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4/27 Union χ JP Updates: Premium Quests, Time Mission SP, Union Cross



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Premium Quests for 4/27~5/3:

SB++ Ienzo x 1, Trait Medal x 8, 1400 jewels

SB++ Ienzo [All Targets | 1 SP cost | T10] For 1 turn: Increases All Medal ATK+2500, DEF+10, PSM DEF+10 and Guilt+200%, decreases opponent All Medal ATK-3000. Recovers 5 SP, recovers HP, changes the next medal to Speed-attribute. Inflicts 6 hits.

(AOE) Super Burst: For 1 turn: Increases Speed Medal ATK+6000 and Guilt+300%, decreases enemy ATK-10 and PSM ATK-10. Activates before the 2nd slot in PVP

3 types of gems x 50 (150 total)

Sun Gem x 5

[Tier 9] Meow Wow SP&NM x 15

Defeat 7 targets in special time missions from 4/27~5/8! Clear the challenges to earn gems!

There are 3 quests per target. Each of the 7 targets appears 4x daily. The appearance rate varies for each one, so share info in party chat and [ex tres]!

This time, the rare Gold Tricholoma will also make an appearance, and defeating it will net the player lots of gems for clearing the challenges of defeating it.

Union Cross is updated for 4/27~5/7! Clear quests to earn coins and redeem enhancement medals and the Duralumin Case accessory (Rare Enemy Luck+2)!

There are 7 sets of Cross Boards available:

Duralumin Case
Huey & Dewey & Louie
Magic Mirror
Broom Servant

Challenge Boss Time is held from 19:00~19:29 and 23:00~23:29 JST, during which players will receive more coins by defeating the boss.