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  1. Katsagu

    Where Kingdom Hearts is failing

    Disney just has to stop being filler. And while the current formula exists I don't see that happening unfortunately. They need to legit get rid of the "world order" and movie rehashs and start implementing both IPs (Disney and FF) in creative ways that boost the story. Because if nomura wants...
  2. Katsagu

    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - Chaos reigns in 2022 on PS5|PS4, XBOX S|X, XBOX ONE, PC

    I honestly just wish the main characters looked better... I hate their designs.
  3. Katsagu

    E3 in june..

    I know they said they didn't want MoM DLC, but I would also really enjoy this. And it would be a smaller announcement that could happen. MoM still feels incomplete to me thanks to the lack of KH3 music.
  4. Katsagu

    E3 in june..

    I really want to see something KH related today, but I'm fully prepared for nothing.
  5. Katsagu

    What Would Make You Give Up On Kingdom Hearts?

    At this point, honestly I don't think there's "one specific thing" that will make me quit. This series has been a constant in my life for so long, that either I just grow out of the series with the passing of time, or I'll be in this train for a long long time.
  6. Katsagu

    Does anybody know when Global is updating?

    They really just dropped the finale without a message on twitter or anything...
  7. Katsagu

    Favorite KH youtuber?

    I really like damo because of his UX content. It was thanks to him that I was able to keep up honestly. I also really enjoyed Soraalam1 content and still catch some of his streams. I hate theory videos. Wow I know what I'll be watching for the next week. Thank you very much for pointing me to...
  8. Katsagu

    How are you feeling about the future of KH?

    That's the thing, I'm not saying it was different with UX's story or that it changed the formula. What I'm saying is that, this is like the best moment to actually fix those things. Just because the past contains all of those things (data worlds, ark time travel, etc) doesn't mean they have to...
  9. Katsagu

    How are you feeling about the future of KH?

    I really hope that disney wanting to open their IP's creatively means great things to KH. I'm honestly totally done with movie retellings, that can't keep on going. I really hope KH has a series doesn't end up being stuck in that because "every other game was like that". I think the problem is...
  10. Katsagu

    How are you feeling about the future of KH?

    So with the completion of UX, joined with Re:Mind and MoM. It is fair to say we have a good base to figure out some of the stuff that will be happening going forward. The question now would be: do you like the direction the series is taking? And what are your hopes based on what we know? For...
  11. Katsagu

    KHUX ► Now that UX has officially ended, how would you like to see the story preserved after the app shutsdown?

    Full blown KH game. The cutscenes of this game just are way to static to be properly enjoyed as the game is now (not taking anything away from the dev team, just the style doesn't lend well to such lengthy cutscenes), so only leaving the cutscenes as is on an app feels a bit meh to em. A movie...
  12. Katsagu

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    Well that's just incredible
  13. Katsagu

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    Honestly, I'm sure you're posting this in good fun. But I'm actually surprised people enjoyed this Player -> Xehanort thing. It's like the worst development that came out of this to me.
  14. Katsagu

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but goddamn UX. How dare you. That was honestly great. Way better than it had any right to be. I'm still happy that UX is over, but this ending almost made it worth it. On the ending, I really loved that dream eater reveal, most "HOLY SHIT" moment from it...
  15. Katsagu

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    On a sidenote, it's clear KH has a series learned nothing about splitting story through multiple games. If anything it's kinda worse now. Since the setup is done on a DLC, Rhythm game and mobile game that will stop being a game. And I'm here for it all.
  16. Katsagu

    KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Finale

    Me trying not to look at what happens in the finale while also seeing the incredible reaction ITT. This sounds just incredible. If this is as great as many people here say, I really hope a full blown remake happens that can make this justice.
  17. Katsagu

    (SPOILERS) KINGDOM HEARTS Union X Final: Part 1

    Luxu was kind of beast in that cutscene. Sad they cut before he fights darkness. Also interested to see the implications of Ephemer getting that keyblade. Bring on Part 2 come on.
  18. Katsagu

    The Prologue

    I'm not saying Xehanort can't have a prologue. I mean, I don't think he deserves one, I think Xehanort's development as a bad guy was pretty much done on BBS, his objetive for 3 was also explained in DDD and nothing he does in this game strays away from what we know about him from those games...
  19. Katsagu

    E3 in june..

    I can honestly see a CG teaser or something with a drop title. More than that? Nah.