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5/6 Union χ JP Update: Draw Campaign, Event Updates



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Celebrate May with a special draw campaign! Players will be treated to 1 free pull on each of the 6 dates that are multiples of 5.

5/5 (Sunday) 5/10 (Friday) 5/15 (Wednesday)
5/20 (Monday) 5/25 (Saturday) 5/30 (Thursday)

Earn 1,000 jewels by completing the party mission from 5/6~5/12 and defeat 5,555 enemies!

Premium Quest from 5/6~5/12 features [Tier9] Meow Wow SP&NM x3.

Union Cross is updated for 5/6~5/19! Clear quests to earn coins and redeem rewards like Hugging Bambi accessory, which grants Critical Luck+5.

There are 4 sets of Cross Boards available:

(1) Magic Mirror set 1
=> Magic Mirror set 2
(2) Broom Servant set 1
=> Broom Servant set 2
(3) M_Hugging Bambi
(4) L_Hugging Bambi

Challenge Boss Time is held from 19:00~19:29 and 23:00~23:29 JST, during which players will receive more coins by defeating the boss.

Defeat lots of Heartless in this new event quest from 5/6~5/14 and earn Chip, Dale, Cid and Huey & Dewey & Louie medals.