A date to remember! A Our KH SoraXKairi two shot fanfic.


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Jun 14, 2009
A date to remember!
An OurKH SoraxKairi two shot

Chapter 1: EarthBound and Getting lucky.

By Lanydx reborn

"Hey Aqua can we talk?"

The brown spiky haired teen hero of the Keyblade looked at his older blue haired Keyblade Master after finishing a round of training. Both were very tired.

"What do you want to talk about Sora?" Aqua asked.

Sora's eyes kept shifting around making sure his best friend Riku, and his girlfriend Kairi weren't around to hear.

"Master Aqua I need tonight off from training!" He requested.

The blue haired woman looked at her student.

"What for Sora? Are you feeling sick, do you need to help you mom with something? Is someone in your family not feeling well? Or is that nasty Nine Tailed Fox acting up again!" Aqua asked worried for her student.

"Bitch if I get free, I'm eating you first!" The Nine Tailed Fox muttered inside Sora's head.

"NO BAD NINE TAILS, NO DISRESPECTING MASTER AQUA!" Sora thought while while spraying a bottle of holy water at his family charge.

"Sora?" Aqua asked while Sora was spacing out.

"Um sorry Master…anyway no everything's fine I just I need the day off from training cause I wanna take Kairi out on date." He admitted.

Aqua blinked.

"It's just we haven't really had anytime with Xehanort and his goon gang causing problems for everyone." Sora explained.

Aqua gave him a blink stare, then she started to laugh, and then she gave him a quick hug.

"DAAAWW MY LITTLE SORA AND KAIRI! DAW VEN's GROWING UP TOO " She squealed making poor Sora blush.

"Sorry about that..I know things haven't been easy for you two..and with Ven's heart sleeping within you…I understand you'd want some alone time. So you can take the day off tonight, and tomorrow even." Aqua said while gaining her composure back.

Sora gave a wide happy grin!

"Thank Aqua your the best!" He said.

"However I expect you both you to train even harder the day after.

"That sounds fair." Sora admitted.

The two didn't know at the time, but they were being eavesdropped by their aloof ally. The time traveling unsent sound master L.

"Oh that's cute. Sora and Kairi and going on a little date…crap knowing Xehanort, and his "Goon gang" as Sora put it…he he, are most likely going to try and ruin it. Unless….." The man thought while looking at yellow cat mask.

Meanwhile in the Underworld.

Xehanort was at the underworld's gate entrance. He could hear knocking. What fool dare to knock on his evil base's door! If Vanitas ordered girl scout cookies or pizza Xehanort was going to put him in a world of hurt.

"A world of hurt you hear me? A world of hurt!" Xehanort ranted to himself.

"Old man, shut the hell up and answer the door!" Terra yelled, while trying to get control of his body back.

The dark Keyblade master summoned his keyblade, opening the door, showing a hooded man with a yellow cat mask with five large bags.

"You have five seconds to tell me what you want or I'll release the hounds!" Xehanort growled.

"I don't think that three headed dog counts as more then one dog. You going crazy old man." Terra snarked.

"Quiet you!" Xehanort muttered.

"It's free weed day, want some?" L asked now having a southern ascent disguising his voice.

Xehanort looked at the man, then at the bags of weeds, then at the man again, who was now holding a sign that said it's free.

"Yes, yes I would…now get out of my sight you masked weirdo!" Xehanort ordered while grabbing the weed bags.

L quickly ran out of there while laughing.

"Suckers. Oh that was so worth robbing that hippe compound. " He said.

Xehanort then looked to his many co-workers of evil from disney and final fantasy and yelled.

"EVERYONE! WE ARE GETTING HIGH!" He yelled hearing the cheers.

Back on the Islands

Aqua looked at two of her other students. Riku, the controller of light and darkness, Namine a girl with a gift for memory and art magic, and Kairi the Princess of Heart who was beaming.

Now tell me this again. You both are late for training, because Kairi and Namine wanted to get a video game?" Aqua asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yes!" Riku muttered.

"No no no no no! Riku, Namine, and I were getting the the most awesome game ever! EARTHBOUND HD REMASTERED!" Kairi shouted with joy while holding a WiiU case.

"Didn't that game come out ten years ago?" Aqua asked.

"Yes, but it's better! Now Namine can play it, since Aunt Lightning destroyed my old copy…thanks a lot Lea." Kairi muttered.

