A Chaotix sheep Caper (A Sonic Freedom side story.)


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Jun 14, 2009
A Chaotix Sheep Capper. Part One.

At the Emerald Coast, everyone was enjoying the beach weather. None more so than the Chaotixs Detective Agency, after solving some crimes that actually made them some cash. So a rewarding day off was nice... and the AC in the office was broken.

Vector the Crocodile was snoozing on his chair and towel. Charmy Bee was buzzing about in the water. Espio the Chameleon, and his rival from Team Warrior Rosa, The Akita dog were in a deadly contest, a contest that would be sung throughout the ages, a contest of skill, speed, and cunning. Espio, and Rosa stared each other down in epic ninja verses samurai fashion for this contest was...

“My sand castle is the best on the beach!” Espio bragged, standing on top of a five story Japanese style castle.

“In your dreams, ya midget! Mine is clearly better than yours!” Rosa shouted on top of her own five story english castle.

As the two were about to draw weapons ;getting ready for battle, when suddenly they found their castles drop down into the ground. A light blue beaver with braces was the culprit. He looked at them with a sneer and he wore a name tag that read 'Dave'.

“Ha Ha!” Dave laughed, and pointed at the two in a Nelson fashion from the Simpson’s manner.

The fact that an hour of their hard work was ruined by some little turd bucket, filled the two with anger, but wouldn't dignify this with anything and just kept working on rebuilding. Taking care of this moron was Charmy. Watching the bee sting the wrongdoer, the two felt satisfied, till Charmy turned on them and started splashing them with the sea water, and the three got into a smashing fight.

Vector felt something poking him. He loudly woke up to find a tall and very large sheep, faunan dressed in a light pink suit.

“Good day, Sir. Are you Vector of the Chaotix’s Detective Agency?” The Sheep asked with a northern British accent.

“Look bud, it’s our day off, come back to the office tomorrow.” Vector mumbled while turning over to his side.

The crocodile heard the sound of a suitcase opening. Vector quickly turned around to find the sheep Faunan had indeed opened a suitcase. Inside it was the glorious sight of cold, hard cash. His eyes turned to dollar signs.

“How can we help you, my good man?” Vector asked in a bright chipper tone, as he started flipping a sack of greenbacks.

The sheep coughed.

“Well, my name is Trevor Bashson, of Bassoon Inc. I’ve come to ask you for your help in finding my daughter Diana, she’s been missing for two weeks. I fear the worst has happened to her.” The CEO explained, while he showed Vector a picture of the young woman.

Vector took notice of the petite sheep girl. She had soft looking white fur like her father has with blue eyes; the photo showed her wearing some flower clips in her hair, and a light blue party dress with a pear necklace around her neck. The dame was cute, no Vanilla the Rabbit, but cute.

“Missing daughter, huh? Don’t worry sir, we’ll bring your little girl back to ya safe, and sound. ” Vector promised.

“Oh thank you.” The sheep cried out with relief.

“Now, before we work on this case, can you tell us anything about her that might be important before she went missing? Anything at all would be useful... actually lets talk about this at the office. “ Vector told his new client.

“Guys, pack up, we got work!” Vector yelled at his three friends/co-workers.

“But we just got here!” Charmy whined, not wanting to leave.

“Don’t worry Charmy, we’ll come back another day. I’ll buy you an ice cream, if it’ll make you feel any better.” Rosa said trying to cheer up the youngest member of the Chaotix up.

“Right, like you need the extra weight.” Espio snickered.

“HEY! I'm not fat, I'm just chubby!” Rosa snapped as Charmy laughed.

“MOVE IT, YOU THREE!!! TIME IS MONEY!!!” The remaining Chaotix either flew or vanished in a puff of smoke to solve the case. Granted this wasn't Rosa's job, however the temptation to show up her rival was just too much to pass up. Her boys would understand right?


Back in the Team Chaotix’s office, the fan was still spinning in a slow, lazy fashion, parts of the walls were stuck with ninja weaponry and Vector sat on the desk with their client, slightly gazing at the Vanilla Rabbit picture on his side, while their client started to explain a few details. Charmy was sitting on one of the large speakers, goofing around like usual.

“So when did your daughter go missing, Mr.Bashson?” Rosa asked, now fully dressed in her white battle robes. Espio had his eye closed by the door.

The ram looked back and forth.

