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  1. Chakolat Strawberry


    did all of you forget me (i think i made a thread like this a few months ago but i don't remember) ANYWAY HI I'M BACK I THINK
  2. Chakolat Strawberry

    does anyone still care about me

    yeah i haven't been here in forever and i haven't talked to almost anyone on KHI in months i'm gonna be more active now hopefully hi guys :)
  3. Chakolat Strawberry

    this is so beautiful

    CD2LRROpph0 which seat should i take???
  4. Chakolat Strawberry

    two friggin' years on here

    noone's probably gonna care since today's new years but damn where does the time go <3 you guise
  5. Chakolat Strawberry

    Help/Support ► i hate schools that try too hard to make themselves look good.

    since noone in real life aren't helping at all i might as well go here... So, in my state, we have to take this known as CAPT. (Connecticut Academic Performance Test aka shitty test to show off test grades in snobby rich towns) We take two practice tests before the real CAPT in September and...
  6. Chakolat Strawberry

    ~ ♥/ Terra's boobs I mean Pecs Fanclub \♥~

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG aren't they soso delicous ~~~~~~~~~~~~ members ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Strawberry Lucious Malfoy Smile impart-distart TheLight aquaftw1414 Weeaboo King Sora X khlover7 Jelai
  7. Chakolat Strawberry

    happy birthday to...

    (his birthday is actually tomorrow, but it is tomorrow in aussieland so yeah) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ HAPPY BIRFDAY CALLUM/SHINKORO! WAIT I MEAN SHINKIRO SORRY (even though you get to be awesome dog too but ok) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ You gotta love this aussie. Happy birthday, man (: I LOVE YOU...
  8. Chakolat Strawberry

    ~-* The Xigbar/Braig Fanclub (2.0) *-~

    no, not the pairing. I welcome you to... ~-* The Xigbar/Braig Fanclub (2.0) *-~ (c) psycrowe on dA The Organization's no. II and one of the six apprentices of Ansem the Wise. Join now. This awesome, easygoing sniper needs more love! ♥ ~-*founder*-~ Watson ~-*members*-~ (36 and...
  9. Chakolat Strawberry

    ~ Xemnas ♥ Kingdom Hearts Fanclub ~ "because it's a lovely obession"

    i have NO idea how KHI missed that but okay C'mon, you see him treat that thing like his wife. Everytime he talks to it, he has an orgasm (those arm movements and complimenting it and stuff) COME ON I KNOW YOU LIKE IT D: flskjD;KDLVGSFDL;KGJ -founder- Strawberry -members- (9 and growing)...
  10. Chakolat Strawberry

    What game should I get?

    Getting a game for the first time in a while. It's kind of rare that I get to buy a new game so I want to make the best choice, but I'm not too sure about what to get. So it would be nice if you can help me choose. Persona 3 Portable (heard it was good, and I want to see what it's like playing...
  11. Chakolat Strawberry

    ~< The Riku/Xion Hateclub >~ "I JUST MET YOU, GODAMMIT"

    I welcome you to... ~< The Riku/Xion Hateclub >~ NOTE: The quote in spoilers don't contain spoilers of Birth By Sleep or Coded. I just don't want the OP getting too big. [our reasons] Because some people don't think it's kinky. Because it ruins Riku's character and makes him OOC [a...
  12. Chakolat Strawberry

    the Sora/Roxas/Xion/Ventus fanclub ~ "because everyone loves selfcest!"

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Other selfcest pairings you might like: ♥ Naminé/Kairi ♥ Riku/Repliku ♥ Xehanort/Xemnas/Ansem SoD/Master Xehanort/Terra/Rikunort ♥ Riku/Vanitas ♥ Saix/Isa ♥ Axel/Lea Members: Strawberry*|khlover7|Gesso|loke13|NeoEevee dragonsclaw
  13. Chakolat Strawberry

    ~<3 The Xemnas/Saïx Fanclub <3~ "the master and his servant"

    because i am bored and godam sorika has one so like uhh ~<3 The Xemnas/Saïx Fanclub <3~ Because it fits banner (yes, banner) [c] HotPinkMidNite (?) from YouTube -Founder- Strawberry -Members- Sol Araliya khlover7 Smile Seeshinamaru13 Zeagal RoseateDawn midget00999 Lord Marluxia...
  14. Chakolat Strawberry

    :~+ ✖ The Terra Fanclub 2.0 ✖+~:

    Remade because the previous owner stopped updating the old club. welcome to... :~+ ✖ the Terra fanclub ✖ +~: epic banner (c) future (c) Silverslide :~+ ✖ members ✖ +~: 58 members and growing Future|aqualight|Shinra X-2|Apollo|Nero khlover7|King Sora X|Strawberry|Traskix|Lonbilly...
  15. Chakolat Strawberry


    (doing this a day early because I'm busy tomorrow. bleh) that's right KHI, it's been ONE WHOLE YEAR since i joined (1/1/09) i feel so old now (not really) so uhh, thanks everyone, for supporting me throughout this year. really, alot has happened <3 eight name changes, been a mod two times...
  16. Chakolat Strawberry

    ~ ♦ RAX [roxas.axel.xion] fanclub ♦ ~

    Welcome to the... ~ ♦ RAX [roxas.axel.xion] fanclub ♦ ~ fawn over the picture now..FAWN OVER IT Coming to each other when they need help Eating ice cream and watching the sunset together on the clock tower Sticking up to each other through thick and thin. Putting each other's necks on...
  17. Chakolat Strawberry

    ~:Saïx Fanclub~

    (because he's the last Organization member without an FC...D:) Welcome to the... ~:Saïx Fanclub:~ The Luna Diviner (really huge) banner (c) Skye ~:Members:~ (28 and growing) Strawberry*|Traskix|Noich|Cinollex Skye|Seraph|sassysis10|infinity sign Rabgix|midget0099|Lonbilly|saix-insanefan...
  18. Chakolat Strawberry

    parental controls is EVIL

    umm yeah i start school on monday, then i start my other school on wednesday, and my dad is only giving me an hour or two on the computer (except weekends) and yeah, since i get the twice as much homework, i probably won't be able to go on the computer on that hour so...i'll be on alot less. :/...
  19. Chakolat Strawberry

    ~[★]The Lolita Fanclub[★]~ (formerly known as AVT101)

    Dear God, how many FCs have I made D: BECAUSE SHE'S SO GATDAM AWESOME SHE DESERVES IT :D I welcome you to the fanclub of.. Lolita (click for her profile!) She makes such awesome tags (you should like, request something from here) and she's one of the nicest peoples I've ever met online <3 and...
  20. Chakolat Strawberry

    So you ask why people hate Kairi. Well, why do people like Kairi?

    No, I didn't make this just because of the previous "Why do people hate Kairi?" thread, but because there's multiple threads on this topic. Why I hate Kairi? Well, Smile's essay and the Kairi HC sums it up. Same might go with the majority of the Kairi haters on KHI. Question to Kairi fans (or I...