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7/20 Union χ JP Update: SB++ KHIII Sora SFS Ver, BIG Bonus Challenge



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Premium Quests for 7/20~7/26:

Donald Earring (Rare Enemy Luck+2)

[Tier10] Subslot Medal x 3

Moon/Sun Gems x 5 each

3 types of gems x 30 each (total 90)

KHIII Special Draw from 7/20~7/31 features SB++ KHIII Sora SFS Ver! Each pull guarantees 3 ★6 or 7 KHIII medals, 1 trait medal, 3 Wing Gems and 10 L/R VIP coins. Get SB++ KHIII Sora SFS Ver within 5 pulls!

SB++ KHIII Sora SFS Ver [All Targets | 2 SP cost | T10] For 1 turn: Increases Speed Medal ATK+8000, Upright/General/Speed ATK+15 and Guilt+220%, decreases enemy Upright/General/Speed DEF-15. Inflicts 6 hits that deal more damage against standalone targets.

(AOE) Super Burst: For 1 turn: Increases Speed Medal ATK+12000 and Guilt+320%. Activates before the 1st slot in PVP

Powerful skill boards are available from 7/20~8/16 for 2000 jewels each!

Skill Board A
Lux2 & ATK XL VI 100% Lux2 & AB0 & TK XL V 100%
Lux2 & ATK XL V 100% Lux2 & ATK XL IV 100%
GUard Up XL III 100%  


Skill Board B
Sleep & ATK XL IX 100% AB2 & ATK XL X 100%
ATK XL X 100% AB0 & ATK XL IX 100%
Second Chance 100%

Maleficent Dragon avatar boards return 7/20~8/2 for 1500 jewels each! 

Maleficent Dragon
(Ability 0) x 1
(Second Chance II) x 1
(Ability 2 & Attack Up XL 100%) x 1
Magic Mirror★6 x 5
Mickey & Broom Servants★6 x 1 Broom Servant★5 x 1
Sword Stone x 1 Huey & Dewey & Louie★6 x 2
Cid5★6 x 2 Maleficent Dragon costume x 1
Maleficent Dragon style x 1 Hugging Maleficent Dragon x 1

BIG Bonus Challenge returns from 7/20~8/4! Defeat the Maleficent's Henchmen and clear the challenges to earn up to 5000 jewels and a special title.

Quest No. Rewards
1 Jewel x 500
Cid x 1
Huey & Dewey & Louie x 5
2 Jewel x 500
Cid x 1
Huey & Dewey & Louie x 5
3 Jewel x 600
Cid x 1
Huey & Dewey & Louie x 5
4 Jewel x 700
Cid x 1
Huey & Dewey & Louie x 5
5 Jewel x 800
Cid x 1
Huey & Dewey & Louie x 5
6 Jewel x 900
Cid x 1
Huey & Dewey & Louie x 5
7 Jewel x 1000
Sword Gem x 1
Title [The payer of darkness]

Keyblade Support Event is held from 7/20~7/31! Clear the challenges to get up to +30% Power, Speed and Magic Boosts.

Union Cross is updated for 7/20~7/261! Defeat the Gold Tricholoma to get lots of coins to redeem gems!

There are 5 sets of Cross Boards available:

(1) Sword Gem 1
=> Sword Gem 2
(2) Wing Gem 1
=> Wing Gem 2
(3) Mystic Gem 1
=> Mystic Gem 2
(4) Sun Gem 1
(5) Moon Gem 1

Challenge Boss Time is held from 19:00~19:29 and 23:00~23:29 JST, during which players will receive more coins by defeating the boss.

Raid Event is updated for 7/20~7/26! Defeat the Fortress Crab subspecies to earn coins and redeem rewards like Broom Servant and Magic Mirror medals. Gems can also be obtained as random drops.

Bonus Time is held from 12:00~12:59 and 22:00~22:59 JST, during which AP costs 0 and players will obtain more Lux.