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    What order?

    I remember them saying that there was an order to play the characters in but I am not exactly sure. Can anyone help me on this?
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    My Birthday

    I just wanted to inform everyone that my birthday is tomorrow May 3rd and I shall be 26.
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    Left 4 Dead rp sign-up thread

    Left 4 Dead surrounds four people who work together to survive against hordes of zombies. But these aren't your ordinary zombies. These zombies are fast. They will run up to you to try and kill you. Also there are four special kinds of zombies called the infected. Each unique in appearance and...
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    Persona 3

    Persona 3 is an awesome game. I really enjoy playing it. Although the questions that they ask you in school are difficult. Stuff I have no idea about. At the moment I have deated the mini boss on floor 85 of Tartarus and I am at lv.30. Has anyone else played this game? And if so what do you...
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    Organization XIII Coat

    I remember on a thread there was a link to a site where one could buy a custom fit organization XIII coat. Unfortunately I do not remember which thread it was in. Any idea how I can find the link? Thanks.
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    Hi everyone. I am letting everyone know that Saturday is my birthday. ^_^ I will be young 25. =D
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    Resident Evil 4 RP

    Rock had arrived in Europe a week ago. He knew what his mission was. To find Ashley Grahm. The president's daughter who was kidnapped recently. It appears that some kind of cult or radical group is responsible for the deed. He knew that he couldn't fail this mission. His honor and pride as a...
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    Resident Evil 4 Sign up Thread

    Sigh. Why did this have to happen? You have escaped the many dangers involving zombies and monsters. You work for the government. Your goal is to protect the president's daughter and she is kidnapped. That is why you are now in a rural area of Europe. Your goal is to find Ashley and bring her...
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    Something Different

    If there was something that you would have liked to have seen or something changed, what would it be? Perhaps something removed or something added. This can revolve around all 3 games.
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    Sora's Memories

    I just had an interesting thought. Sora fought and defeated Organization XIII in kh2. Yet he only fought 7 of the members and encountered one. Did he ever wonder what happened to the other members. Or if he did remember what happened in Com, would that change his feelings and opinions about the...
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    Luxord in 358/2 Days

    It seems that you will be able to choose different organization members to battle with. Different members have different weapons and powers. So if Luxord would battle, what would he do for attacks?
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    Lexaeus-The Silent Hero

    This has been troubling me for a while now. So I decided to see what everyone else thinks. Every member of the organization had a title with their. I just don't understand why Lexaeus got the title of silent hero. Especially since that he was a villain.
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    Merry Christmas ^_^

    I would like to wish everyone on the KH site a very Merry Christmas. I hope that your holiday is a special one. ^_^
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    Vexen Fanclub

    This is a fanclub dedicated to my favorite organization member. #4 Vexen. ^_^ Here we can talk about how great this character was and what he contributed to the organization. Enjoy. Members: Ansemjafar Dawning Twilight Saphirawings khluva010 Neo
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    I HATE axel Fanclub

    I know that many people have different opinions about the 13 organization members. There are different clubs out there for fans of the members. My club is a little different. If you hate Axel then you can join my club. I will welcome anyone who hates #8 of the organization. I hope that everyone...
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    Hurt/Heal Contest. Organization XIII Round 2

    Hi everybody. Again I wish to congratulate Demyx who survived the first contest. I am doing this over again to see if the outcome will be the same. Rules are the same. You can only hurt one member and heal another. Only one hurt/heal per day. Good luck Organization XIII Xemnas-20 Xigbar-20...
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    Help/Support ► Can anyone help me?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could me advice on how they feel about my topic. You see I am very shy and not very talkative. My self-esteem is low. I try to be positive but it is hard. Also I am single. I feel that I won't meet a nice girl that likes me for me. Another issue I think...
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    The New Organization

    A tall figure walked along the streets of the brightly lit Twilight Town. His feet echoed along the path that he was traveling. Despite the sun shining above, he was the only visible person. The reason for this was that it was Midnight and everyone was slumbering in their cozy beds. This suited...
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    The New Organization Sign-Ups

    Namine used her powers to restore Sora's memories. Sora, Donald, and Goofy traveled to many worlds. They battle countless heartless and nobodies. They faced powerful enemies both old and new. Sora Kairi and Riku were finally reunited thanks in part to Namine. Sora battled Organization XIII and...
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    Buy a PSP?

    Hi. I was wondering if I should buy a PSP. I am a little interested due to the fact that a Kingdom Hearts game will be released on the system. Please offer any advice or suggestions. Also I already own a DS.