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4/22 Union χ JP Updates: Spirit Training, Premium Quests, Event Updates



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Summer Adventure story event returns from 4/21~4/27! Clear the final quest to get the Sea Salt Ice Cream accessory!

Starry Night Gentleman and Lady outfits return from 4/21~4/27 for 2000 jewels!

Starry Night Gentleman
(Ability0 & ATK XL IV 100%) x 1
(Lux2 & ATK XL III 100%) x 1
(Guard Up XL III) x 1
(Lux & AbiPrize & ATK XL IV) x 1
Magic Mirror★6 x 6 Mickey & Broom Servants★6 x 3
Sun Gem x 1 Moon Gem x 1
Starry Night Gentleman x 1  Starry Night Gentleman hat x 1
Starry Night Gentleman staff x 1 Curl Mash x 1


Starry Night Lady
(Ability0 & ATK XL IV 100%) x 1
(Lux2 & ATK XL III 100%) x 1
(Guard Up XL III) x 1
(Lux & AbiPrize & ATK XL IV) x 1
Magic Mirror★6 x 6 Mickey & Broom Servants★6 x 3
Sun Gem x 1 Moon Gem x 1
Starry Night Lady x 1  Starry Night Lady hat x 1
Starry Night Lady staff x 1 Party Up x 1


Category Avatar Part Name Luck Type Effect Value
Head1 Starry Night Gentleman hat Skill Luck +9
Starry Night Lady hat

The reset time for Spirit Training has been updated as of 4/22:

Before: Resets on Sundays at 23:59
After: Resets daily at 23:59

Following the data update on 4/25 at 15:00, the jewel cost for additional trainings will be changed as well:

Before: 200, 500, 1000, 2000 (caps at 2000)
After: 100, 100, 200, 500, 1000 (caps at 1000)

Premium Quests for 4/21~4/28:

Sora & Riku KHII Illustrated Ver [EX] x 6

Sora & Riku KHII Illustrated [All Targets | 1 SP cost | 200~280%] For 1 turn: Increases Upright ATK+15, ATK+10 and Guilt+170%, decreases enemy DEF-10 and Speed DEF-15. Raises Counter+3, inflicts 1 hit that deals more damage with more HP 

Super BurstFor 1 turn: Increases Upright ATK+5, ATK+10, Speed ATK+10 and Guilt+200%

Sora & Chip & Dale [1 Target | 3 SP cost | 150~230%] For 1 turn: Increases Upright ATK+3, ATK+8 and Speed ATK+5, decrease enemy DEF-8 and Speed DEF-5. Inflicts 5 hits that deal more damage when set later in the deck

Super Burst: For 1 turn: Increases ATK+15 and Speed ATK+15. Activates before 3rd slot in PVP

KHIII Ansem [Random Target(s) | 5 SP cost | 200~280%] For 1 turn: Increases Reverse ATK+2, ATK+2, Power ATK+2 & Guilt+160%, decreases enemy Reverse DEF-2 & Power DEF-2. Inflicts 4 hits that deal more damage with more SP

Super Burst: Increases Guilt+200% (250% if SB+) for 1 turn, activates before the 5th slot in PVP

Special Super Growth & Evolution & Skill Growth & Munny quest

Union Cross is updated for 4/22~5/5! Clear quests to earn coins and redeem rewards like the Popcorn Hat accessory, which grants Rare Enemy Luck+2.

There are 4 sets of Cross Boards available:

(1) Magic Mirror set 1
=> Magic Mirror set 2
(2) Broom Servant set 1
=> Broom Servant set 2
(3) M_Popcorn Hat
(4) L_Popcorn Hat

Challenge Boss Time is held from 19:00~19:29 and 23:00~23:29 JST, during which players will receive more coins by defeating the boss.

Raid Event is held from 4/22~4/30! Defeat Trickmaster Sub to earn coins and redeem rewards like Broom Servants and Magic Mirrors.

This boss will be available during the following periods:

Other Time Periods

5 AP cost

90 AP cost


[Bonus Time] 0 AP cost

5 AP cost

Bonus Time will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00~12:59 and 22:00~22:59, during which AP costs 0, each defeat raises the boss's level by, and Lux greatly increases. 

Defeat Ramuh in new quests from 4/22~4/30 to get a special avatar title, Speed Gem, 2000 event coins and Skip Tickets.

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