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11/8 Union χ JP Update: <SB++> Sora CoM Ver, Daily Event



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CoM Special Draw from 11/8~11/18 features the first SB++ medal, SB++ Sora CoM Ver!

There are 2 banners:

Standard: Each pull guarantees 2 ★6 or 7 KHIII medals, 1 trait medal, 1 Wing Gem and 10 L/R VIP coins. Get SB++ Sora CoM Ver in 10 pulls.
Premium: Each pull guarantees 4 ★6 or 7 KHIII medals, 1 trait medal, 3 Wing Gems, 30 Limited VIP coins and 10 regulard VIP coins. Get SB++ Sora CoM Ver in 5 pulls.

SB++ medals can gain up to 5000 ATK and DEF with Chip and Dale medals. They also possess an updated Super Burst that is able to exploit enemy weaknesses to deal massive damage. For example, SB++ Sora CoM Ver being Speed-attribute allows his Super Burst to deal massive damage against against Magic-attribute enemies.

SB++ Sora CoM Ver [All Targets | 2 SP cost | T10] For 1 turn: Increases Upright Medal ATK+1500, Upright/General/Speed ATK+10 and Guilt+200%, decreases enemy DEF-10 and Speed DEF-10. Inflicts 13 hits that deal more damage with more HP

Super Burst: For 1 turn: Increases Upright Medal ATK+4500, Upright/General/PSM ATK+10 and Guilt+280%, decreases enemy Upright DEF-10 and DEF-10. Doesn't affect counters, activates before the 2nd slot in PVP

Daily Heartless Subjugation Event is held from 11/8~11/15! Clear the quests every day to earn up to 35 gems!

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