10/29 Union χ JP Update: Unlimited Play, Terra=Xehanort B, Skill Draws



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Updated 10/30/2018: PVP time limit has been extended from 5 minutes to 7 minutes!

However, when only a single Keyblade is used, it will remain at 5 minutes.

The Unlimited Play campaign returns from 10/29~11/4! During this time, the following are in effect:

  • AP cost for all quests is set to 0
  • AP cost for all Raid Bosses is set to 0
  • Experience obtained in medal synthesis is doubled
  • Munny cost for medal synthesis is halved
  • Guilt bonuses is set to a higher range
Guilt Type Normal Bonus Campaign Bonus
Guilt 8 150~230% 190~230%
Guilt 7 120~200% 160~200%
Guilt 6 100~180% 140~180%
Guilt 5 80~150% 100~150%
Guilt 4 60~130% 90~130%
Guilt 3 40~100% 70~100%
Guilt 2 20~50% 30~50%
Guilt 1 10~25% 15~25%

Premium Quest from 10/29~11/4 offers Terra=Xehanort B! Get 2 ★6 Terra=Xehanort B, 8 Trait Medal #58 and 1400 jewels.

Players who purchase the Bonus Jewel Pack will also receive 1 Gold Ticket, to be distributed on 11/5 at 15:00 JST.

Terra=Xehanort B [1 Target | 0 AP cost] For 1 attack: Increases Reverse ATK+7, ATK+7 and Power ATK+7, decreases enemy Reverse DEF-7, DEF-7 and Power DEF-7. Raises Counter+10, inflicts 3 hits that deal more damage against standalone targets.

This medal is capable of 150~230% Guilt and has 3 trait slots.

Skill Draws are available from 7/27~7/31! Each draw comes with 5 ★6 medals and a guaranteed skill. Players are limited to 1 draw of each banner per day, which comes with 5 VIP coins.

Skills being offered are Attack Up XL IV, Second Chance 100%, AB0 & ATK XL III 100%, Lux & ATK XL II 100%, Poison EX II 100%, Paralyze EX II 100%, Sleep EX II 100%.

The ★6 medals may also come with one of the following abilities attached:

Attack Up M Guard Up M
Ability Prize Up Ability2
Poison EX Paralyze EX
Sleep EX

Raise Draws return to normal. Each pull guarantees 1 featured Premium between Tier3~8, 1 gem of the corresponding attribute and 3 VIP coins.

[EX], [EX+] and medals can be obtained from these draws.

Draw Type Bonus Guarantees
Raise Draw (Power) Sword Gem x 1
 VIP coin x 3
1 limited Power medal
Raise Draw (Speed) Wing Gem x 1
 VIP coin x 3
1 limited Speed medal
Raise Draw (Magic) Mystic Gem x 1
 VIP coin x 3
1 limited Magic medal

★5 and Under Medal Challenge is held from 10/29~11/4! Clear 10 quests using ★5 or under medals to earn rewards like Huey & Dewey & Louie.