3/4 Union χ JP Update: Premium Quests, <SB> Ventus HD Reprint



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Purchase any number of jewels from the shop during the period of 3/4~3/11 to receive Sora’s Skateboard! This will be distributed on 3/13 at 15:00 JST.

Special Super Growth & Evolution & Skill Growth & Munny quest returns to the Premium Quest lineup for 3/4~3/10! 

  • Evolution medals (Cheshire Cat, Merlin, Fairy Godmother, Yen Sid, Fantasia Mickey)
  • Experience boosting medals (Flora, Fauna, Merryweather)
  • Stat boosting medals (Chip, Dale)
  • Munny medals
  • Skill boosting effect in quest

Premium Quest from 3/4~3/10 features KHIII Ansem! This medal will be available in Premium Quest every week until 4/29.

KHIII Ansem [Random Target(s) | 5 SP cost | 200~280%] For 1 turn: Increases Reverse ATK+2, ATK+2, Power ATK+2 & Guilt+160%, decreases enemy Reverse DEF-2 & Power DEF-2. Inflicts 4 hits that deal more damage with more SP

Super Burst: Increases Guilt+200% (250% if SB+) for 1 turn, activates before the 5th slot in PVP

Premium Quest: Broom Servant x7, 3 Type of Magic Stone x 2 held from 3/4~3/10!

Ventus HD Ver returns from 3/4~3/10! Each pull guarantees 1 respective trait medal and 1 Tier7 ★7 medal.

There are 2 versions of each banner:

Standard: Bonus 10 VIP coins and 3 Magic Mirrors
Premium (VIP only): Ventus HD guaranteed in 10 pulls with increased pull rates, bonus 10 VIP coins and 5 Magic Mirrors

Ventus HD Ver [All Targets | 4 SP cost] For 2 turns: Increases Upright ATK+8, Speed ATK+15 and Guilt+140%, decreases enemy Upright DEF-15 and Speed DEF-15. Raises Counter+1, costs additional 2 SP, inflicts 3 hits that deal more damage against standalone targets

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