2/7 Union χ JP Update: Valentine Campaign, Namine [EX+] Reprint



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Valentine's Day is coming up, so let's gift each other some chocolate! From 2/6~2/13, a special campaign will be held in which players can get Valentine Chocolate medals, or the top prize of 5000 jewels!

Part 1: Giving Valentine Chocolates

  1. Write a message to the person you'd like to give chocolates to
  2. Include their player ID like so: "ID ******"

Messages will be recorded on 2/13 from 17:00~19:00, so don't change them during that time!
Valentine Chocolate medals will be distributed on 2/14 at 15:00.

The Top 5 players who receive the most Valentine Chocolate medals will receive a special title!

  • Only players that started the game before 2/1/2019 are eligible to participate
  • Be sure to enter the ID properly in your message (ID ******) otherwise the other party will not receive your gift
  • Entries containing multiple IDs or your own ID will be disqualified

Part 2: Valentine Costume Contest

Post an image of your avatar in a Valentine-themed costume on Twitter. 10 lucky winners will receive 5000 jewels!

To enter:

  1. Take a screenshot of your avatar in-game.
    • Only 1 player can be in the screenshot (NPCs are acceptable)
    • Any setting is accepted: event scenes, battle scenes, etc
    • Players may edit the image but judging is based on the avatar's outfit
  2. Follow @KHUX_PR
  3. Tweet must include the following:
    • User ID
    • Any comment
    • Image
    • Hashtags #KHUX #KHUXバレンタインコンテスト2019

Test your skills in the Olympus Coliseum! From 2/7~2/13, clear 15 quests to earn Event Coins, Broom Servant and Magic Mirror medals.

For the remainder of the Event Coin campaign (ends 2/28 at 15:00), replenishing AP will cost just 50 jewels! 

10 Proud Mode quests have been added (No. 841~850). Clear the objectives to get 1 of each gem and 25 Magic Mirrors.

Check out the 20 most popular medals used by top ranked players in last month's coliseum (PVE).

Rank Medal Name
1 Kairi KHIII Ver
2 KHIII Sora
3  Namine [EX+]
4 Xion HD Ver
5 KHIII Young Xehanort
6 KHIII Olette
7 KHIII Phil
8 KHIII Riku
9 KHIII Pete
10 KHIII Pence
11 Auron Illustrated Ver
12 Ventus HD Ver
13 KHIII Donald
14 KHIII Shadow
15 KHIII Megara
16 KHIII Hayner
17 Yuffie KHII Ver
18 KHIII Woody
19 KHIII Goofy
20 Elsa

Namine [EX+] returns from 2/8~2/18 as a 5-pull mercy! Each pull guarantees 2 Tier7 ★7 medals, 10 VIP coins and 3 Magic Mirrors.
★3 and 4 medals will not be distributed from this draw 

Namine [EX+] [1 Target | 0 SP | 150~230%] For 3 turns: Increases Upright ATK+7, ATK+7, PSM ATK+7, DEF+2, PSM DEF+3 and Guilt+90%. Raises Counter+5, inflicts fixed damage. Changes the following medal to AOE.

Last week's party ranking rewards were accidentally distributed again at 2/8 around 18:10~19:00.

They are currently investigating the issue and will follow up with players as soon as possible.

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