8/27 Union χ JP Update: Roxas & Friends Toon Ver, Skill Draws



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Premium Quest from 8/27~9/2 features Roxas & Friends Toon Ver! Clear all quests to get 2 ★6 Roxas & Friends Toon medals, 8 Trait Medal #37 and 1400 jewels.

This medal is capable of 150~230% Guilt and has 3 trait slots.

Roxas & Friends Toon Ver [Random Targets(s) | 1 SP] For 1 turn: Increases Upright ATK+3, ATK+7 and PSM ATK+5. Inflicts 6 hits

Skill Draws are available from 8/27~8/31! Each draw comes with 5 ★6 medals and a guaranteed skill. Players are limited to 1 draw of each banner per day, which comes with 5 VIP coins.

Skills being offered are Attack Up XL IV, Second Chance 100%, Ability2 & ATK XL III 100%, Lux & ATK XL II 100%, Triple Threat EX II.

The ★6 medals may also come with one of the following abilities attached:

Attack Up M Guard Up M
Ability Prize Up Ability2
Poison EX Paralyze EX
Sleep EX