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8/31 Union χ JP Update: Premium Quest



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Premium Quests for 8/31~9/6:

SB++ Mickey Illustrated Ver x 1, Trait Medal x 8, 1400 jewels

SB++ Mickey Illustrated Ver [All Targets | 1 SP cost | T10] For 1 turn: Increases Speed Medal ATK+7000, General/PSM ATK+10 and Guilt+220%, decreases enemy General/PSM DEF-10. Doesn't affect Counters. Inflicts 4 hits that are advantageous against all attributes

(AOE) Super Burst: For 1 turn: Increases Speed Medal ATK+10000, Upright/General ATK+15 and Guilt+300%, decreases enemy Upright/General DEF-15. Raises Counter+1, recovers 5 SP. Activates before the 1st slot in PVP

Head Riding Namine accessory (Drop Luck+9)

3 types of gems x 100 each (total 300)

Moon/Sun Gems x 5 each

[Tier10] Subslot Medal x 3

Purchasing the bonus jewel pack will allow players to gain access to additional trait deals in the Moogle Shop.

Ground Enemy Defense-60% 100 jewels each
(No limit)
Aerial Enemy Defense-60%
Extra Attack 40%
Attack Boost+1000
Raid Damage+40%