10/12 Union χ JP Update: Story Update, Economy Draw, Maleficent Dragon



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Nov 1, 2009
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5 story quests (No. 841~845) have been added!

A limited mission will be available from 10/11~10/21! Clear main quest No.845 to earn 500 jewels and 1 Mickey & Broom Servants.

The 0 AP campaign will also be held during this period.

The difficulty level of these bosses have been adjusted:

Quest No. Enemy Party Member
815 Maleficent Dragon Prince Phillip
825 Gear Golem Hercules
835 Trick Master, Emerald Sonata  
840 Martial Ape  

5 quests have been added to the Chasm of Challenges.

Economy Draw is held from 10/12~10/15! Pull once per day to get 5 ★7 medals! Each pull guarantees 1 Tier5~7 ★7 medal and 5 VIP coins.

It's also possible to get and [EX] medals from this draw.

Maleficent Dragon avatar boards return from 10/12~10/19 for 2000 jewels each!

Maleficent Dragon
(Ability 0) x 1
(Second Chance II) x 1
(Ability 2 & Attack Up XL 100%) x 1
Magic Mirror6 x 5
Mickey & Broom Servants6 x 1 Broom Servant5 x 1
Sword Stone x 1 Huey & Dewey & Louie6 x 2
Cid56 x 2 Maleficent Dragon costume x 1
Maleficent Dragon style x 1 Hugging Maleficent Dragon x 1


Category Avatar Part Name Luck Type Effect Value
Hand Hugging Maleficent Dragon Skill Luck +3