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  1. Soldier

    KH Shower Thoughts

    Intermingling of the two hearts and playstyle. Remember, he uses the guardian in his fights, which was commonly used by Ansem SOD during KH 1. It'd make more sense to connect it with him than Xemnas, who lacks a heart and guardian.
  2. Soldier

    “I was today years old when I learnt...” - the personal KH discoveries thread

    The gold card allows you to reload premium cards for 5 reloads. Very useful if your deck is composed of them. It'd be great if you had that all game but oh well.
  3. Soldier

    “I was today years old when I learnt...” - the personal KH discoveries thread

    Where to begin with this one.... VERY RECENTLY I learned that there are two rare reaction commands that hardly ever occur, one for air pirates and one to revive Leon when defending the gates to the town. In KH 1 the Bizarre Room can be manipulated in more ways than I originally thought, the...
  4. Soldier

    What side games do YOU want?

    A game exploring Pluto's world hopping odyssey beginning in KH 1's traverse town and ending when he meets up with Kairi on Destiny Islands in 2. So many unexplained answers as to what he was doing in the interim. There could even be combat, I mean, have you SEEN some of the earlier Disney...
  5. Soldier

    KH Shower Thoughts

    It would've been nice if they went the extra mile to change his form with everyone else (plus that SP form of him as a computer bug is genius) at least when it came to the journal view of him. But he already was a minor character in a sea of minor characters. (Plus, it probably would've been...
  6. Soldier

    Help/Support ► I can't believe I'm making this thread..... (CONTENT WARNING)

    That's something I've been wrestling with for a while Ernest-Panda (my faith, at least). Before this event happened I was already in the midst of turning my back on it, as I decided to become a general biologist (an enemy of Christianity, or at least those who believe in creationism). One of the...
  7. Soldier

    Help/Support ► I can't believe I'm making this thread..... (CONTENT WARNING)

    That's apparently what always happens to people when they lose someone. It's eye opening and teaches you about your own mortality. Very few things on this planet have the capacity to avoid death/aging, so it's a constant presence in our world.
  8. Soldier

    Help/Support ► I can't believe I'm making this thread..... (CONTENT WARNING)

    Thank you Spockanort, and it's funny that you mention that. Most of my life I've gone out of my way to be the exact opposite of what my sister is (I.E she was selfish, I'm selfless, she would invoke my parent's anger, I kept to the background). Eh, If it's any consolation prize apparently this...
  9. Soldier

    Help/Support ► I can't believe I'm making this thread..... (CONTENT WARNING)

    Thanks Crow_Black, it happens to the best of us.
  10. Soldier

    KH Shower Thoughts

    It is of my scientific opinion that Ephemer is secretly an echinoderm (the scientific family that includes sea stars and urchins) and is thus capable of asexual reproduction. Thus, he has no need for a mate and can just.... create life as needed. Well, the keyblades seen in the modern canon...
  11. Soldier

    Help/Support ► I can't believe I'm making this thread..... (CONTENT WARNING)

    Hello, (Warning: I will be discussing suicide and other depressing topics, if you're sensitive to these kinds of subjects/don't want to read it I understand, This is your LAST warning). This is a thread I've never thought I'd make, and as a matter of fact I'm dreading doing this as I type it...
  12. Soldier

    News ► Kingdom Hearts music appears at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

    Perhaps that's why they did it in the first place....
  13. Soldier

    Film ► Disney shower thoughts

    I can answer this! Alright, for Al's Toy Barn the answer is very simple: the store is on its way to financial ruin, and as such has no cameras to speak of. It's made very clear throughout the movie that the store is losing money, and fast which is evident through Al's desperation. Look at all...
  14. Soldier

    Your KH headcanon

    Luxord has no infatuation with the Caribbean, he's just sent there as he knows the layout and likely did recon there in between Days and 3 If he's infatuated with any world, It's Wonderland, better known as a gambler's paradise.
  15. Soldier

    Your KH headcanon

    2 and 3 are entirely feasible, except that KH 2 kind of answered why Cloud hunts him down so vigorously. They implied that Sephiroth is the dark part of cloud's heart, hence their similar facial features, and cloud wishes to rid the world of him for the sake of eliminating him. If he were to...
  16. Soldier

    Why did Riku ignore Kairi between CoM and KH2?

    Pretty much this, It all boils down to a matter of would he/should he. Would he visit the islands during his self imposed year long exile? Probably not often as he might run into someone who'd recognize him. Should he? Absolutely not, Remember, at the end of KH COM Riku and Mickey have drawn...
  17. Soldier

    Cartoon/TV ► Pixar's Monsters At Work - A TV Sequel to Kingdom Hearts 3 featuring Gary

    Clearly this is a job for a biologist! Assuming the monster world has specific monster types (mono eyed oni-like such as Mike Wazowski and his mother, for example) it can be reasonably assumed that there are specific monsters that happen to bear close enough resemblance to each other to bear...
  18. Soldier

    Your KH headcanon

    Ah but remember in COM there are no tournaments per se, only the "race" that encompasses the story. Who knows? if we ever get that Jungle Book world I could definitely see them replacing King Louie's Bandar log minions. That and the Shaman wild's that appeared in Enchanted Dominion. I could...
  19. Soldier

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate | Everyone is Here! | December 7th 2018

    Everyone does Perk, Everyone does.
  20. Soldier

    Your KH headcanon

    Honestly if I didn't know the whole story behind the reason Deep Jungle no longer appears, I'd believe this. They also appear in COM in the memory version of Olympus Coliseum, which while they are technically fabrications, could be seen as them moving to the nearest world (If it's canon that...