3/22 Union χ JP Update: <SB> Sora Starlight KHIII Ver Reprint, Event Updates



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Nov 1, 2009
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Celebrate Clarice's screen debut with new event quests from 3/21~3/27! Clear 7 quests to earn the Clarice Beret and Hugging Clarice accessories. 

Quest No.3 has been added to the Chasm of Challenges.

Sora Starlight KHIII Ver can now be upgraded to SB+! For this occasion, a reprint draw will be available from 3/22~3/31.

Each pull guarantees 1 KHIII medal or copy medal and 1 trait medal for Sora Starlight KHIII Ver.

There are two banners, in which players have a higher chance of getting Sora Starlight KHIII Ver and KHIII Sora MP Ver:

Standard: Bonus 10 Limited and regular VIP coins, 3 Magic Mirrors
Premium (VIP only): Sora Starlight KHIII Ver guaranteed in 5 pulls, increased pull rates for medals, bonus 10 Limited and regular VIP coins, 5 Magic Mirrors

Use the Limited VIP coins on special boards to get KHIII Sora MP Ver and KHIII Vanitas.

Sora Starlight KHIII Ver [ All Targets | 6 SP cost | 150~230%] For 1 turn: Increases Upright ATK+15, ATK+8, Power ATK+12 and Guilt+140%, decreases enemy Upright DEF-7, DEF-8 and Power DEF-12. Recoveres 3 SP, doesn't affect counters, inflicts 6 hits that deal more damage against standalone targets

Sora KHIII MP Ver [1 Target | 6 SP cost | 200~280%] For 1 turn: Increases Upright ATK+15, Magic ATK+15 and Guilt+160%, decreases enemy Upright DEF-15 and Magic DEF-15. Doesn't affect counters, 30% chance of nullifying enemy Guard Up skills, inflicts 7 hits that deal more damage with more HP

SB: Increases Guilt+200% (250% if SB+) for 1 turn. Activates before the 3rd slot in PVP

KHIII Vanitas [All Targets | 6 SP cost] For 1 turn: 
Overwrites Player with Reverse ATK+15, Speed ATK+15 
Overwrites enemy with Reverse DEF-15, Speed DEF-15
Increases Guilt+160%, raises Counter+1, inflicts 7 hits that deal more damage the more HP you have

SB: Increases Guilt+200% (250% if SB+) for 1 turn, raises Counter+10. While defending in PVP, this effect will activate before the 3rd slot.

KH celebrates its 17th anniversary on 3/28! To commemorate, the Ansem avatar boards will be returning from 3/23~4/1 for 1500 jewels.

(Second Chance II) x 1
(ABPrize & Attack Up XL) x 1
Magic Mirror x 5 Mickey & Broom Servants x 1
Broom Servant x 1 Sword Gem x 1
Huey & Dewey & Louie x 2 Cid5 x 2
Ansem costume x 1 Ansem's necklace x 1
Ansem's rear monster balloon x 1 Ansem's gloves x 1
Ansem Style x 1
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