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    Favourite FF song of all time

    Whats your favourite FF song? Mine would have to be To Zanerkand - FFX, what's yours?
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    Fanfiction ► True Destiny II

    True Destiny© II...
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    Rate KH2!

    As most of you well know, KH2 is coming out in Europe on the 28-29th of September, I can't tell you how much I've been wanting it but after seeing the video review from IGN, it's astonishingly put me straight on the fence.... (i knew i shouldn't have listened to it) DO you think they were too...
  4. N

    RIP Rebecca

    As a mark of respect I would like to dedicate this thread to someone I know who has died in school by means of suicide, please do not delete this thread for a while, just to remember Rebecca. RIP... Thank you
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    KH2 Dilema

    Since the release date for America is set for 28th of march, i've been pondering this for quite some time and sometimes i do get frustrated since im from Ireland but is there any way i could import NA KH2 to play on my european console? As news has it KH2 will not be entering Europe until late...
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    Hey I'm Back ^_^

    Hey I havnt been on in a while and I just wanted to say Im glad to be back ^_^ See you guys around......again :)
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    KH2 intro!!!!!!!! post here

    Hey jus wondering what everyone thought of the intro, i think it pretty awsome :cool: :cool: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heres the link if you didnt see it already: http://youtube.com/watch.php?v=U68o8t47s_s&search=kingdom%20Hearts%202%20intro The CG graphics have improved so much, and the combat look...
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    Dont go, BHKiller!

    BHKiller feels really bad that his parents dont like him going on the site and he feels he might leave (PLZ dont) Comon people make him feel better and show him the true people of KHI (hopefully nice ones) Lets make him stay and feel welcomed :) PlZ dont go...................
  9. N

    Ultimate Rate Thread!!!

    Heres the ultimate rate thread: ______:) ______:) ______:) Avatar: 0/10 to 10/10 Signature: 0/10 to 10/10 Member name: 0/10 to 10/10 Member location: 0/10 to 10/10 Member title: (if have one) 0/10 to 10/10 Person: 0/10 to 10/10 Posts average: (are the majority of his/her posts good?) 0/10 to...
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    Final Fantasy XII Crisis !!!!!

    Can any one give me any info on FF:XII? coz i havent the slightest clue about it eg. format and what its like.
  11. N

    Rep problems

    Why isnt my rep gone to green yet? I've gottena lot of it including rep from people who have green (3 infact) It dosnt explain this on kiari's sticky! Is it you have to get rep on 1 post, PLZ explain!:)
  12. N


    Is Diz good or evil, has any info on him been released if not I hope hes good, does anyone know?
  13. N

    Did anyone notice?

    Did anyone notice somthing about Ansem and the heartless symbol it has led me to believe: The only heartless without a symbol is "shadow", right? how come all the rest have the symbol (the red heart with the kind of lighting-bolt through it) . well i think Ansem genetically modified the true...
  14. N

    Did anyone beat?

    Did anyone beat Peanace(Europe) ~ Nemisis(USA) in FFX? (the boss with the most health in all of Fianl Fantasy) I did and i have a great tip in beating him(or any other boss your stuck on, after you have obtained, Yojimbo:) : All you need to do is summon "Yojimbo" and have him use "zanmato"(when...
  15. N

    Has anyone ever played..................

    Has anyone ever played Final fantasy: Tactic's Advanced ~ GBA (square enix) Coz it was cool and it was wondering if anyone ever played it and what they though about it, you can rate it if you want :)
  16. N


    Why is there a sign under "scan Neo sora" saying "warn: (0%) [the there's five pink boxes]"What does that mean?:confused: Is it good or bad???
  17. N

    Wheres vB Chat???

    I cant see vB chat on the screen where is it?
  18. N

    The NEW number game!!!!

    Lets count to 3001. The Biggest thread ever didnt work so from now on all you have to post is the place number and a SHORT message. I know that this was done before but it was only 1000 posts so come on lets get to 3001. (#1) NO double-posting!!! (#2) SHORT messages only!!! (#3) Only contain...
  19. N

    Whats the best KH scene?

    I think when: Sora blocks Riku's keyblade with his own when Kairi shouts "SORA!" :) It was cool :cool:
  20. N

    Funny video

    Heres a funny irish and english video (not offending anyone) :cool: http://www.langerland.com/content/view/37/59/ A must watch!!! :cool: