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    Help/Support ► Need help

    Well i want to be a singer my friend had a gig for me but i didnt show got scared., I think id be good at writing lyrics but i have a deep voice so yeah. I wanna sound like patrick stump fall out boys singer and lyric style but im scared. Help
  2. C

    Comics ► Superman Vs Wolverine.

    Always wondered this never got a good answer.
  3. C

    Womens rights are to powerful.

    Women in US history have been through the sufferage movement and have had to fight for rights. comiBut lately after being put in ail for a domestic Ive been thinking maybe women have too much power. Ill explain. If any harm is thought to be coming to a woman they calll the police and the man...
  4. C

    I dont know what to do in this situation.

    Ok so Im a fulltime student. I get unlimited bus rides due to this and yeah. Now one class I might fail as of now due to attendence and absenses. Two of the 4 absenses were due to me getting robbed and being scared. I traverse a bad neighborhood to go to school. Anyways I looked at the syllabus...
  5. C

    The meaning of courage.

    Is courage when you stand up for something and take the outcome or is just being underpressure? What warrants courage and is it tied to ones resolve.
  6. C

    Ethnic Studies

    So im looking at some of the dumbest laws ever signed into the world and this one struck me as the oddest shit I ever heard of. Apprently theres a ban on the class(in some sorts) sorry for not including that. My personal view is its crazy to limit a childrens mind in such a stupid way. Schools...
  7. C

    Random character

    Felt like making a new character for no reason. Did this on ms paint with a mouse got bored on paper. Plus since its a new project I wanted to see how it looked to others.
  8. C

    Whose in control and whats the purpose.

    WHo is in control of Xehanort? And did MX have this all planned out to begin with? Myt heory is that Terra was in control at the apprentice stage thus causing the ORG to start then the mind of MX and Terra split Heartless is MX nobody is Terra. Terra now has his body and soul but he needs his...
  9. C


    So i was drawing a bit and i started to remmber a lecture I had during my pre-college evaluation period about how most famous artists or writers or whatever were in some form or fashion crazy. This makes me think of how artists are associated with such things as the devil and sorts for seeing...
  10. C

    Help/Support ► Question about college loans

    Ok lets say you got stafford loans and you never signed a promissory note. What does that mean? If you were to get kicked out would that mean those loans dont matter since you never signed the MPN?
  11. C


    What are your feelings toward it? For me I dont know I mean im living in one right now and its become a way of life to live through it and its like second nature. You learn to deal with it and move on. To me the fact that it exists can not be stopped obviously because well its impossible to...
  12. C


    Honestly answer me this why do people learn stuff or assume stuff just because of the media? Why do people always think what the media prottrays. Here are some questions. 1.Do you think Hitler was really that evil? 2. Do you think he had a right to defend his people? 3. Do you think he should...
  13. C

    Im trying to piece this all together....

    What if Xemanort is the true being doing all of this. What if 3D is his corrupting of Riku...
  14. C

    SPOILERS Why BBS is good and bad

    Ok i have the game currently playing through vens story. Almost done with it on medium only been playing about 7 hours... This game has pros and cons. Good things- Easy system to pick up Nice moves Different fighter styles (speed rave, lightning bolt,fire blazer) Easy interface Summons/ d-links...
  15. C


    Ok am I the only one getting sick and tired of the worlds or at least my schools view on it? Apparently Im stupid because I have a low GPA. To be smart you need a 4.0 im no where near that. Ive been labeled dumb by adults and peers. But to teachers and and strangers who hear my speech and ask me...
  16. C

    Who thinks KH should have random encounters??

    I think KH would be more realistic with them >_>
  17. C

    What if days did hint at something?

    It just dawned on me that days might have given us a clue as to who Vanitas is I think hes a doll that has Vens memories perhaps alot like Xion?
  18. C

    Im wondering

    What makes you people think this game will be the best KH game? I just dont see it?
  19. C

    This makes sense.

    Note i swear this is not a troll. I know im known for it but i swear this isnt one. We know Xehanort is one guy. But hes two. MX and Terra. One side of the coin favors the old guy the other favors the other warrior. If you think about it KH has powers beyond even Soras unstanding IE the...
  20. C

    Who else thinks BBS is KH1 with different characters?

    Im starting to get that vibe. I mean everything is repeating itsself. Anyone else got this vibe?