3/8 Union χ JP Update: Draw Tickets, Skill Boards



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Nov 1, 2009
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10 Proud Mode quests have been added (No. 851~860). Clear the objectives to earn 1 of each gem and 25 Magic Mirrors

(For those who are curious, Proud Mode is now only 5 quests behind).

Draw Tickets have made their debut! Clear a daily quest from 3/8~3/24 to receive a Draw Ticket; use them in the Ticket Draw to pull a variety of medals, including enhancement and evolution medals.

Players can get up to 51 tickets during the event, which must be used during this period. The number of Draw Tickets in your inventory will be reset when the campaign ends 

Riku=Replica can now be upgraded to SB+! For this occasion, this medal's draw will be reprinted from 3/8~3/14.

There are 2 banners:

Standard: Bonus 10 VIP coins and 3 Magic Mirrors
Premium (VIP only): Riku=Replica guaranteed in 5 pulls with increased pull rates, bonus 10 VIP coins and 5 Magic Mirrors

Riku=Replica [All Targets | 6 SP cost], 150~230%] For 1 turn: Increases Reverse ATK+3, Speed ATK+7 and Guilt+100%, decreases enemy Reverse DEF-7, DEF-7 and Speed DEF-7. Recovers 3 SP, inflicts 4 hits that deal more damage against standalone targets, doesn't affect counters

Powerful skill boards are available from 3/8~3/31 for 2000 jewels each! 

Skill Board A
ATK XL V 100% Lux2 & ATK XL III 100%
Guard Up XL 100% Second Chance III
Triple Threat EX II  


Skill Board B
AB0 & ATK XL IV 100% AB1 & ATK XL IV 100%
AB2 & ATK XL IV 100% AB2 & ATK XL III 100%
Guard Up XL 100%  
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