"We would have been here sooner Master Aqua….but …." Namine whispered.

"Kairi just had to go and beat the crap out of every fat nerd who said she wasn't a real gamer." Riku said while showing them pictures of Kairi using her keyblade and magic to beat the ever loving crap out the losers in the gamestop.

"Kairi I'm completely shocked at this. I thought I taught you better then to use your keyblade for such petty things." Aqua scolded.

"Well there were also Heartless and oddly Blotings around so I did take care of them too. " Kairi added.

Aqua frowned, then turned to Sora.

"Very well….Sora, Kairi you can go early. Namine, Riku however….Where are Roxas and Xion!?" Aqua yelled now, seeing that two more of her students weren't here.

In the distance they could see Roxas and Xion being chased by Lea who was throwing his chakrams at the two.

"Nevermind." Aqua muttered while shacking her head.

As Sora and Kairi walked away. Sora looked at Kairi. The sunset made her look like she was glowing, To Sora right now she looked almost angelic He then smiled.

"Something up Sora?" Kairi asked.

"Um, Kairi…I know your gonna wanna play EarthBound tonight and tomorrow right?" He asked.

"Yep, and no you can't barrow it until Namine and I are done with it." Kairi joked.

"Well that's not what I wanted to say…I wanted ask…do you wanna go on a date with me?" Sora asked.

Kairi then stopped walking.

"Well since we are boyfriend and girlfriend..I figured we could go do something fun. What do you say?" Sora asked.

Kairi stared at him in his eyes, making him gazing into the windows of her pure soul, as she then grabbed him in for a kiss. A deep, loving passionate kiss, that sent some of Sora's spikes shooting out of his head like mini rockets, which exploded into mini hearts.

After breaking the kiss, and the two getting their breath back.

"What time, and where are we going?" Kairi asked.

Sora then whispered into Kairi's ear.

"Oh wow, but it's that place like super expensive?" She asked.

"Don't you worry about that….just keep your crazy aunt from hurting me." Sora asked.

"I'll try, but you know Lightning." Kairi said giggling.

"See you tonight.

Later Sora finally made it home. He was met with a quick hug at his legs. One Chihiro had made this a welcoming for him, and for all the Branford family members, original and adopted.

"Hi Sora. Wow, you like your glowing! Did something good happen to you today?" She asked.

Sora just grinned while looking at the girl.

"Yep, I got a date with Kairi, and it's at the fanciest of places. " Sora explained.

"Oh wow, I'm happy for you." Chihiro said with a small smile.

Suddenly out of nowhere The pink haired fashion diva physic Shiki had shown up out of nowhere right in front of Sora with her stuffed cat Mr.Mew.

"Fancy date with Kairi huh? Well don't worry about a thing Sora, I'm going to make you look fabulous! Just a little thank you, for letting us stay here!" Shiki stated as she grabbed Sora's wrist.

"Wait Shi-AH!" Sora yelled as was being dragged to one of their rooms.

Chirhiro then saw Roxas and Xion coming in the door, painting and out of breath. They quickly hid behind the couch. where Neku was sleeping with his headphones on.

Lea then came bursting the door open. He was covered in seaweed and a crab was pinching his ear. The man was grinding his teeth and had fire in his eyes.

"You see them around here!?" Lea asked Chihiro, knowing he meant Roxas and Xion, having seen Lea be the butt of a few of their pranks.

She quickly shook her head.

"Alright then. " He said patting her on the head, leaving the room to take a shower.

The two then pecked from the couch to see if the cost was clear. Neku just looked at them annoyed while Chihiro laughed for a bit.

Kairi was digging into her closet, Namine could see dresses, skirts, shorts, shoes, books, games, and even caught a soccer ball fly in a forming mountain. It caught the attention of her mother Searh just coming from from her grade school, and after watching for a while had to ask.

"Looking for something Kairi?" She asked.

"No, no, no, no!" Kairi muttered as she kept digging.

"Kairi, why are you ripping your room apart?!" He mother asked.

"Gah! Mom, how long have you been standing there?" Kairi asked now seeing her Mom right next to her.

"I had to pick Namine out of your pile. so what's up?" Searh asked.

"Well..I've got a big date with Sora, and I need a dress that says wow!" Kairi explained.

The pink haired women then thought of something.

