2/11 Union χ JP Update: Premium Deals, Valentine Events



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From 2/11~2/17, players who purchase VIP will have access to the Free Daily Skill Draw! Pull once per day for a ★5 or 6 skill medal.

Aqua HD Ver Draws return from 2/11~2/17! Each pull guarantees 1 Tier7 ★7 medal and 1 Aqua HD Ver trait medal.

Two banners are available:

Standard: Bonus 10 VIP coins and 3 Magic Mirrors
Premium: Guarantees Aqua HD Ver in 10 pulls with increased pull rates, bonus 10 VIP coins and 5 Magic Mirrors

Aqua HD Ver [All Targets | 4 SP cost] For 2 turns: Increases Upright ATK+8, Magic ATK+15 and Guilt+140%, decreases enemy Upright DEF-15 and Magic DEF-15. Raises Counter+1, costs additional 2 SP, inflicts 3 hits that deal more damage against standalone targets


Special Super Growth & Evolution & Skill Growth & Munny quest returns to the Premium Quest lineup for 2/11~2/17! 

  • Evolution medals (Cheshire Cat, Merlin, Fairy Godmother, Yen Sid, Fantasia Mickey)
  • Experience boosting medals (Flora, Fauna, Merryweather)
  • Stat boosting medals (Chip, Dale)
  • Munny medals

Premium Quest from 2/11~2/17 features Sora & Peter Pan! Clear the quest to get 1 Sora & Peter Pan and 5 trait medals.

Sora & Peter Pan [All Targets | 3 SP cost | 150~230%] For 1 turn: Increases Upright ATK+3, ATK+8 and Power ATK+5, decreases enemy DEF-8 and Power DEF-5. Inflicts 6 hits that deal more damage against standalone targets

Super Burst (unlocked through evolution):

For 3 attacks: Overwrite Player with Upright ATK+15, ATK+15, Power ATK+15
Increases Guilt+200%. While defending in PVP, this activates before the 1st slot

Raid Boss Event is updated for 2/11~2/17! Defeat Cruel Sweets to earn coins and redeem rewards like the Runaround Hearts pet part!

Bonus Time is held from 12:00~12:59 and 22:00~22:59 JST, during which the boss's level will increase by 2 and Lux greatly increases.

Valentine Event is held from 2/11~2/17! Clear 7 quests to get Patissier Hats for pets, event coins, Broom Servants and Magic Mirror medals.

Union Cross is updated for 2/11~2/22! Clear quests to earn coins and redeem rewards like the Valentine Heart Balloon, which grants Drop Luck+3.

There are 4 sets of Cross Boards available:

(1) Magic Mirror set 1
=> Magic Mirror set 2
(2) Broom Servant set 1
=> Broom Servant set 2
(3) M_Valentine Heart Balloon
(4) L_Valentine Heart Balloon

Challenge Boss Time is held from 19:00~19:29 and 23:00~23:29 JST, during which players will receive more coins by defeating the boss.

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