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A bonkload of Questions!

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Nov 22, 2009
The Lanes Between
I've done some research on the KH games I haven't played yet (KH:CoM, KH Re:Coded) and the ones I've played, and I have some questions/ theories/ whatever it's called.
I'll start with the one that made me most curious. So, the Keyblade Armor is an armored suit worn by Keyblade Wielders. We've already seen Xemnas' Keyblade Armor (inherited by his original somebody, Xehanort) which we can fight at KHII's ending, Terra's armor, Ventus' armor, Aqua's armor, Eraqus' armor (in KH:BbSFM) and Xion's Keyblade armor, as seen in the final battle(s) of Days. Does that mean that every Keyblade Wielder has an armor? If so, does Sora, Roxas or Riku have an armor?
Also I'd like to remind you the glider Sora and Riku used in The World That Never Was to fight the gigantic nobody-dragon-thingie (?). What are its origins? Does it belong to Riku or Sora?
On second thought, that's unlikely because it has the Nobody symbol on it, and it doesn't look like it could belong to Sora. That leaves us with Riku, but I'm still not convinced. He didn't press a button or something (Terra, Aqua, Ventus) to summon it, it just popped up in the scene all by itself. Again I ask: what are its origins?

I'll just wrap this up with one final question. i recently discovered that if a Nobody and a heartless of the same Original Somebody are slain by a keyblade, the Somebody is reborn. Well, Sora's heartless (that little shadow in KH1) was "destroyed" by Kairi, a keyblade-wielding individual. And Roxas merged with Sora in KH2, doesn't that mean that he was "ended" by a keyblade wielder?
Aaaand, doesn't that create a KHverse paradox that leads to the creation of a second Sora???

Please help me out with my questions and discuss on the theories.


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Oct 22, 2010
It's not been proven that Xion's "armor" was in fact a true keyblade armor, it were more like enhancements given to her by the Organization devices placed in the worlds.

Mickey doesn't have an armor and neither do any other keybearers beside Eraqus, Xehanort, Terra, Aqua and Ventus so far.

The Glider in the finale is a classic so-called last-minute-asspull. The nobody emblem clearly designates it as property of the Organization.
We simply don't know its origins but it surely does not belong to either Riku or Sora.

It may have been Xemnas's weekend-hopper with which he cruised through the dark city when he was bored (built on some of his Terra-memories since it has similarities with Terra's glider) or simply the car with which Vexen was sent to shopping when supplies ran out in the Castle that never was. ;P

Sora's heartless was not destroyed, it was purified and turned back into its human form by Kairi's princess powers.
Roxas was also not "destroyed" per se, he lost his physical existence and was incorporated into Sora's heart where his own mind now rests.
That was also exactly what made the big difference compared to the other nobodies like i.e. Xigbar or Luxord. They faded into darkness when destroyed, but Roxas, despite having to give up his independent existence still exists within Sora because he wasn't destroyed.

I can only stress it again on that above issue:
Never, never try to explain a "common/normal" occurrence in the mythology of Kingdom Hearts with Roxas or Naminé. They are both highly special cases, in Roxas's case also because Ventus was somehow involved.
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