“Well it was four days ago, at a company party she was attending for quite a few hours. The last I heard from her was around ten o clock, she was taking a cab home… she never returned home.” The business Ram spoke.

“Maybe she’s just been at a friend’s place and forgot her phone.” Vector offered.

“No, I’ve checked with all of her friends, and none of them have seen her... and Diana would never let her phone out of her sight.” Mr. Basson informed them, while frowning and shaking his head.

“If you have any security footage, we’ll find out the taxi company, and then go from there.” Vector stated.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find your daughter, till then try and take it easy.” Vector said reassuringly. He nodded as Rosa showed their client out safely.

“This could be a kidnapping.” Espio thought out loud.

“If it is, we’ll just have to handle it, right boys?” Vector asked with a confident grin.

“YEAH! SMASH THE BAD GUYS!!” Charmy screamed as he flew up in the air.

The Chaotix's team were checking the security cameras stationed at the front entrance to the Bassoon Inc’s building. They found the tapes from the party, now all they had to do was wait for their target and the taxi to show on screen. Espio, Rosa, and Charmy were bickering over one another with the remote, and when to pause it.

“Pause it here!” The Chameleon snapped.

“Not, you just lost the taxi!” The Dog growled.

“I wanna try, I wanna try!”The Tiny Bee yelled, trying to get the remote.

“No Charmy!" Thanks to Rosa's height, she was able to keep the remote away from the ninja and the bee, who were making things much more difficult. "I... I got it!” Rosa yelped as she paused at the right time for them to catch the logo, and the number of the taxi. Esipo started writing it down, and the crew went off to their next location for clues.

“Hey Hey, It’s Crazy Taxi, how can I help you?” A green haired man, smoking a cigarette asked at the desk of Crazy Taxi’s building.

“Yeah, we’re the Chaotixs Detective Agency, we are investigating a possible kidnapping. We were wondering if you can tell us about this cab driver, using this particular taxi a few days ago around 10:30 PM?" Rosa asked as Esipo showed the man at the desk the cab number.

He looked at it.

“Aw yeah, Bosscoon building right? Yeah, a new guy showed up and took that one. Cat dude, looked kinda like CatMan.” The desk man said. Rosa had this flustered face.

“What, do you know this weirdo?” Vector asked, as Charmy was poking her stiff body.

The Akita dog woman shook as she thought of the last time she had met with that particular cat.

“Sam the Black Cat.” She groaned.

" You know that thief?" The ninja asked in an annoyed tone, since the crew had confronted this shady individual before... that didn't end well for the Chaotix.

"Treasure hunter, and I teach his son swordsmanship." Rosa corrected and explained.

Half way across the city, a sharply dressed, and jeweled coated White Sheep faunus was pacing around the floor. On the table with his feet up, Sam the Black Cat was twirling one of his gun, while lazily sitting in his chair.

“Diana, baby, relax. We ditched the bolts heads. Chris and Shahra are gonna come here with your guy, and soon you two can live the rest of your lives on some tropical Island. You two get your new lives, and I get paid. It’s all good.” Sam said in a cocky manner.

“You're sure you weren’t followed? You are absolutely sure, that you left no traces, that could be tracked, that you haven’t already taken care of?” Diana asked.

"Because I hope you didn’t overprice yourself, when I hired you.” Diana muttered in a slightly chastising tone.

“Nothing is gonn-“ Sam said as his door was broken in as the Chaotix, and Rosa busted it down.

“We got you red handed, Kidnapper!” Charmy shouted, as Vector cracked his knuckles, while Esipo, and Rosa were striking individual poses.

Diana gave Sam a dirty look.

“Crap.” He mumbled.

"Hey Rosa.... and you guys. I can explain!" The cat said panicking.

Suddenly the apartment’s wall was blown up, relieving what looked like faunus of different shapes and sizes, covered in white radiation suits with a lighting bolt logo pointing futurist looking ray guns at everyone. Sam looked very worried to find a young spiky haired human boy was being held at gun point, missing both his arms, and he couldn’t face the cat. Seeing this had all the Chaotix confused and on edge.

“There’s the girl, get her!” One ordered and soon everyone of them was firing at the cat and the Chaotix. Sam shoved the table forward knocking a few of these jerks away, firing his guns at the two goons pointing a gun at his kid. Rosa pulled out two swords and started slashing, giving her allies more fighting room, and aiding her student. Epsio threw a giant ninja star into one of the rays, jamming it and causing it to explode. Vector was spewing out gas floating balls of bubble gum that exploded all around the apartment. The Black Cat used his teleport device on his utility belt to get himself, the sheep faunus, and his now disarmed child out of the small war zone.