"I think I may have something for you, it's classy, cute, and will make Sora say that you are-

"Perfect! Sora you are perfect!" Shiki stated marveling her newest work.

Sora looked at himself in the mirror. He wore a silk black long sleeved shirt with white cufflinks, over a white shirt underneath. On his neck was a black bow-tie, cause it was cool. His pants were matching black, with leather black shoes. On his spiky head was a fancy black top hat.

"I'M FACNY!" Sora yelled.

Neku, Beat, Rhyme, and came in the room.

"Yo what's with da pimpin threads man?" Beat asked.

"Can't explain got to go out for my date with Kairi." Sora said.

"You just explained numb nuts!" Neku yelled.

"Don't forget to get flowers!" Rhyme said.

As Sora dashed to the door,he quickly yelled to his mom.

"Mom, I'm going out on a date with Kairi."

He was then pulled back as his hand was grabbed by the green haired esper woman.

"Oh no you don't! Your not leaving this island until.." Terra ordered.

"Until?" Sora asked.

"Not until I get pictures!" Terra stated, while holding a camera and smiling.

"He he." Sora laughed as sweat was starting to drop from the back of his head.

Sora hand managed to walk over to Kairi's place, but not without getting some flowers for his lady. Roses, the match her red hair, a tad played, but it fits. He got the sand off his shoe, and he knocked on the door It slowly opened to a pair of cold eyes glaring at him, what came with those eyes where bright pink hair, and a super solider body that just won't quit.

"OH CRAP LIGHTNING!" Sora thought.

"Bradford…what do you want?" She growled.

"Kairi?" Sora asked.

"She's not home! Now leave, and while your leaving..die! That includes your spawn siblings, and that red haired bastard!" She ordered.

"Has anyone ever told you, that you have anger issues?" Sora asked.

"Has anyone told your your nuts would make a good trophy!" She hissed as she pulled out her gunblade.

"FOR THE LOVE Of KINGDOM HEARTS SOMEONE SAVE ME!" Sora thought being too sacred to use his keyblade.

"Sis could you come in the living room? I need some helpl" Snow called.

"Piss off, your a man. You can do it!" She barked.

"Please Lightning, we really need you!" Her younger sister begged.

"…Coming Searh." Lightning muttered quickly leaving and slamming the door in Sora's face.

It was then reopened to find the girl he wanted to see.

"Kairi, wow…You look perfect!" Sora said stunned.

The crimson princess of heart wore a flashily, bright purple, sleeves dress, and had a small pink bow in the middle of the sash. It showed of her growing chest, on her arms were light red arm gloves. Her legs had high heel stockings, and on her feet were red high heel shoes. In other words she looked like a teenage Jessica Rabbit.

Kairi saw the roses, making her smile.

"Oh Sora….this is cheesy, but thank you so much." She said. Taking the roses, and giving Sora a long kiss on the lips.

After the kiss broke Sora's keyblade appeared and shot out a beam of light.

She them smiled at him.

"So was that your keyblade or, are you just happy to see me?" She said batting her eyes.

"Well, it was a bit of both really. So shall me go, madam?" Sora admitted while holding out his hand for her.

"Lets." Kairi said grinning.

She took and the two started to walk to their date.

End of chapter 1 out of 2.

*Bangs head on desk.*

This was just going to be a one shot! A ONE SHOT! Yet I can't pull that off! I just have have a more then one chapter story huh!? *Bangs head on desk.*

Anyway I wrote this cause after seeing X-Blade 13 and Kaga being so lovey dovey….I felt loney and then I thought to myself. Why not make a Sora X Kairi romanic fanfic? So I did. Now this is set in my Our KH verse…..so yeah. Not cannon, even when SoKai should totally be cannon! Anyway, read, post, praise, mock, flame, whatever!

Lanydx reborn is out!
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Haha, I love it!! xD Man, oh man, Lightning really need to get her anger issues under control..

Is it the expensive place what I'm thinking, isn't it?


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I never grow tired of seeing Lea be the victim of Roxas and Xion's pranks. Chihiro is too innocent and quiet to throw either of them under the bus and that was pure gold. I really liked Lightning yelling at Sora too. Oh! Oh! The bestest part was when L gave Xehanort some weed and the interaction between him and Terra was hysterical!

There were some errors in this, but, I'll go over it later. You've done well and you shouldn't harm yourself.