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  1. Soldier

    Help/Support ► I can't believe I'm making this thread..... (CONTENT WARNING)

    Hello, (Warning: I will be discussing suicide and other depressing topics, if you're sensitive to these kinds of subjects/don't want to read it I understand, This is your LAST warning). This is a thread I've never thought I'd make, and as a matter of fact I'm dreading doing this as I type it...
  2. Soldier

    General ► Happy 4th of July!

    Hello, Still posting this before the 4th is up. Today is independence day, better known as the 4th of July. A patriotic holiday for Americans to celebrate their independence from England. What did you do today? In all honesty, I didn't do much. I put on my American flag T-Shirt, put on a flag...
  3. Soldier

    Dark Road ► Discussing the heartless

    Alright, I'm going to level with all of you. I don't have Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, nor do I have any intention to get it and indulge in the microtransaction miasma that is KH mobile games. I think the fact that Nomura even proposes the ideas for these kinds of games is just wrong and that he's...
  4. Soldier

    Politics Should "classics" be taught in schools?

    Hello, Now this thread was a thought I had one day when glancing through some of my work from high school, more specifically, a report on William Shakespeare's "The Tempest". For those who don't know, it's about a wizard who has a slave and a daughter on an island, brings a royal ship to the...
  5. Soldier

    Understanding magic in KH, going forward

    Hello, Now this is a topic that (to my knowledge) few people acknowledge/care about, and I understand why. Magic in KH often plays second fiddle to the classic attack button, which most people use especially on superbosses, which are immune to most spells anyways (reflect nonwithstanding). But...
  6. Soldier

    Your KH headcanon

    Hello, Like most of you, I grew up playing KH, it was one of the first PS2 games I ever played as a kid. My sister and I weren't able to progress through the first set of worlds, so we just continuously replayed the first set until I reached the 3rd grade, when we finally made some progress...
  7. Soldier

    The Nostalgia Critic has been playing KH, what do you think about that?

    Hello, Honestly not sure if this is the right place for this, since I can't find KH general discussion anymore, but it IS kind of related to the dark seeker saga. As some of you know, Doug Walker (Better known as the nostalgia critic) has been one of the stars on YouTube, and his notoriety...
  8. Soldier

    My fears, my lies: Discussing quadratum, and what it all possibly means

    Hello, So this idea dawned on me today, and it honestly makes me a little afraid of what's to come. From the brief glimpses of what we've seen of the next saga where Sora ventures into animetown (yes, I know it's called something else, but it's anime town to me) we can see that this other...
  9. Soldier

    Politics Separating art from the artist, how hard is it for you?

    Hello, In this day and age after the MeToo movement has revealed dark secrets about some of the most famous and influential people on the planet and cut their influence down to size, it has branched out into other facets and created cancel culture. Nowadays, most celebrities and important...
  10. Soldier

    Discussing the time travel aspect in the series.

    Hello, As we wait with baited breath to see what comes of the new saga, we're given a lot of time to reflect on what happened in the dark seeker saga. Most of the first saga was good, except when it wasnt, and one of the main culprits of that is the use of time travel. Now, time travel in games...
  11. Soldier

    Hypothetical situation: COM 2

    Hello, So this idea dawned on me a while back, and I have yet to actively discuss this with the forum. Let's say in a hypothetical situation that following the events of KH 2, Sora ends up in Castle Oblivion (or a similar place that revolves around the card system) where he must once again rely...
  12. Soldier

    General ► Miami Beach curfew doesn't work for spring breakers, cops called in.

    Hello, One of the things that happens in these months is a little something called spring break. I don't know if this happens oveseas, but in America most high schools/colleges give students a week or two off where the main idea is to get drunk and engage in all sorts of crazy shenanigans in a...
  13. Soldier

    Keychains you wish weren't as good

    Hello, This series has pumped out tons of keychains, with various effects on the wielder's key that trascend the cosmetic differences. Some are fan favorites like the oathkeeper and oblivion, while others are.... meh. But there are some that are excellent keyblades with good abilities/reach...
  14. Soldier

    So a thought just occurred,

    Okay, so this literally just popped into my head a minute ago, and I'm curious to see what others would think. So we all know that Disney owns 20th Century Fox now right? meaning all of their IPs (at least as far as rules for inclusion in KH go) are fair game at this point. That means (in...
  15. Soldier

    Would anything have really changed if they permanently axed off Maleficent back in KH1?

    Hello, Alright, this is something I've been thinking about for a while now. We all remember how important she was in the beginning of KH 1 as the red herring of the story. How the fight against her hinted that in enchanted dominion, Prince Philip didn't manage to slay her, so Sora and co. have...
  16. Soldier

    How DID the organization find out about Sora and Riku's exploits?

    Hello, After watching KH retrospectives at 11 PM at night (as one does). a thought popped into my head. Did we ever really learn HOW the organization learned of the events of KH 1 that made Sora and Riku people of interest? The way I see it, there are three possible methods: Option #1: Xemnas...
  17. Soldier

    Would Donald and Goofy have changed anything at the Keyblade Graveyard?

    Hello, By this point, we all know what went down at the Keyblade graveyard (which I'm still theorizing is the site of a Home on the Range world gone post apocalyptic) the first time we saw it in BBS. But during Ven's route, before he left the mysterious tower Donald and Goofy offered to come...
  18. Soldier

    TV ► Worst sitcoms in existence thread

    Hello, We've all seen sitcoms right? the campy slice of life shows that are just about the most used formula on television. Take an average (Insert nationality of family here) family and give them (insert wierd character, setup, time period here) and have wacky shenanigans ensue. Of course, a...
  19. Soldier

    We need more worlds like Monstro

    Alright, random topic that just popped in my head but hear me out. In this age of Unreal engine 4 producing some of the best effects in the series to date, the worlds have grown in size and have adapted a more... realistic feel to it. So why not go the extra mile and have another world similar...
  20. Soldier

    How does Santa Claus factor into the lore?

    Hello, Okay, this is a topic that is very appropriate given the time this is being made (In December) so I thought I'd discuss it. Everyone understand? alright. So we all know that Christmas town and Santa Claus exist in the KH universe, as we saw this in KH 2. It is apparent that he isn't...