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    [sports] Miserable day in Wisconsin

    brett favre retired from the NFL today which devastated everyone in Wisconsin. from when i was young, i always remember brett favre leading the packers. sure we weren't great every season, but it was always entertaining to watch the pack play. brett favre would work his magic and we basically...
  2. C

    The Pineapple Express

    The Pineapple Express Trailer this movie looks like it has great potential. i can't wait to hear more about it.
  3. C

    Problem with finishing my ff games

    idk about anyone else, but do any of you get like near the very end of a final fantasy game and just stop playing? this has happened to me with like the past 4 final fantasy games i have played. maybe it's just me, but i will literally get very close to the end of the game (and i could beat it...
  4. C

    Help/Support ► I've never been in a situation like this

    alright, there's this girl at my school named kait. she's really different, she doesn't have many friends (or friends she can trust), she's socially awkward, she's a little big, she's not very good looking, and she has many problems. she's very depressed because some people make fun of her. one...
  5. C

    Help/Support ► I'm not sure if i will get much help, but....

    alright, i'm in a little bit of a dilemma. there's this new girl at my school and she's pretty good looking and nice. she's really attached to me, and i don't blame her, she's the new girl. however, it seems more than that, i think she likes me. normally this wouldn't be a problem, but tomorrow...
  6. C

    The Big Lebowski

    this has got to be one of the funniest movies i have ever seen. this movie is about one of the laziest men in Los Angeles named Jeff Lebowski, but is known as "the dude". he is mistakenly taken for another man and coincidently has the name Jeff Lebowski. the other lebowski is a millionaire with...
  7. C

    Prom 2007

    well i just finished my prom last night....pretty awesome time. i know not everyone here is in high school, but how was everyone else's prom?
  8. C

    Zexion's book name

    alright, this is just a thought i was having. from what i've seen of kh:2 fm +, zexion has a book as a weapon. well from the homepage, the weapon's name is Lexicon. the first thing i noticed was that there was an "X" in the name. this may or may not have any relevance, but i remember someone...
  9. C

    What movie would you recommend that i see today?

    im taking a girl out to see a movie, but im not really sure which one to see. if i were w/ friends, i would definitely go see Hot Fuzz, but im not sure if it would be the best movie to see with a girl. but then again, she is pretty cool. i've kinda narrowed it down to a couple of movies...
  10. C

    Blades of Glory

    Before seeing this movie, i was praying that this would be another Anchorman or Talladega Nights. well, i was not disappointed. this movie sends many hilarious laughs and is really worth seeing if you enjoy will ferrell's movies. jon heder also sends a lot of laughs with is pretty boy role. not...
  11. C

    Are you a last minute person?

    I've noticed this for quite some time. There seems to be two different kinds of people when it comes to doing work. you are either a person who gets the work done right away so you don't have it later, or you are the person you acts lazy and does the work right at the last minute. for example...
  12. C


    so i was talking to my friends about poker and gambling and such, when this kid comes up and freaks out on us. hey starts screaming about how gambling is wrong and we are all going to hell because of it:rolleyes: so anyways, what's your view on gambling? i don't have a problem with gambling...
  13. C

    Fellatio may reduce the chance of breast cancer in women

    http://www.tatom.org/documents/CNN.com-StudyNewstudyshows.htm not sure if anyone has posted this article because i didn't use the search button. o well. so yeah, this article says that women who perform fellatio and swallow semen every couple of days a week can reduce the risk of breast...
  14. C

    Tenacious D

    who else here likes Jack Black and Kyle Gass? i really enjoy their music. some personal favorites that I like are: -Kielbasa -Tribute -Dio -Rock Your Socks
  15. C

    Help/Support ► Sometimes girls are confusing

    alright, im kindof in a weird state right now and i was wondering if i could get some advice. ok, well there is this one girl at my school that i have been really good friends with for the last half of my last year of school and for the whole time this year. she's a really cool girl, she's...
  16. C

    Smokin' Aces

    sorry if a thread was already made about this. this movie looks good to me, anyone else planning to see it?
  17. C

    Rocky Balboa vs Muhammad Ali

    for some reason i have been watching a lot of boxing movies lately. yeah, one isn't a real boxer but let's pretend he is. both boxers are in their prime, who do you think would win?
  18. C


    does anyone here like to play poker? any kind of poker. for me, i usually get together with some guys (and girls if they are interested) and we play poker for money. yeah, i know im not supposed to gamble, but hey, i find it pretty fun. i usually do i buy in between $5 (if its small) or possibly...
  19. C

    GameFAQ modern FF poll

    http://www.gamefaqs.com/poll/index.html?poll=2593 the poll says it, there are many fanboys/girls for ff7. even tho i also voted for ff7, i don't think that it should be winning by that much or winning at all. i thought that 8, 9 and 10 were also great games, and im still playing 12, but so far...
  20. C

    How was FFXI?

    ive never played the game, but since 12 is coming out soon , i wanted to know what ppl thought about ff11. if you played the game, was it good or bad?