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  1. skyfoxx

    Zelda CDI games are being remade in HD!

    Welp, if you ever thought that maybe Nintendo was making too many "remakes" or "HD versions," then guess what...? LINK: The Faces of Evil and ZELDA: The Wand of Gamelon get the same treatment now! And I don't know about you guys, but this is looking like it'll be Nintendo's most interesting...
  2. skyfoxx

    I'm back!!!

    Hello all ya'll! After having an absence of over two years, I am now back! (the crowd goes "booooo") If anyone is at all curious, I recently returned home after serving a 2-year mission for the LDS church. Anyone who knows the lifestyle of a mormon missionary knows that we are prohibited from...
  3. skyfoxx

    Riku's Keyblade

  4. skyfoxx

    The many faces of Xehanort

    So, I've been seeing a ton of theories/discussions/etc. on the different forms of Xehanort. One that recently caught my attention was a theory stating that if Terra comes back, he might look just like Xemnas but with the brown hair and blue eyes. However, I'm one of the few that really doesn't...
  5. skyfoxx

    Halloween Style (Gangnam Style parody)

    Well, if any of you have seen my entry for the KHInsider Halloween contest, you'll know that my costume for this year was PSY. And of course, how could I NOT take advantage of my costume by making a Gangnam Style video like everyone else is and relate it to Halloween...
  6. skyfoxx

    The Adventures of Garosh (Auditions here!)

    THE ADVENTURES OF GAROSH (We Want You) Hello everyone! Me and a few other friends are currently working on an animated series known as The Adventures of Garosh. It is a dark comedy taking place in the fantasy world known as Tenretni. It's basically you're typical fantasy/medieval...
  7. skyfoxx

    A weird KH3D dream

    Well, I remember reading a few other threads a while back ago about people having dreams about KH3D and sharing them, so I figured I'd share the weird one I just had last night. I basically dreamt up a trailer, although while I was dreaming I was thinking it was a trailer for KH3... but when I...
  8. skyfoxx

    BBS Website 100% complete

    NOTE: I have been gone from the forums for a while so I don't know if this has been posted yet or not. If it has, I greatly apologize! Today, I clicked on the BBS website for no reason to then find out that now the wallpapers that were missing are now all there. All of the "question" or blank...
  9. skyfoxx

    What will you do before BBS's release?

    Just a random topic I thought of. What are you going to do to ease the wait for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep to reach NA/EU/PAL? For me, starting in August I'm going to play all the KH games (besides Coded since that's impossible for me to do) in reverse chronological order. Meaning that I'll...
  10. skyfoxx

    BBS: BIG 3D Project

    UPDATE: I plan on working on a big project: Re-creating the Keyblade Graveyard climax on Birth by Sleep on all three scenarios in as good CGI as I can get. This goes from when Terra confronts Xehanort all the way down to when Aqua, Ven, Mickey and Terranort disappear. Because this is such a...
  11. skyfoxx

    Sora and Xehanort's similarities

    For some reason, it took me this long to find out that Sora and Xehanort have A LOT in common. I found it interesting so I just felt like sharing the similarities they both have: 1. They both are keyblade weilders (MX, Terra and Sora) 2. They both commited suicide by stabbing themselves (MX...
  12. skyfoxx

    *FANGAME* Kingdom Hearts Generation of Guardians

    Well, I wasn't sure where else to put in the forums so I decided to put it here. Kingdom Hearts Generation of Guardians is a fangame I made using the software RPG Maker XP. It was finished in about late November and I came up with the story before BBS and 358/2 days came out. So if anything from...
  13. skyfoxx

    ...Wow, I have been gone a long time. :o

    Hello, this is Skyfoxx, AKA TheRPGPlayer (in other forums).I figured I'd make this topic because I haven't been to this forum for about 3-4 years. Since I have been gone that long, I guess it is fair to call me a noob since the site has changed a bit. About me: I'm a Kingdom Hearts fan...
  14. skyfoxx

    What are the Action Replay codes?!

    I keep looking on Youtube and KH-Vids and I see these Action Replay party codes. Like Axel in the party. I got the codes for Axel and Xigbar, but what about the other codes: Leon, Tifa, Cloud, Demyx, Twilight Thorn, Hydra, est. YouTube - Haunted by the twlight thorn YouTube - Sora and Leon vs...
  15. skyfoxx

    The Sims 2 Body shop- HELP!

    Body shop was included on the Sims 2 game, but it won't work on the new computer I have. And I keep going on google and other stuff, but I can't find any downloads for the Sims 2 body shop Vista version! Can anyone send a link or something?:bored:
  16. skyfoxx

    Kingdom Hearts on Sims 2?

    I watched some videos with Kingdom Hearts characters in the Sims 2 that look EXACTLY like them! The hair, the face, even the clothes and weapons! Does anyone know how to do that?:confused: Here are the videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM0Zj9QMM7I...
  17. skyfoxx

    Should I get FF X-2?

    I beat FFX, so I figured about playing the sequel. One of my cousins said it's stupid, so I tried to find more information about it, but I couldn't find any. So... do you think it's worth it? I just want to know if it would seem fun or not or something.
  18. skyfoxx

    FFX: How do I find Dark Aeons

    I just saw these videos from FFX where you are fighting Dark Aeons. How do you get to fight them?
  19. skyfoxx

    Final Fantasy X Cutscenes

    Hello. I'm trying to make a clip or Trailer on Final Fantasy X, and Ign.com doesn't have all the scenes. I heard of a site KH-Vids.net, so is there some site that has all FFX Scenes like KH-Vids.net?
  20. skyfoxx

    If you were making KH3, what would you add.

    If you were making Kingdom Hearts 3, what would you add? What Worlds would be there, how many visits there are there, what keyblades are there, what Drive Forms are there, what Characters you play as, ya' know! For me... Worlds: Destiny Islands (3 Visits) Disney Castle (2 Visits) Neverland (2...