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Fanfiction ► a combination (working title)

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Jan 15, 2006
I forgot
" I cant believe it was a false alarm" Kakashi said from inside the black car. " Why would he even send his men into that port. There are way to many people he would have been caught. God I hate bein the goodguy sometimes. Always chekin into every little thing. It gets annoying over the years."
"Kakashi your not gonna quit now are you?" Asuma asked
" No way. The money is to good for me to qui-"

*opening theme song Rewrite by Asian Kung-Fu Generation*
Several hours earlier

Teacher" OK now we will quickly go over something you all should have known since you were young but I want you to pass. So we will go over the basics of bending."
The class breathed a sigh of releif school was almost over for the summer and the kids hadnt gotten a break yet.
" Can anyone tell me the 4 main elementals?" teacher asked
A girl raised her hand. "yes?" teacher said
" the 4 main elementals are Fire, Water, earth and Wind." the girl answered.
"Now" teach continued"Name the 5th element"
" the 5th element is the Sage also called Mage." girl replied once more
" One more why is the 5th element controversial?"
" Because it is not cosidered a true element. It was said it was developed in the middle ages by those who could not shift the elements and has even been called witchcraft since then. Its powers are random and differ from person to person. And they are more succesful in learning the other alements" girl finished.
"Good now for someone else how about you" she said pointing to a kid in the front. "Tell me about the 2 abnormal elements"
" the 2 abnormal elements are Lightning and the blue flame and are created under certain conditions"
"Which are?" teach asked"
"I forgot" kid said
" When a fire and a water elemental have a child there is a small chance it will be a blue flame child. The same goes for wind and earth there is a small chance they will give birth to a lightning elemental." she was now wrapped up in her lesson and kept going
"the 4 elements Fire ,Water, Earth and Air. are related both positively and negatively"
"Earth relates to Fire and Water.positively. Sonce earth and water are both relatively tangible whereas Air and Fire are not. this is also how Fire and Air relate.. Earth and Fire also relate as they are sutbborn and aggresive elements. Air and Water have more flow to their arts and that is how they relate as well/
Now Fira and water have nothing in common so they relate negitivly as do Air and Earth." She took a breath

" A lightning elemental is a person whho can shift and bend electricity which is just what it sounds like but Blue Flame elementals aka the willow Wisps are much more creative and clever. They weild mystic blue and purple flames with the grace of a water elemental and the aggresion of a fire element."
"now then can anyone name the final and MOST important elements?"
random kid" Light and Darkness."
Teach"Yes the light and the Darkness must be held at all times by only 2 people per element there are 2 lights and 2 darknesses. There is an elder light and a youth ligh as there is the same for darkness. you and Elder. When the elder dies the you then becomes the elder and the next child born becomes a chosen weilder. Ying and Yang the 2 must balance. Now.."

A little boy age 14 was in the back talkin to his best friend at this orphanage. His name wasnt known so the orphange just called him Naruto.
"so how is your water control coming along?" Naruto asked Davis
Davis was a skinny kid with gogles and a vest on and answered" Not that good a can barely turn water into ice its just a big slush. Unlike you you have to be the best Fire element 14 year old Ive ever seen betwen you and Jimmie we have 2 good elementals at this orphanage"
"Yeah but that stupid bullying Earth element Jimmie just pi-"
" Naruto!!" teacher called"
" me off." he finished" Yes mam?"
"Since you have apparently been listening the whole time what is the square root of 144?"
Naruto was a little confused @_@
"The answer is 12 but we werent talking about that anyway. We were discussing elementals which you happen to have a talent for. I cannot say the same for your grades sadly. Class dimissed to recess!" She cried as the bell rang.

ON the little area that might be considered a playground by the poor orphans was basicaly a broken basketball goal some brokens swings and cement.
Naruto was wlkin to one of the only 2 benches the rundown place had when-TRIP- Naruto fell down and felt exactly how hard the cement was. He looked behind him and saw a piece of the ground slightly higher than the rest. Thats what he had tripped on. Behind the mound he saw a tub of pimply lard known as Jimmie. Who was an earth elemental."No wonder hes an orphan "
"Havin fun?" Jimmie asked sarcasstically
Naruto ignored him
"come on" Jimmie said then he lifted some rocks with his elemental power and flung them at Naruto. Who still ignored him. Naruto gritted his teeth.
"Oh well" jimmie said" he then picked up a big piece of chipped cement and -SLAM- right into Davis sending him against the wall and blood running down his chin. He was out. "Davis!" Naruto called. Jim just turned "heh" he grunted"See what happens when you do listen?" He went to manipulate another cement piece. He tossed it... then -BANG-all that was left was dust. "well hes got some bite to him"
Jimmie said . And then he sent his hand to the ground. And a pillar of eath shot up. Naruto jumpped and landed on it. his hands were begining tocatch aflame
He jumed once more and landed on Jimmies face sending Jimmie back.
Naruto was madthe flame from his hands grew he lifted them to shoulder hight and put them together and..-BOOM- he averted his aim before it was tolate so he had just hit a wall. jimmie was scared stiff. Until falling debris knocked him out.

outside the giant hole a black car came to a stop....


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Jan 15, 2006
I forgot
I know I double posted I did it intentionally

This is not a Naruto fic I swear

this is a combonation of anime i like and KH characters that is totally regardless to any storyline but mine

The elementals topic is pretty much avatar except mine has more Elements
and I did not copy Avatar. I have had this idea for over a year developing in my mind. Im just kinda shy.

Characters I plan on having in the future

Naruto: Naruto, Sasuke,Shikamaru,Kakashi, Kiba, Sakura, Asuma, Rock Lee, Master Gai, Neji, TenTen, garra (lots of easy to use charcters)

KH: Sora,Riku, Ansem, some ORg members maybe.

YuYuHakusho: Kurama, Hiei

FMA: Ed, Greed,

Shaman King: yoh Horohoro/Trey

beyblade(yes beyblade) Max Kai, Ray (they wont spin tops they are just character mediums as I couldnt think up any original characters.yet)

DNAngel: Dark


If I get decent reviews and you wanna see all the other characters tie into this Ill make a chap2

I apoligise for poor grammar and spelling and a poor fight secene this was written at 1:45 in the morn and its my first fic. The next one will be better
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