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    What happens?

    Did you hear the Hailey Joel Osment got into a car accident. So what would happen if he didn't recover, what do you think that the voice of Sora would sound like, and would you like him any better or any worse if he had a different voice
  2. S

    Did you ever...

    Did you ever just feel like punching the T.V when you saw that Sora wasn't touched by Kairi's reaction to him, you know, when she hugged him, and Sora was just like, whatever. That part just pissed me off, what do you think though.
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    How many of You...

    I'm just asking this as a personal question to all of you but, did you cry at the end of either of the Kingdom Hearts games. And don't flame me, it's late at night and i'll just flame you back on you next post ok.
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    Who's Voice?

    Which Sora Voice did you like better, KH 1 Sora, or KH 2 Sora, and i'm sorry if this has been done before but i'm just a little curious
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    Favorite Cutscene...?

    Like it says, and don't flame me if this has been done before but what is your favorite cutscene in KH1 and KH2
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    A question....

    Who has seen the review for KH2 for X-Play yet, because i haven't and i was just wondering what they gave it.