“Hey, he’s getting away!” Charmy yelled, point at the two up on another roof top, thanks to the large hole in the wall. The bee had finished stinging a few enemies.

“After him, guys!” Vector ordered, as they gave chase.

End of Part One.

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Wow. It seems as if Diana wanted to be kidnapped to be with somebody. I hope we find out more about it in the next chapter. I greatly enjoyed the battle of the sand castles, cause those are some nice looking castles they have there. The different characters are really fleshed out with their individuality, which makes me like them a lot. Especially the Crocodile. Btw, do you need an editor? I could edit this up for you, if you like? Otherwise, it was a great chapter.

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Jun 14, 2009
A Chaotix Sheep Capper Part 2. Sonic Freedom story.

Sam the Black Cat wasn’t having a good day. All he wanted to do was finish this easy transportation job and get paid. Now he and his son were both running across the rooftops being chased down by Chaotix, the leader of Team Warriors, and The Lighting Bolt Society. Another annoyance was their client refused to stop screaming, allowing everyone in Holoska to hear them. Chris spotted a member of the Lightning Bolt Society that had his arms in his bag.

“Dad, that guy’s got my arms!” The human cyborg cried out.

“I'm on it!” Sam stated as he put Diana down, teleporting to one roof top ahead of them. He landed on the goon, knocking him out. Sam took back his son’s arms, and noticed Chris with his client was hanging on his back. The odd pair of father and son weren’t as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog but they were fast. Unfortunately for them, the Chaotix and Rosa were catching up. The cat sadly had to do a quick reattachment job, Chris did his best to not react to the pain.

“Ugh, hurry it up with your ...child and get me out of here!” Diana grumbled in a panicked tone, as the Lightning Bolt Society was surrounding them.

As much as he wanted to tell off his client for the racist remark, Sam knew the job had to come first.

“Chris, you get the cotton ball over to the rondevu point with Shahra. I’ll keep these clowns busy.” He told his son. Chris nodded in understanding, as the cyborg pulled out a katana from a slot on his left forearm. Sam kept unloading fire on the Lightning Bolt Society’s strange UFO looking hover crafts to keep them at bay.

“Grab on to me.” Chris requested. The runaway rich girl did as he was asked as she latched on to him. The human jumped into the air with the sheep woman screaming. The boy managed to slice one of their attacker’s hover crafts in half with his sword, and got away in a quick burst of speed.

Rosa rushed ahead of the Chaotix and pulled out a fan that shot out deadly metal feathers, knocking the rings out of her opponents. The Black Cat shot at a few others, while Rosa parried the shots fired at her and knocking their foes back. Sam was about to turn around, when he was swiftly slapped across the face.

“What was that for?!” The Black Cat snapped.

“For dishonoring your son by bringing him into your criminal activities, and ruining my trust in you!” Rosa snapped while punching him in the gut. “Now I’ll have to reform him! Shame on you! SHAME!!!!” The Akia Dog barked before chasing after her student.

Before the cat could make a witty rebuttal, the Chaotix tag teamed him. Espio stabbed the rings out of him with a knife, Charmy stung him with his stinger, and Vector was chewing on him like a rag doll. The cat was spat out, and cornered.

“I suggest you come quietly.” The chameleon quietly warned.

“We’ll go easy on the kid if you tell us, where your buddy planned on taking our client’s daughter.” The crocodile told him, while cracking his knuckles.

“Okay, okay… you got me. Sam said, raising his hands in defeat.

“Guess this is payback for me making you look like chumps in Mazuri.” The cat joked in spite of the trio scowling at him.

“Alright, Chris was going to meet Shahra- LIGHTNING WAVE!!!” The Black Cat yelled, as she shot out a blue electric shock wave, zapping not only the Chaotix, but also quite a few members of the Lightning Bolt Society members. They twitched and jolted till most of them were knocked out cold or were almost about to meet Greg the Grim Reaper. The Black Cat smirked at the thought of that short representation of death. He spat out a battery out of his mouth and started sucking on a new one in from his utility belt.

