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    Sora's Forms in Christmas Town

    What do Sora's forms look like in christmas town? Does going into valor make your suit red,blue for wisdom, etc?And does any one have pictures?
  2. Y

    Square Enix Party 2007

    It said in Playstation Magazine that there will be no news of the 3rd instalment of the Kingdom Hearts. But they didn't say there won't be news on KH2:FM+ about American release. So don't expect news at the party about the new game, but maybe on Kh2:FM+
  3. Y

    New Worlds,Outfits,and Keyblades

    So in the next KH game what Worlds would you like to see return or make a debute? Along with those worlds what outfit would you want Sora, if he is the main character still, and what Donald and Goffy are wearing and what Keychain they obtain from the world. Ex. Balto world. Sora Turns into...
  4. Y

    New clothes

    When u drive in Christmas town or w/e, do your clothes change color? If so what.
  5. Y

    A wierd/cool idea

    What if for KH3 (if there even is one) That there is a world that changes the group into their original design for the game. You know the one were sora is like half lion half human. Not sure how they would do this or make a story line to make it happen, but it would be neat. oo nd if this is...
  6. Y

    Old Worlds

    Are all the old worlds going to be in KH2 or just some? Does any one know where i can find a pic of Sora in valor form?