Riku vs Xigbar and Repliku, as well as Mickey vs Luxord, Larxene, and Marluxia (because literally nothing is different from those cutscenes compared to the original) so it goes from Sora blacking out after fighting Terranort, straight to Terranort's defeat. It ended up being 12:46:49, and over 15GB at 2.7 Mbit/s rate.
Does anybody know a platform I can post this on without it getting taken down? I've already made movies for the other games and have tried to edit them in the best way possible:
KH FM - Sora meeting Xemnas at the appropriate time
KH Re:CoM - Going back and forth between Riku and Sora, and taking out the Disney levels that had nothing to do with the overall plot
KH2 FM - Any and all FM footage
KH 358/2 Days - The DLC update and adding in the copy-written music
KH BBS FM - Going back and forth in the chronological order of Terra, Aqua, and Ventus' journey and the FM footage (including the Mysterious Figure)
KH Re:Coded - (Same as KH 358/2 Days) Adding in the new cutscenes and secret ending
KH3DS - Going back and forth between Sora and Riku's journey chronologically
KHUX Season 1 - (Thank you to KH Insider)
KH Back Cover
KH 0.2
KHUX Season 2
- (Again, thank you KH Insider).
All of these I've tried to make sure don't have any load time screens and cut any credits I thought were gratuitous (without any after story stuff, like 358/2, Re:CoM, Re:Coded, Back Cover, and 0.2)

So basically, what I'm asking is: is there a good site or public access domain that will take large files (GB worth) for people to watch and enjoy without having music copyrighted? I know there are plenty of movies out there, but I think these ones are pretty dang good, and are a good way to just watch your favourite moments uninterrupted (I also kind of want them up in a cloud or something in case my hard drives ever break, so my many hours of work haven't gone to waste).
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Nov 5, 2015
This doesn't answer question at the slightest but i am very interested to seeing this! Please find a way to post it!