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10/19 Union χ JP Update: Premium Quests, SB++ Axel, Reprinted Avatars, Event Updates



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Premium Quests for 10/19~10/25:

Purchasing the Bonus Jewel Pack will give you access to a free draw for 9/7 only. Players are limited to 1 pull, which guarantees 1 of the following medals and comes with 1 bonus Wing Gem:

SB++ KHIII Kairi
SB++ Zexion Illustrated Ver
SB++ KHIII Sora SF Ver
SB++ Master Eraqus
SB++ Xemnas
SB++ Ansem CoM Ver
SB++ Key Art #23
SB++ KHIII Vanitas
SB++ Xemnas B
SB++ KHIII Ansem the Wise
SB++ Key Art #24
SB++ KHIII Gambler
SB++ Master Xehanort

Egyptian Earring (Rare Enemy Luck+2)

Ghost Cookie x 100

Rainbow Gem x 1

Guard Up XL IV 100%

Material Quest is now available, offering the following:

Medals: Cid10, Chip & Dale SP Ver, Huey & Dewey & Louie, Broom Servant, Fantasia Mickey, Moogle
Subslot Medals: [Tier10] Reverse P/S/M x 1 each
Sun Gem x 5
Moon Gem x 5

Falling Price SB++ Special Draw from 10/19~11/2 features SB++ Axel! Each pull guarantees 3 SB+ or higher medals, 3 Sword Gems and 10 L/R VIP coins. Get SB++ Axel within 10 pulls.

SB++ Axel [All Targets | 3 SP cost | T10] Activates the ability of the medal set 3 spaces earlier. If the copy fails, for 1 turn: increases All Medal ATK+10000, Reverse/General/PSM ATK+15 and Guilt+220%, decreases enemy Reverse/General/PSM DEF-15. Inflicts 13 hits.

(AOE) Super Burst: For 1 turn: Increases All Medal ATK+12000, Reverse/General ATK+15 and Guilt+320%, decreases enemy Reverse/General DEF-15. Pierces Guard. Activates before the 1st slot in PVP

Falling Price Revival Draw is available from 10/19~10/31! Each pull guarantees 3 SB+ or higher medals, 3 Wing Gems and 10 L/R VIP coins. Get SB++ Axel [AllSB++ Key Art #24, Xemnas B, KHIII Sora SFS Ver or Master Eraqus within 3 pulls.

More reprinted avatars return from 10/19~10/31! Get Halloween Cat Armor, Halloween Goofy and Werewolf avatars for 1500 jewels each! The hat and mask sets are 600 and 900 jewels respectively.

Halloween Cat Armor
(Attack XL V) × 1
(Lux2 & ATK XL III 100%) × 1
(Guard Up XL III) × 1
Magic Mirror★6 × 5
Mickey & Broom Servants★6 × 1 Broom Servant★5 × 1
Mystic Stone x 1 Huey & Dewey & Louie★6 x 2
Cid5★6 x 1  Halloween Cat Armor × 1
 Halloween Cat Armor helmet x 1  Halloween Cat Armor chain x 1
 Halloween Cat Armor glove x 1  Halloween Cat Armor Style x 1

Halloween Goofy
(Lux & Attack Up L) x 1

(Poison EX) x 1
(Paralyze EX) x 1
(Sleep EX) x 1
Magic Mirror★6 x 5 Mickey & Broom Servant★6 x 1
Broom Servant★5 x 1 Magic Stone x 1
Huey & Dewey & Louie★6 x 3 Halloween Goofy costume x 1
Halloween Goofy Hat x 1 Halloween Goofy Nose Glasses x 1
Halloween Goofy Mask x 1  


Werewolf coordinates
(Lux & Attack Up XL II) x 1
(Ability Prize & Attack L 100%) x 1
(Guard Up M 100%) x 1
Magic Mirror★6 x 5
Mickey & Broom Servants★6 x 1 Broom Servant★5 x 1
Sword Stone x 1 Huey & Dewey & Louie★6 x 2
Cid5★6 x 1 Werewolf coordinates x 1
Werewolf ears x 1 Werewolf mouth x 1
Werewolf scarf x 1 Werewolf tail x 1


Pointed Hat set
Pointed Bat Hat x 1 Pointed Pumpkin Hat x 1 Scrooge★6
(Guard Up L) x 1
Panic Mask set
M_Panic Mask L_Panic Mask Scrooge★6
(Lux & Attack Up M) x 1

Clear the challenges in today's Guerilla Event to get 50 Ghost Cookies and 10 Wing Gems.


Organization XIII Union Cross will be held today only! Defeat Luxord to get Cross coins and redeem 100 Ghost Cookies.

Lux Ranking Special Reward Week returns for 10/19~10/25! Get up to 50 Ghost Cookies by ranking as high as you can in the Solo Rankings.

BIG Bonus Challenge returns from 10/19~10/31! Clear the challenges to earn up to 5000 jewels and Ghost Cookies.

Quest No. Rewards
1 Jewel x 500
Ghost Cookie x 10
Huey & Dewey & Louie x 10
2 Jewel x 500
Ghost Cookie x 10
Cid x 10
3 Jewel x 600
Ghost Cookie x 10
Dale x 5
4 Jewel x 700
Ghost Cookie x 10
Chip x 5
5 Jewel x 800
Ghost Cookie x 10
Dale x 5
6 Jewel x 900
Ghost Cookie x 10
Chip x 5
7 Jewel x 1000
Ghost Cookie x 10
Wing Gem x 1
? Ghost Cookie x 30 total

High Score Event is held from 10/19~10/27! Ranking rewards have also been revamped and Rainbow Gems are now being offered. Players can also get gems and the ATK XL XI 100% skill.

As special Halloween Rewards, players can also get up to 100 Ghost Cookies, the Egyptian Necklace pet part and a commemorative title.

Raid Event is updated for 10/19~10/25! Defeat the Trickmaster subspecies to earn coins and get up to 50 Ghost Cookies as well as some reprinted Halloween medals.