“Well… I guess my powers are a bit… shocking, huh readers?” Sam asked, while winking as he broke the fourth wall.

The Black Cat could have sworn that someone was screaming 'SANS!!!' across town. Shrugging the reference off, he got a pillow for Charmy’s head to rest on. After making the youngest member of the Chaotix's as comfortable as possible, he pulled out his trusty grappling hook gun and swung around the city looking for his clients; Shahra and Chris.

Speaking of the Black Cat’s kid, Chris and Diana were dodging LBS attackers. Diana was about to be shot, when Chris parried the laser beam and fired it back at the sender. Chris had been doing this for half of Speed Highway. He would have to thank Tails and Frances for the leg upgrades. With a smile he gently picked up Diana and continued to run, assuring her along the way. Rosa, right on their tail was making quick work of any foe, or evildoer that got in her way, while going around loop de loops Sonic style and catching up to the two.

Rosa ran down a long, tall building at top speed while screaming at the top of her lungs in delight.

Diana and Chris finally got away from the tall skyscrapers and got to a more residential looking area in Station Square. Both were catching their breathes.

“We should be by the water fountain. Shahra and your boyfriend should be near by.” Chris told her.

“Good. The sooner I see my Tom, the sooner I never have to deal with this or any of you ever again.” The sheep snapped, causing the cyborg to flinch. She sighed.

“I'm sorry, I was just hoping this would go smoother.” Diana muttered, Chris gave her an assuring smile.

“Don’t worry Ma’am, I'm not gonna stop till you both are safe and sound.” He promised giving a Sonic and Sam style thumbs up.

The runaway shook her head and gave a small smile.

“Well so far, your doing a much better job than your… father… So shall we go, boy?” The sheep requested, catching her breath.

“It’s Chris, and yeah, lets go.” The cyborg told her as he pulled out his sword to fend off any foes that would get in his way.

As he turned around he gasped, shaking like a leaf in pure terror. Rosa had not only caught up with them, but had beaten the ever loving snot out of Lightning Bolt Society members and had destroyed every single one of their hover crafts, weapons and any remaining Eggman robots.

Rosa pointed her blade threateningly at the cyborg, and turned her eye to the rich sheep faunus.

“Don’t worry Miss, you're safe. Just let let me deal with my as of now former student.” The dog samurai growled.

“Chris, I'm so disappointed in you! How could you break the oath you swore to me?! You promised to never do evil with your swordsmanship, and here you are kidnapping this poor woman.” Rosa barked at the panicking student.

“Sensei, I can explain!” Chris yelped, as Rosa kept pointing her sword at him.

“No, Miss I can explain! I hired that cat to sneak me out of the country, so that I might be with my true love. Away from my father, and his suffocating wealth and influence.” The sheep faunus explained, causing Rosa to put down her blade, as her ears drop down sadly.

She turned to her escort. “I admit while I find your father’s skills questionable… you have been most helpful Chris, was it? Your a credit to your own kind.” The sheep woman said with a smile. Chris on the other hand wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or an insult.

The Akia Dog’s frown went upside down. Rosa patted Chris’s spiky hair, as she wagged her tail.

“Well don’t I feel silly, so sorry student of mine. I’ll explain it to the others, and we’ll have this mess all sorted out.” Rosa said, smiling as her student gave a sigh of relief, now back in his teacher’s good graces.

“DIANA!!!” They all heard a male voice scream out.

“CHRISTOPHER!!!” The cyborg heard a familiar voice call him.

“TOM! M-SHARHA!” The two cried out, and the two samurai dashed to the cries of distress.

End of Part 2.

Sam: PART 2?! WHAT DO YO MEAN PART TWO?! You can’t finish this story in two parts?! Do you need to have a part 3 writer?! Jeez you can be so freaking lazy! It took months, just for this bit!

Rosa: Well we did get some good fights in. The next part will be the last one, so hopefully we’ll get this all wrapped up.

Sam: If he knows what’s good for him.

Thank you KK.
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One of my favorite parts about this chapter was the Undertale reference. I'm a huge fan. Anyways it was a stellar move of Black Cat to get back the upper hand against his opponents. Diana sure does cause a ruckus. Especially for somebody who wants to be reunited with her true love. Ah well, maybe she lacks an amount of brain cells? Either way, she came in handy when Chris needed it most with Rosa. Otherwise, I greatly enjoyed this chapter. ;3 Looking forward to part 3!